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Chapter 68(!): Who you were.

The only funeral I'd ever been to was my grandfathers, who I had never met. Forgive me grandpa, but Fred's was a tad more heartbreaking.

I walked onto the grounds of Hogwarts where all the war veterans were to be buried. The castle was still undergoing some repairs, but they had cleaned up this little field next to the lake. I walked with Oliver, hand in hand. I made him promise not to leave me today. I would need someone to support me through this.

There were a lot of people. Fred did have a lot of friends, family and of course all the dedicated shoppers of Weasleys Wizard Weases. I saw the bright heads of the Weasley family. I would go talk to them later; quite a crowd had formed around them. But someone was missing. I scanned the grounds until I saw him, hidden from anyone who wasn't peeling their eyes looking. Sitting against a tree looking completely lost was a guy who looked exactly like the man in the wooden box. All the time that I had spent with the Weasley twins they had always been together, inseparable. I could tell them apart, but that was only by many years of calling Fred George, and George Fred. But now it was just George. All by himself. I could see wet streaks down his cheeks; I had never seen George cry before. Had anyone else in his family died, he and Fred would have been able to cry together. But it had to be Fred, his other half, to go.

"Go talk to him." Oliver urged.

"Why me? What do you say to someone who just lost their best friend?" Oliver was silent. He didn't know what to say either.

But we didn't have to. From the distance where we stood, we saw Alicia walk up the path to George. He looked up at her, and his shoulder began to shake with sobs that Oliver and I could not hear. I half expected him to turn her away, just like all of the other times, but she sat down next to him, and he laid his head on her shoulder and cried. I smiled just a little then, because I knew that the two of them were indeed meant for each other. They had been through a lot, but at the end of the day George had Alicia, and Alicia had George.

Just like I had Oliver. I turned my focus away from George and Alicia, and looked for another person who I knew was feeling like she had no one. Someone who had just lost the love of her life. Angelina was sitting on a rock, away from the crowd like George was. I looked at Oliver, and he nodded.

I left him. It probably wasn't the best idea to walk over to the girl whose boy friend just died flaunting out relationship, and sat down by Angelina.

She looked at me. "Angelina-"I started to say in a comforting voice, but she interrupted me.

"I lost him." Angelina whispered.

"Oh honey-"

"You told me I would never lose him."


"You told me he loved me, and that I wouldn't lose him, not now or ever!" And then I remembered. It was right after Fred and George had dropped out of school. Angelina was deciding whether or not to forgive Fred for leaving her.

"I know." She said. "But I just don't want to loose him forever. You know? And I feel like, if he's chasing me like this, how could I possibly loose him?"

"I doubt you're going to loose him Angelina. Not now, or ever. He loves you." I know that I was putting words in Fred's mouth. But I knew they were 100 percent true.

She was silent for a few minutes. Then nodded.

"You're right." She said. "Sorry. For yelling at you earlier I mean."

"It's fine. I totally get it."

"I'm keeping the presents though." She joked.

"Of course you are."

We stood up, and I gave her a hug.

"And if he hurts you again," I said. "He'll be dead." Angelina laughed, and arm in arm we walked off the pitch.

I didn't know what to say. Yes, I had told her those things. But I had never foreseen this. Who could have? It was two years ago I said that! But even if I had never said those things, it probably wouldn't have mattered. Grief makes people think in crazy ways.

"He left me. Again." She sobbed.

"Angelina, listen to me." She shook her head. I took her in my hands and forced her to look at me. Tears were streaming down her face, and tears were starting to form in my eyes. "You were his Angel. He loved you more than anything, I know. Never would he willingly leave you. And he still hasn't. You were his Angel, and now he's yours. I'm sure he is up in heaven right now watching you, and protecting you." She sat with me for a little bit, and cried as I held her.

But the ceremony was about to begin. "Come Angelina, let's go." We stood up, and walked over to wear Oliver was waiting.

"Hey Ange," He said, giving her a smile and a big Oliver hug.

