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Chapter X: Terminus


The battle is not going well, many have fallen and I fear we may not last long unless something is done.

"Rhoody this is Iron Man, do you read me," I called through my comlink hoping he'd respond.

"This is Rhoody, what's up sir," he asked waiting for my orders; he knew that I would send him into battle against these armies and might come back again, but he was ready for it.

"Valerie and her group aren't doing good, I need you and Banner to go out as reinforcements, I'll follow shortly," I explained to him.

"Okay, sir, what do you have planned?" he asked curious as what I have up my sleeve.

"You'll see," I said as I signed off and went to call a friend who might be able to help us.


While Danny left to take care of Thanos, Nova and myself went to find the spirit known as Pariah Dark.

"Are sensing anything Nova," I asked as we turned a hallway filled with skeletons, we blasted them but more kept coming.

"Oh yeah, Silverado, I'm definitely picking something up," she said as she blasted some troops.

It took us awhile, but we finally disposed of the troops and made are way to where Nova sensed where Pariah Dark was waiting.


The world has entered the dawn of destruction, I believe the term that humans use to describe is "Doomsday" a fitting term for what might be the planets final days, but time will march on.

It does not care for the end of life, but continues it relentless journey until the very universe starts to unravel and returns to its primal state, eternal nothingness.

While things look bad, humanity as the unique ability to change it's future and avoid destruction (or at least that is my belief, the Observers are another story all together). They had done it before countless times, many thought the world ended when Rome collapsed, but man soon realized the world continued and Charlemagne established a new empire. The plague devastated Europe killing a third of it's people but from the darkness came the Renaissance and its geniuses who gave the world hope again and so they would do it again, no matter what the cost.

"Every eclipse has it's diamond ring," I told myself as I stared into the mirror trying to see anything that would give me an indication of what was to come, but Thanos' blind hatred for all life clouded the time line and all I could see was that there was going to be cataclysm.

"Do not worry about the future Clockwork, everything will happen as it should," Uatu said as he walked into the room, "you being the master of time should know that," he said with a smile.

"True, I just wish I knew what's supposed to happen is," I told him as I walked away from the mirror to meditate on what is to come.


War Machine and the Hulk have joined in our battle against Pariah's forces and it is made the battle easier.

The Hulk is strong and can take a whole legion out at once, "HULK HATE SKELETONS! HULK SMASH SKELETONS!" he yells as plows through rows of troops like lawn mower.

"Time to take out the trash," War Machine said as he blasted some troops who tried to ambush him, "When I'm done with you, you'll wish you stayed in your graves," he said as flew up and blasted them with missiles taking a few squads of skeletons.

"Nice shot Wa…, I said before a couple of skeletons grabbed me, "Let go you boneheads!" I spat as I tried to get free but their grip was too strong, "Someone he…," I cried out before they silenced me, I was sure they were going to kill me but nothing happened.

"By the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak, you shall not harm her," a voice said as I was surrounded by a red force field, the troops tried to break in but couldn't.

I looked around and saw a man wearing a blue shirt with black pants and red and gold cape with yellow gloves. His eyes were a strange shade of gray and had black and gray hair (very similar to Jack Fenton) and a black mustache.

"I call upon the bolts of bedevilment!" he shouted as energy poured from his hands and blasted the troops, sending them flying, "Wong, see if you can't dispose of some of these troops," he said to a bald with man standing next to him with a sword who leapt at some troops slicing them in half.

"Hey, who's the guy in the fancy duds?" Ben asked amazed by this man's powers (and to tell you the truth, so was I) as he clobbered a few guards.

"I am Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts," he said as he blasted a few more troops.

"I was wondering when you show up doc, ghosts should be right up your alley," Spider-Man joked as he webbed some skeletons.

"He was waiting for my call," I heard the voice of Iron Man say as he flew in and blasted some troops for the air, "I thought we could use the backup," he said as he landed, "but even he may not be enough to win, our only hope is that Silver Surfer, Nova, and Danny can defeat Thanos and Pariah," he said as he blasted a few more troops.

"I know what you mean," I told him as I got out an ecto-pistol and shot a few troops down, hoping that Danny will be successful.


"Who dares invades the sanctum of Pariah Dark, king of ghosts," A tall being dressed in black armor with a black and red cape and flaming green hair said as we entered the chamber to do battle with our foe.

"Nova and the Silver Surfer, that's who!" Nova shouted as she blasted the being but he put up some sort of shield and deflected it.

"I am the king of ghosts, the most powerful of my kind and you can't stop me," he said as he blasted me.

"Nothing harms the Silver Surfer," I said as I blasted him back, "Nova, if we can get the crown and ring off him, we'll be able to stop him," I told her as I continued blasting him.

"Leave it to me Silverado, "she said as flew up and blasted the crown from his head, "now for that ring," she said as blasted the ring off his finger, "Now to put this creep on ice," she said taking a hoses that was filled with some sort of coolant, freezing him like statue, "let's hope Danny is having luck as well," I told her once I was sure that he was frozen.


Pariah's troops are all over the place, it would take too long to fight them all, so I took another route.

I turned invisible and flew past them on my way to Thanos' chambers.

I could hear him speaking to someone as I approached his chamber, "See the carnage laid at your feet, thousands are dead and more will fall, is that not enough for you my love, what shall I do to win you over," he said kneeling before a statue of a woman with fire for hair and a cape.

"You are one whacked up Fruit Loop, Thanos, you're beyond Fruit Loop, in fact you should be weaving baskets," I taunted him as I blasted him to the ground.

"YOU!" Thanos spat as he got up, "you dare desecrate my communion with Lady Chaos, you will die for that," he said as he blasted me, but I went intangible and it phased through me.

