The Virus

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Rated T for language and violence.

This is probably going to be a bit dark... and short. Its only 13 chapters long unless I greatly change something. Which at this point I won't unless something big hits me...

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She can feel it changing her,

It's becoming a part of her,

Corrupting her,

But what frightens her most is,

She likes it!

They stared at each other. Both of them looking into the others eyes and waiting for a single moment of hesitation and the ultimate opportunity for victory. But such an opportunity wasn't going to be easy. Both of them were breathing heavily. Sweat covered one's forehead but he didn't wipe it away for fear of leaving himself open. Across the field was a tension. This tension, neither had ever felt anything like it. Thousands of eyes were on them. Each spectator was at the edge of their seat waiting for the epic conclusion of the battle, the pressure was almost unbearable.

With out warning the two dashed at each other one holding out sword while the other held a small blaster. They both jumped into the air and clashed. When they fell on the ground they both collapsed. Slowly they both got up, both of them pushing their bodies to the limit. Suddenly one collapsed. The battle was over!

"And the winner of the tournament is Marth!" The announcer shouted into the microphone. He too had been silent in awe at the spectacle, forgetting what he was being paid to do. He even had taken a few seconds to realize what had happened. It also took a few seconds for the stadium to realize what had happened but when they figured it out they were sent into a thunderous applause. Marth stood over his defeated opponent, Fox. He reached down and grabbed Fox's hand helping the fellow warrior off of the ground.

"You put up a good fight,"

"You did to! For a few seconds there I thought I was done for. I'd certainly hate to fight you when our lives are actually on the line."

"Lets hope that day never comes."

He then walked up to receive his prize, a single envelope, its contents one ticket to anywhere the winner wants for three weeks. In his mind Marth had all ready decided where to go and what he was going to do. Tomorrow he was leaving. Tomorrow he wouldn't care what happened at the Smash Mansion, as he would be miles away.

Tomorrow was the day it would begin.

Three weeks later:

An eerie unusual silence spread across the darkened street. In the distance there was a sound of a motorcycle. Gradually it was coming closer and closer. Soon the motorcycle stopped on the street.

"What the hell?" Marth said finally returning from his three-week vacation the tournament had won him. His eyes darted through the darkness. "This is the place... but" his voice had gradually gotten softer. The night air was cold despite it being a summer night. The clouds covered the sky leaving most of the Smash Mansion completely pitch black. Within a few moments the clouds that were covering the moon left revealing the full moon. The light shined down upon the mansion and Marth cautiously stepped forwards. There he saw that the windows were smashed and the door had been knocked of one of its hinges. "What is going on here?"

The nearby bushes rustled, startled Marth drew his sword that had been at his side. "Get out if you value your life!" Marth barked at the darkness.

"You're here!" A voice said relived. Roy came out of the bushes, his cape mostly ripped, and his armor scratched. Over his body was dry blood, and wounds that had scabbed over. Marth was shocked by the teen's battered appearance.

"What happened?" Marth asked after the initial shock wore off.

"Everyone went crazy. I managed to escape and have been waiting out here for the past day." He replied. Marth reached into a small bag at his side and threw out a Maxim Tomato at Roy. Eagerly Roy took it and his wounds were partly healed.

They walked up to the front doors and forced them open. They quickly ran towards a computer, it appeared to be the only thing on in the whole building. Roy quickly began to type away. "It would appear that the whole building is using reserve power and there is only 14 percent left."

Marth pushed Roy aside from the computer. He began to type franticly. A map of the whole Smash mansion appeared on the screen and so did the location of the other Smashers. Marth then pulled something off of his belt. It was a small computer device. Quickly Marth linked it up to the computer and copied the map of the Smash mansion.

"All right lets get going..." Marth said looking up from the computer. His eyes stared at the door. Lying there were two corpses. Marth ran up towards them.

The first one was wearing a battered postman's uniform, and the second was wearing a ripped police officer's uniform. Etched into their skin were the words "We do not accept the weak, we only accept the strong. Improve yourselves so that you may be worthy to be controlled by our Master." Marth further examined their bodies eventually noticing that in their abdomen there was a horizontal cut. A feint green glow was radiated from the cut.

"It must have been painful." Marth muttered reaching towards one corpse. As he touched it a large clicking sound was heard. "Oh shit!" Marth shouted jumping back and forcing Roy down to the ground. Within a few seconds both bodies exploded.

"What the?" Roy said scared. Both Marth and Roy were breathing heavily.

"They put a motion sensor bomb in the corpses." Marth replied obviously shaken. "We have to find the other Smashers and find out what's going on."

"You're not going any where!" an emotionless voice called out from the darkness. Marth and Roy turned around to see Pichu and Fox.

"Master must be complete..." another emotionless voice said. This one however came from Pichu, and was a bit higher pitched than normal. Both Fox and Pichu got into their trademarked fighting stances.

"Heh... they want to fight us..." Marth laughed. "I'll handle this one alone!" Marth walked forwards, eager to test out the new skills he had picked up during his three weeks that he spent doing intensive training instead of relaxing. 'Something is different about these two...' Marth thought to himself. 'Pichu must just of been inhaling some helium...'

Both Fox and Pichu rushed towards Marth, who had his sword at his side and was unprepared for the sudden onslaught.

To be continued...

The first words of the prologue were from the Metroid Prime 3 trailer…