Silver Dream


My name is Silver Dream, that's the name I chose when I came to this land. My real name was Aron Gulipsie. The story I'm going to tell is what happened to me and my wife, Wind Moon. These are the events that happened before my daughter was born and what happened afterwards.

The day before the storm . . .

I had always wanted to go off shore and fish in deeper waters, the fish that we catch would feed the whole town. My brother and I along with eighteen others boarded Sliver Dream in hopes to fish for the famous fish that many had told of. They say it's the size of a cow! We traveled out for days and nothing but small fish, we encountered a few pirates and lost one good man. The moon was different that night, paler than normal. Where we came from we called it "Hunters Moon". It was beautiful, with a few shooting stars that streaked the sky looked like they were dancing to the moons lullaby. But then out of no where a great storm hit us, we were blown completely off course and further into the sea, most of our food and fresh water was either washed off or has been tainted. The storm lasted for days, Silver Dream was sinking very slowly. Most off our equipment was destroyed or gone. After the storm had finished, I was the only survivor. Most of the crew was washed over board or died to hunger or thirst. I survived off them, cannibalism is what you would call it, I called it my last hope of survival!

The day after the storm . . .

Silver Dream was crashed aground on unknown lands, I never see a forest such as this. The weather here is hot and very humid! I can't stand it, sweat is just rolling off me in tides. At least I still have my cutlass, I will be able to defend myself from any human. I am a fisherman and master swordsman, those who tend me harm will be cut down! I took notice to the wildlife here to be strange, I just saw cat larger than a dog and some kind of deer are running about too. What is this place? I have plans to go into this forest to look for anyone to help me get back home. I hope that I find someone soon... its lonely for me.

MEMO: The second story, part of Outsider but based on her father and mother. R&R still working on it. be nice and review!