Master Hand stared at Marth. "I'm disappointed," He sighed. Marth was sitting down on a chair while Master Hand floated in front of him.

"I know," Marth replied avoiding even looking at Master Hand.

"Not much else can be said really. You gambled everyone's lives but I know that if they were put in the exact same situation they would do the same thing."

"I didn't think it was time to make the Weapons of Heart for you," Master Hand just sighed he could feel each of the Smashers eavesdropping in on the conversation, each waiting for the verdict of what would happen to Marth. "Why?"

Marth gulped in some air it was no use lying to Master Hand since he would know. "During the battle against Giga Bowser I was tossed around so easily. Seeing the others with their weapons fight against Giga Bowser made me jealous."

"You must know the consequences of your actions," Master Hand replied. "In your haste you might have created an imperfect weapon, but for you, who strives for perfection I doubt that was the case." Master Hand grabbed the sword that was placed on a table. "The sheath is made out of a sacred wood that is lighter than a feather but also stronger than the hardest metals known. The blade itself is constructed out of an alloy of the strongest of metals. The handle meanwhile is built so that it is comfortable for your grip. Finally the jewel incrusted in the blade," Master Hand paused perhaps waiting for Marth to ask how he knew this. "The jewel is nothing more than a magical stone, that will soon reveal its true power, I trust that you chose properly. Also infused in it giving it power is the Smash Shard."

"What about my punishment sir?" Marth asked.

"Hmm... Yes..." Master Hand paused and was in a position that indicated that he was in deep thought. "Yes that will have to do, you will have to do all of the chores in the next month, and you can't enter the next tournament."

"Master Hand... I want to know why you aren't scolding me for the use of the Smash Shard that you gave me."

Master Hand sighed. "Marth I gave it to you in order for you to use it and protect it in any way you please. If you chose to place it inside your Weapon of Heart I have no right to scold you over that. Besides I think it was an innovative way to guard it and the other Smashers will follow suit."

"There is one other thing that I wanted to talk to you about. In fact all of the Smashers want to talk to you about it."

Master Hand let out a deep sigh. "Its about what Kai said about how I was only using you to build my own personal army isn't it."

"How did you know?"

"The Melee Master confronted me before you. He told me to be on guard of suspicion. There is really nothing that I can do to prove him wrong or to cast off doubt. Most likely he was just trying to make sense of things. All I can ask is that you trust me, and when the time comes I will prove myself to you all."

Meanwhile Dr. Mario was scanning Mewtwo's condition. "This isn't the virus," he said to himself. "He's in a coma... and it almost looks like it's self inflicted."

"Then why am I still here?" Kai asked behind several bars and a force field. He was in his boxers and hooked up to several machines each reading him.

"Because I must determine if you are truly free of the virus. I'm afraid as a doctor I can't allow a second outbreak since I know that the next strain might be even more devastating than this one." Dr. Mario walked up to Kai and pulled out a needle injecting a strange liquid into him. "If Mewtwo was with us he would be getting the information from you that we need. All of my equipment shows that you are just a normal kid, however there is something that not even this equipment can detect. Its what's in your heart and what's in your thoughts."

"Father..." Kai found himself saying. To him the term felt weird and it was evident that Dr. Mario felt the same way about it.

"Please just call me Dr. Mario." he returned himself back to his work. "You can take off the machine parts now and get dressed."

"Dr. Mario, my cloths are bigger." Dr. Mario turned around to see Kai, there his clotting was a lot bigger, it draped over him.

"How is this happening?" Dr. Mario asked.

The Melee Master teleported into the room. "I forgot to mention something." He sighed looking at Kai. "Though it looks like you all ready know. In order to remove the virus I had to basically bring him back to the time before he had obtained the virus. The virus appeared to have increased his growth."

"I see," Dr. Mario sighed. "That is all, right?"

"For now yes." The Melee Master replied. With that The Melee Master disappeared.

"So you are gradually getting younger. You will go back to the age you were before the virus infected you." Dr. Mario replied. "I guess this means two things. One the Government has found out about my defecting, and two they want us gone."

Kai had stopped shrinking; he was now in the body of a 6 year old. "They will come for me..." Kai whimpered. Dr. Mario noticed that he was a really different person with out the virus, before he was ruthless, while now he was timid.

"We will protect you when they come." Dr. Mario replied trying to find a way to comfort the young one. "First I want to do some tests on you." Kai suddenly seemed afraid. "Don't worry though, no pain." Dr. Mario placed a folder full of papers. "I want you to read the papers and follow the instructions to complete them."

Kai opened up the folder and revealed several papers filled with difficult math questions. Kai took the pen that was on the table and effortlessly completed them to perfection. Dr. Mario was at first stunned however he believed this to be rather self explanatory as he would know whatever the people that he possessed would know.

"There is one thing Kai that I don't have to be psychic to see, you're lonely."

Meanwhile out side of the building someone was sitting on the branch of the tree his cell phone rang and he pulled it out. "Yes I saw it all, they defeated it."

"Is it dead?" The abnormally loud speaker blurted out the words.

"No, it's not dead."

"Then go in there and kill it!" The cool calm voice ordered. "You must put down the little puppy that you brought into our life."

"I'm not going in there right now, they are there."

"Very well"

"When will we strike?"

"In 6 months on our own, unless we are ordered to by those vermin."

"6 months?! Geeze how boring."

"I'd thought you of all people would want them to be stronger."

"Well of course I want them to be stronger, it wouldn't be interesting with out them being strong. But how will I pass the time?"

"Write a story." The voice on the other end comically suggested.

"Ah well I'll find something entertaining to do... Out!" The cloaked figure just closed his eyes and remembered the day he met Kai.

Kai was screaming in pain. Everyone had already received orders to find and kill what ever was creating all of the EON 1 prototypes to go haywire. The cloaked figure just entered the room and looked at Kai. A devilish smile had crossed his face. "Calm down, concentrate on a single thing." he softly whispered into Kai's ear. "Stretch out your arms and focus all of your energy in front of you." Somehow Kai heard this and did it. Quickly his screaming subsided.

"Thank you!" Kai said happily. "Who are you?"

"I am Shinji of The Nine!"

The end...

So I'm going to take a one month break to work on my Multi crossover (and school work and my NaNoWriMo entry) and then I should start posting again December 1st... Which is a Saturday.