A/N: Hello, all! I've starting to go through this story and correct the horrendous errors I've made in the past. For the most part, everything's going to be the same (just some grammatical adjustments, as well as clearing some things up). And, since it's been so long since I've started this thing, it'll help me remember stuff and keep continuity (as that's the sole reason I haven't been updating all that much; I can't remember what I've done thus far at all).

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Also, like before, I'd recommend having a good understanding of the E3 version of Luigi's Mansion, as well as the final version.

"Mario, you won't believe it!" yelled a voice into the phone.

"I'm sure I will have to…" replied a dazed one on the other line.

"I've won my very own mansion!"

There was a brief pause on the other end of the phone, "…What?"

"YES! A mansion! All to myself! Everything to myself! Did I say everything? I think I did," Luigi yapped into the holes of the plastic.

"But how did you-"


"Luigi, calm down for a second, I never heard of any cont-"

"I need to head over there to know to claim it! It's only a few blocks away from my apartment! I can simply walk over there!"

"Brother, listen plea-"

"Want to meet me there? I'm sure you do, I can give you directions right now, it'll be the greatest ever," Luigi said without a pause.

Mario, realizing he wasn't going to get through to his brother's ecstatic mind, gave in, "…Sure."

Luigi filled Mario in on how to get from where he was to the supposed glorious mansion. The directions were on a colorful flyer that happened to be in Luigi's mailbox that morning. The flyer detailed the fact that someone lucky won the mansion; Luigi was that lucky one. He was so overjoyed that he called his brother Mario to meet him there (mostly so Luigi could gloat about it). However, Luigi failed to notice that he never entered any contest to win the housing, but free is free to him.

The green plumber quickly wrapped up his conversation with his older sibling, and started making preparations to get to his new home. Luigi's current place of residence was in an old, run down apartment complex known as Effington Estates. His small room had a furniture with springs popping out of them, the electricity some times didn't work, and, ironically, the pipes leaked. He once lived at the famed Princess Peach's castle, but he was booted out because his room was going to be turned into a billiards room for the residents of the castle. Luigi didn't understand why he had to go, given that there were plenty of other empty spaces left in the stone building. Alas, he was given a free room at the apartment building down the street.

Luigi is a tall, slim man with brown hair, blue eyes, a smooth black mustache and constantly wears a green hat with an embrodid "L" on it. Along with that, his attire typically includes a blue pair of overalls, a green shirt, white gloves, and brown work shoes. He also has the unnatural ability to jump higher than anyone else in the world (including his famous older brother). However, he is commonly scared of simple things, like lightning, or the toaster, but he has made a living. He squashed enemy turtles, lead marching bands, and even saved the princess with his brother a few times (the only problem was that Peach would some times still mistake him for Mario). For all his life, he believed he was treated much more bitterly from his friends and neighbors, and was just waiting for his big break to come. This mansion was that "big break" to him.

The flyer stated that the mansion was just around the corner of his temporary home, thus he didn't bother to pack much of anything with him. Rather, it was getting a bit late out so he decided to bring only a flashlight with him, just in case. While grabbing the torch, Luigi was still practically jumping off the walls from the announcement he gave to his brother. "I JUST CAN'T..." Luigi could barely finish the same thought without squealing with joy. His neighbors, however, were getting annoyed, and were pounding the ceiling and walls in effort to calm him down. At least they kind-of cared. Drinking a glass of water, Luigi made sure he had his house key (to throw away after going to his new pad) and his flashlight, and set off. Things could only look up for this plumber's life.