"I have score to settle with you," I said as I blasted with an ecto-blast but he deflected it.

"Your blood shall my gift to Lady Chaos," he said as he tried to shoot me but I put up a shield.

"Have you been hanging out with Skulker, because you seriously you remind me of him and that creeps me out," I told him as I duplicated myself to strengthen the shield, "You're done for Thanos," I told him as one of my duplicates fired an ecto-blast at him.

"Foolish boy, you can not defeat me," he hissed as he go to his feet and blasted the shield.

I could feel the heat of the blast through the shield, my knees buckled under so much pressure and my feet were slipping, if I didn't do something fast I was would be a goner, but what, then it hit me.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, I imagined all my power flowing into a vessel and collecting there, I envisioned the power building up like gas inside a pop bottle ready to burst, then I raised my hands and let out one concentrated ecto blast.

It hit Thanos with such power he went flying across the room landing at him at the feet of his statue, "My…lady….my…lady….forgive….me," he rasped out before the statue of his lover collapsed on him, Thanos was dead, victory was mine, but it did not come without a price.

The force of the ecto-blast sent me flying in the opposite direction, it had used up all my power causing me to revert back to Danny Fenton. I could feel that my insides burned from letting the energy gather in me.

I could hear the alarms go off, indicting that we were going to crash, I wanted to get up but I was too weak, I was even having trouble keeping my eyes open and soon even I couldn't do that I fell into the blackness.


Alarms were sounding throughout the ship; we were going to crash meaning Danny had been successful.

"Come on, let's go find Danny," I said as she lead the way to where he was at.

We passed thousands of troops, but they were vanishing, without Pariah they could not stay in this world, and they just phased through us as they were being sent back to where they came from.

Finally, we reached Thanos' chambers, he was lying on the ground pinned beneath the statue of his beloved Lady Chaos, I could sense that he was dead, Danny had did it.

"Silverado, you better come quick," Nova said as I raced over to her, to find Danny lying on the other side of the room, unconscious, "Is he?" she asked worriedly, I could sense the life in his body leaving, he was indeed dying.

"Not yet, but he is in transit from this world to the next," I said as I gently picked him up, Nova looked at me pleadingly, "He's too far gone, I can't heal him," I told her, "to me my board!" I said as my board came and I got on it, "Let's go," I said as I got on it and flew away with Nova behind me.


Just as things were looking dark, the troops vanished, Danny, Surfer, and Nova had won Pariah and Thanos were no more.

We were celebrating our victory, when the Surfer came back; he had Danny in his arms, something was wrong.

"DANNY!" I shouted as I ran over to the Surfer had landed, he was weak, "Is he…," I asked as I could feels well inside my eyes.

"He's leaving us," the Surfer said solemnly as he placed Danny in my arms, I couldn't bear to be without my ghost boy.

Danny opened his eyes slightly and smiled, "Hey…Val…we…did…it," he said with labored breaths, his normally bright blue eyes were pale and his skin clammy.

"Save your strength, Danny," I said as I took his hand and held it tight, I could feel my heart breaking, I didn't want to let him go, I needed him.

Danny breathed in and said, "Val...I…want…you…to…be…happy," what was he talking about of course I was happy, I was with him and I'll always be happy with at my side.

"I am happy, Danny, I love you," I told him as I held him closer afraid to let go, "you mean everything to me Danny," I said as I cradled him lovingly and ran my fingers through his hair.

"I…love….y…," was all he could get out before he took one last breath and closed his eyes, Danny Phantom was dead.

Later that day, a funeral mass was held for him at St. Patrick's Cathedral, all of the remaining heroes attended, they had considered Danny a brother since he first ran away to New York and wanted pay their respects to him.

After the service, his body was transported back to Amity Park, where he was buried beside his family and friends his stone read, "Daniel Alexander Fenton 'Phantom.' Born July 30, 1993. Died June 20, 2022,"

After everyone left, I went back to the stone and knelt beside it, I cried my eyes out, I couldn't go on without Danny, he was my everything and now he's gone.

While I was kneeling there I heard a voice say, "You will go on, Valerie," I looked up and saw Clockwork smiling at me, "Danny would want you to," he said calmly, "You are the last Fenton, it is you who will carry on legacy of Danny Phantom," he told me.

"Will Danny become a….?" I asked before he cut me off.

"No, Danny's work on Earth is done and he will enter Heaven to be with his loved ones," he explained to me, "But he will watch over you always," he said before he vanished into thin air and he's right I will carry on his legacy for as long there are ghosts the Red Huntress will be there to stop him.


Danny Phantom was dead, he left this world a hero and I couldn't be more proud of him, yet there's emptiness inside me now.

Danny was like a son to me, I watched him grow up and guided his steps and now he was gone.

I needed some time alone, emotions (a first for me) were welling up inside me, how can the master of time, he who controls time with impartiality and fairness feel for the loss of a mortal? Was my father right and I become to attached the mortal realm, I don't know.

I went into my sanctum and sat on the floor and cried tears of green ectoplasm until I wore myself out and fell into a deep sleep.


Years have past since Danny's death, I still live in the Fenton Works, but it's not the same without my ghost boy.

Whenever I can I visit Danny's stone to be with him, it's so peaceful especially at night, sometimes Cujo will come to visit Danny and sits by his grave howling until the sun comes up (the poor thing misses Danny, probably the only person who showed the poor dog love).

I have an adopted daughter; her name is Ann (short of Anima, the Latin word for soul) and I still carry on the legacy of ghost hunting in his name, for I am Valerie Fenton!

The End.