Silver Dream

A few weeks later . . .

I have patrolled the city ever since Jihloks encounter I knew he would try and harm my family. Sometimes by daughter would come with me, she seems to be restless of late. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that Wind Moon and I were going to leave her soon. I thought it was just some kid telling her that... but..

Fon'ki: Outsider knew her father wasn't alright, she knew something was coming that would take her parents away from her. Sometime soon...

It was worse later that night, the moon held high in the sky. Her light bright enough to light up the jungle, I sat outside with my daughter in my arms. I often notice that she would go to the temple, to the place where the Serpents escape from. Was she communicating to them? It's been over two years and a few months since a Serpent escaped, were they afraid of my child?

Wind Moon POV

They both have been restless, I don't know why. I have been giving them vaccinations from diseases, could it be the medicine? I'm not sure any more, but I have noticed that the People of the Sun haven't be around lately. Maybe their gone for good, that would be really nice. The moon tonight is brighter than usual, a sign that the day will be hot. My beloved and child have fallen asleep, so cute.

In the semi-conscious realm . . . also known as a dream . . .

I was dreaming, I knew I was but it was surreal and haunting.

I walked through the jungle with Wind Moon and my daughter, we were heading to the sea. But we were attacked, my child was killed and Wind Moon. I couldn't do anything but watch in horror.

Present . . . waking up . . .

I woke with a start, my daughter still slept in my arms, my wife sat next to me stroking my head. I hugged them both, not of affection but of fear.

"It was only a dream love, go to sleep. I'll keep watch tonight."

She gave me one of her Yautja kisses, I leaned against her and she began to sing. Her songs always calm me and even help me sleep, but what did my dream mean? Will we die tomorrow?

Next day . . .

Today is hotter than normal, and it's like days like this I take my family to the beach. My daughter is like a fish, she's really good swimmer but my love prefers to not to swim but wade around in the water. My wife loved picking up shells that wash into the shallows, I noticed that my daughter stopped swimming and looked out into the sea.

"Um, daddy what is that?"

I looked out into the sea, something that looked like ship boards with something on it. I swam out to see and it was some kind of chest, I pushed it to shore and looked at the chest. It was locked, I took Black Dawn and broke the lock. My daughter opened it and inside was...

"Oh holy..." I recognized the items, the items belonged to my brother. "This... this.."

My daughter grabbed a book and tried to read the title.

"'The . . . Unspoken . . . Mind...? what is this?" Wind Moon took it and looked at it, it was written in my brother's hand writing. I picked up a wooden lion and a mirror. I dropped to my knees and shed a few tears, trying to hold them back till I heard my wife read part of my brother's journal.

"'Aron and I have been at it for days, I was right and he was wrong. I knew that the sea monster wasn't real, but he insisted that it was...'"

"Enough please..."

My daughter pulled out a short sword, on it my brother's name was engraved.

"Mathis. Who is Mathis?"

"He was my brother..."

A few hours later...

We left the chest in a cave near the beach, leaving our names on the wall to tell those who see the chest would know who found it. I know that none will open the chest, I made a new lock on it using a stone jammed into the loop hole. As we walked into the jungle, we stopped to rest my daughter had to pee anyway, she went behind a tree. I stood watch and looked through the jungle, Wind Moon kept watched too had to make sure no jaguar or cougar was around to snatch our child. A twig snapped, I drew Black Dawn and turn to face the sound and found an arrow in my chest. Wind Moon looked at me, another arrow and another hit me in the chest. I looked at my chest, I began to stagger. Wind Moon roared in anger, she found our attackers and fought back, I wasn't worried about this attack I was worried about my daughter. I don't know how they did it but they got Wind Moon to fall. Out of the jungle thirty People of the Sun appeared with four Yautjas... Bab Blood and the leader was none other than...

"Jihloks..." I said with what might I had left, I could no longer hold Black Dawn in my hands it fell to the ground and it even scared the People of the Sun.

"I warn you did I not?" he began to laugh, I was slowly dying. He walked over to me and his wrist blades extended, he pressed them against my throat. I stood there, I could hear the howls of death... it was like my dream... death had come... and I was warned... but my daughter. Where was she? I prayed that she was safe.

"Time to die Silver Dream."

I looked out at them all, I showed no fear nor regret. I lived my life in happiness, death stood among them singing its lullaby. He slowly slit my throat, my blood slid down my throat like water of the springs. I looked up at the sky enjoying it all, I slowly closed my eyes and lowered my head. My body sanked to my knees and I sat there blood dripping from my throat...

"Find the girl." Jihloks ordered.

Wind Moon POV

I watched in horror as my beloved was killed slowly, I was dying too. Poison... arrows... I watch them look around for our daughter but couldn't find her so they left. With the might I had left, I crawled to him and held him in my arms, I leaned against the tree...

"I guess I will see your home, sooner than expected... my beloved."

I kissed him and I too slowly faded away...

Back to the jungle...

Our daughter came back from around the tree, and looked at us.

"Mama? Daddy? I guess it's time for me to grow up, don't worry I'll keep a part of you with me. I know that when I dream I'll always see you soar above the sky, in my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life and everywhere I am there you'll be. Now rest we'll see each other again."

She kissed us both, taking my feather earrings, Wind Moon's favorite sea shell and Black Dawn. Our daughter swore to us that our deaths are not be in vain, she promised that she will be the best hunter and warrior there is to know.

Fon'ki: When they didn't come back we went in search of them. Outsider sat there in front of them holding Black Dawn, she drew the blades and held them close ready to attack us. I calmed her down and... Tujna and Silver Dream... both slain. We took them and gave them a proper burial, but Outsider insisted that they be buried near the sea, where her father made his promise to Tujna. I never seen such a sight, after the burial the sunset was very different. Falling stars streaked across the sky next to the setting sun, Outsider said to me that his promise was fulfilled . . .I placed my hand on her shoulder and thus the legend of Silver Dream and Outsider came to be . . .


Our daughter grew in strength and beauty. One day she went on a hunt, only twelve years old she made herself a well known hunter, during so she discovered a small child in the jungle left there to die. She took him in and with honors, she named him Mathis after my brother. We watched our child grow, till the day she entered the temple, we never left her. For we are right there for her every moment, we were in her dreams. We love you... Outsider.

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