Danny Phantom: Alpha et Omega

By: Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom, he belongs to Nickelodeon and Billionfold Inc and Silver Surfer belongs to Marvel Comics.

Author's Notes: Welcome to the final installment of my Danny Phantom and Marvel crossover series. I look forward to Shiva the Sarcastic, NightShadow24, FernClaw, and Mystery Writer5775 to returning to review this fic. This is based on the Silver Surfer Animated Series from the 90s (that show was awesome).

Chapter I: Omens of Death


It's been so nice around here since Vlad disappeared into oblivion, ghost attacks have been at minimum and when they do attack it's usually the Box Ghost or Cujo causing mayhem and Danny Phantom is called in to deal with the problem.

Speaking of which, we've updated the Fenton Works with equipment that Tony Stark donated to us, which has increased our efficiency as ghost hunters.

Yeah things have been quiet and I've even had time to indulge in my hobby as an amateur astronomer.

"Let's see what's going in the sky," I said as I sat down at my computer and accessed the website for NASA's new deep space telescope.

I stared at the screen for awhile, gazing at the universe and all it wonders (I've already discovered three unknown comets, which I named Danny's Comet, Phantom's comet, and Valerie's comet, I know it was a geeky gift to give her for our anniversary, but I wanted to give her something special). Everything looked normal except there was something moving near the Orion Nebula.

"What the…," I said as I zoomed into to see what seemed like a ship floating in space, "I better tell the observatory about this," I said as I called up the observatory, "Hello, Amity Park Observatory, this is Danny Fenton, I just saw something through the deep space telescope NASA launched. What did I see, well and I say this in all seriousness, a ship near the Orion Nebula," I told them, I could hear them on the computer looking at the same image I am, "Do you have any ideas what it could be, uh huh, large chance it's an intelligent craft and call S.E.T.I and alert them to find, okay I will, thank you professor, bye," I said as I hung up the phone.

Wow, I discovered alien life; this is so cool, wait till I tell Val about this, as I was about to go and tell her, my ghost sense went off, "Not even ghosts can ruin my good mood," I said as I changed into Danny Phantom and went off to find the ghost.

I flew through the town until I saw the Box Ghost near a delivery truck, "I am the Box Ghost and once I empty you of your useless parcels, you cubical goodness will be all mine," he cackled as he caused the boxes to fly off the truck.

I snuck up on him, "Hey Boxy, where did you get a ghost portal at and also no matter what you do, you can't ruin my good mood," I asked him cheerfully.

"There will be no time for good moods when you are crushed by uh…oh yeah, 'the packages of John Douglas of 677 spooky lane," he said as he read the labels on some of the boxes and threw them at me but I went intangible and they phased through me.

"Nice try, but you missed," I said as I got out the Fenton Thermos and trapped him in it.

"Beware!" he yelled as he was pulled into the thermos and I closed it and slung it over my shoulder again.

"Now to tell Valerie of my find," I said as I sped home, excited by my find.


A terrible thing has occurred today, I hoped it was an error, a mistake, but there was no denying it, he was coming to Earth and with him the planet's destruction.

I was about to go alert Danny to the danger when I heard a voice call out, "Clockwork, can you here me, answer me master of time," it was calm voice like a teacher or friend.

"Uatu, is that you?" I asked the voice recognizing it as that of my ancient friend.

"Yes, Clockwork it is I, the Watcher," he said as he appeared in my lair, "and come bringing the most dire of news," he said mournfully.

"I know I have seen it, but why he has come here, he has always thought of Earth as inferior and not worth sacrificing to his love," I told the Watcher as I gazed into my mirror, hoping to find an answer as to why this evil was heading towards the Earth, but there was so much death and destruction that it obscured the time line completely.

"I wish I knew the answer as well Clockwork, all I can tell you is that he is looking for something of great power and importance and if he gets it the universe is doomed," Uatu told me as he gazed into my mirror and saw the ship in the Orion Nebula.

"I doubt that even Danny and Valerie can stop this threat, ghosts are one thing, he is entirely different," I informed my friend, Danny had faced great threats before but nothing could prepare him for this one.

"I know, that is why I am sending the champion of the universe to aid him, hopefully with their combined power they can stop this monster before Earth is doomed," he said as he vanished into thin air.


I have searched the endless reaches of space for my beloved Zenn-La that has been scattered by Galactus, but have found nothing, where could have moved it to, I do not know but I will find it and my Shalla-bal.

While I was traveling through a distant galaxy, I heard the Watcher call me, "Silver Surfer, where are you?" his voice asked as it echoed through space.

"I am here, Watcher, show yourself," I replied as he appeared to me, "What brings you here, Watcher?" I asked as I stopped in front of him and looked at him.

"Silver Surfer, I have a task for you, you are to go to Earth again, it is in danger," he said sadly, how could be in Danger, Galactus gave his word to not to harm the planet, what could be wrong now.

"What is wrong that I am needed on Earth," I asked curious about this mission he wanted me to go on.

"Thanos is heading towards the Earth, I can't see why but whatever brings it can not be good for the universe. When you arrive on Earth you are to look for a champion like you, his name is Danny Phantom," The Watcher told me, curious if Earth has champion why am I needed and who is this Danny Phantom.

"I will go to Earth and stop Thanos, you have my word," I said as he vanished and I took off for the orb of Earth again determined to stop Thanos and whatever evil he may cause.


What's that my love, Lady Chaos, why are we headed to such a pathetic planet as the Earth? Simple because there is something I want.

There have been legends told throughout the universe of two powerful objects and the dark being that can wield them, they objects are the Ring of Rage and the Crown of Fire and the being is known as Pariah Dark.

Am I worried about him being a rival for your affections; of course not I know that I am the only one for you my dear and he will not pose a threat to our love. I will use this Pariah Dark as my herald, so as Galactus Surfer so Thanos shall have Pariah Dark to herald his coming and bring fear to all dare oppose me.

Yes, soon my love I will have these in my possession and be able to prove to you my love for you, then we will be together just you, me, and the utter joy of death and destruction, together for all Eternity.