"We are gathered here today to morn the loss of Fred Weasley," The priest said as we all took our seats. "He was a loyal friend, son, brother and twin. Here to speak today is George Weasley, his brother and twin." We all looked at George, who looked like he had just gotten smacked over the head with a mallet.

"I, I wasn't planning on… no one told me… I wouldn't know what to say…" George stuttered.

"Oh, please, George." Mrs. Weasley sobbed. "You" hiccup, "were so close. He would have wanted it."

George obviously didn't know how to refuse, so he slowly got up and walked to the podium. When he was there he took a big sigh, and looked back at the casket where Fred lay.

"Well, um… Like mum said, Fred and I were pretty close. Inseparable I guess you could say." He gave a nervous laugh. "Honestly, I don't think there was ever a time where I didn't know where he was, or we were apart for more than an hour or two. It's strange, now that he's gone. I find myself stopping mid-sentence, waiting for him to jump in and finish it. Oh no mum, I didn't mean for that to make you cry harder, wait stop." But new tears were forming in my eyes as well. Poor George.

"The only way I could think to describe Fred," George went on. "Is alive… well obviously not anymore." There was a sob from Mrs. Weasley. "Wait, no. That came out totally wrong!"

As I watched George tripping over his words and messing up completely, I couldn't stop myself from giving a snort of laughter. Because I just knew that had Fred been here, he would be cracking up. All heads turned to me. And while I started thinking of Fred, Fred the great friend who was now lying dead in that box, all I could think of was the time that I became a test subject of Fred and George's because I accidentally squeezed that ridiculous ball that made me pass out. Or the time that Fred took Polly juice potion and became Diego the hot Spanish guy. When Alicia, Angelina and I all had to hold Fred back while Harry and George beat up Draco Malfoy. So many hilarious scenarios with Fred ran through my mind, and I couldn't help but curl over and just laugh. But I didn't feel bad about it. I wasn't embarrassed by of all these people giving me terrible looks because I was cracking up at a funeral. Because, knowing Fred, this is exactly why he did all of the ridiculously crazy/stupid/hilarious things that he was known for, so that he would be remembered for them. This is who Fred Weasley was, and that's how I was going to remember my friend.

Soon George understood what I was doing, and he couldn't help but laugh either. And then Alicia was laughing, and Oliver, and Ron and Angelina, Charlie, Bill, Hermione, Harry everyone who knew Fred well enough were holding their stomachs, red in the face laughing. Heck, even McGonagall was.

"Fred, my brother, twin and best friend. It's going to be tough without you. But Katie is right, whenever I'm having a really tough day, whether it is I miss you, or business isn't going well, I just stubbed my toe, whatever. I can just sit back, and remember you and just laugh. I'm not going to let my last memory of you be a pale lifeless body lying in a box. It's going to be your smile, your laugh. The things that made you you."

We left the grounds of Hogwarts that day together, us as a team, a family, and friends. We were going to be okay. We were going to get through this.

And in the end we were. Oliver and I were together (finally) and a few months later he proposed. So Fred's prediction came true. I didn't see Roger much after that day of the battle. He sent me a letter, telling me he was going to America for little bit, just to try to clear his head. I felt bad, really I did. But as Fred and Angelina had told me too many times, Oliver and I belonged together.

Alicia and George just decided to elope one night, which Mrs. Weasley was not too happy about, but they had their reasons. Alicia happens to be pregnant. I'm going to be the godmother, of course. But I guess to carry on with the joke shop there had to be twins. Ryan Fred Weasley, and Cade Arthur Weasley. They will be told many stories about his Uncle Fred and dad.

Angelina is still a little uneasy, as to be expected. But doing good considering. She still cries, but I think we all do. She's not dating, but just give her some time. She'll be okay, I'm sure of it.

Well, I can't believe it's really over. So weird. I really hope you liked it. Thank you all so much for sticking with me (and Katie) until the end. It's been a pleasure.