Hunched over like E. Gadd's Igor, Luigi made his to the ballroom door. He mustered the strength to move his hand down his back pocket and pull out the key that corresponded to this door. He gently wiped the dust off of the doorknob with a few flicks of his wrist, and stuck the key in the hole underneath. With a bit of a sigh, he opened the door and went inside. Suddenly, a cool breath of air washed over him. He peered around the shadows, only then realizing he should probably shine his flashlight. Coincidentally, lightning happened to strike right outside the window at the time.

"EEeeek!" Luigi screeched like a little schoolgirl, even though he had encountered lightning outside windows several other times throughout his tour of the mansion. "Get a hold of yourself, Luigi," he said to himself out loud in a quiet tone. He then thought to himself to flick on the flashlight, but nothing happened.

"Eh?..." Luigi cocked an eyebrow and looked down at his hand where he thought he held his flashlight, alas, it was only the Poltergust nozzle. With some forced thinking, he, again, tried to make the flashlight to appear; it stayed in the form of a vacuum. 'What the?...' in a brief moment of confusion, Luigi looked around and saw the flashlight laying on the other side of the room, right in front of a large window. ""

*Krrrzzzzg* "Luigi! L!" a muffled voice said from somewhere in the room. Luigi turned to the Gameboy Horror. "Luigi, I forgot to mention something!" Gadd exclaimed.

'Of course...' Luigi rolled his eyes, "I'm guessing it's something related to-"

"-the Poltergust nozzle and flashlight can become separated if you give it too much of a jolt, hoot-hoot!"

"So that's why the thing popped off and is currently on the other side of this dark, creepy room?"

"Yes!" Gadd proceeded to make noises that sounded similar to a duck before signing off. Luigi sighed, again.

'Alright, guess I'll go and get it,' Luigi strode off to the other side of the room in effort to retrieve what kept him safe from ghouls. However, like most clichés in horror films and action flicks, an enemy had appeared, unknown to the hero, right behind him. This enemy glowed a deep red, was about half Luigi's height, wore a mask two dark eyes and a gaping mouth painted on, and it wore a little belt to hold up its ghostly cloak. It also had a spear in its hand; a very pointy spear at that. The room was unknowingly a death trap to our hero, something else common of clichés.

The enemy in the room gently bent down, put its gloved hand on the ground, and used all of its strength and effort to push whatever it was on the floor as hard and fast as it could. It made a jolly little giggle and disappeared into the air. The following noise that echoed in the room sounded like, "GeeeeAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Luigi had been sent flying forward into the wall, crashing into a painting of Petunias. Before being hit by the Italian man's bum, it thought to itself, "O not again..." But what had happened to make Luigi fly like a rocket was that the floor had two very large discs on it that could spin quite easily. Luigi's head was now spinning as his head looked as though it was sprouting from a pot. With a dazed expression, and after his eyes finished spiraling, he tore the painting off of his neck and threw it on the ground. Dust filled the air, causing him to sneeze and spray his nasal liquids over the old, and actually will done painting in front of him. Wiping his noise with his glove, he got up, scratched his rear, and tried once more to get his flashlight. He darted to the other end of the room, only to be flung again by the floor rotating underneath him. A ghost cackled and disappeared.

Luigi, now laying flat on his stomach with a very stern face, turned over on his back and looked around the room. Through the dim light of the window, he could see a checkerboard pattern spinning and spinning until it came to a satisfied halt. The circumference of the disc must have been the length of two of him, and peering down to the left, he saw the other one that tripped him up before. Getting up on both legs, Luigi was only a few arm's lengths from his flashlight. He rushed to it, only to meet the now manifesting point of a spear. Luigi looked down at who held such an object to see what looked like a Shy-Guy starring back at him. And now, this one held his flashlight. With a "Pe-wah!" the Shy-Guy ghost vanished into thin air. Luigi was left. He slowly moved his head to spy from the side of his left eye that the Shy-Guy was now on the other side of the room. It started to toss the flashlight around like it simply didn't care about it anymore. It was waiting.

Infuriated, Luigi let out a war cry and dashed off down the middle of the room at the ghost. However, eight more of the ghouls appeared, and started manipulating the discs on the floor. Luigi was bouncing and ricocheting from every corner of the room in utter pain by this point. All at once, the Shy-Guys pointed their spears and laughed at the plumber before ascending and disappearing. Luigi, clutching himself for comfort, looked around the room to see no ghosts, and he also didn't see his flashlight. He was lying on top of one of the large discs and slowly got back on his feet. He quaked from the aches that were now coursing through him, but he slowly began to regenerate his confidence. He looked around for his flashlight, turning his whole body inch-by-inch instead of his head, to find it nowhere. Then, once he completed one rotation, he saw before him a Shy-Guy ghost. Luigi let out a tiny shriek and jumped back a few inches. However, the Shy-Guy didn't attack, nor did it seem like it wanted to harm Luigi.

Instead, the ghost held out Luigi's flashlight, wanting to give it back. Luigi slowly let out his arm, pulling it away once or twice, but eventually grasped the flashlight in the ghost's hands. With a smile, Luigi took his flashlight back, and Luigi felt there was a guilty frown underneath the mask. Had he finally stumbled upon a ghost that actually had some feelings? Luigi thought. 'What a nice guy,' Luigi continued his thought. Then, the ghost poked him in the nose with its spear, gave a cackle, and vanished into thin air.

'Nevermind...' Luigi put his hand on his nose. He put the flashlight in is palm, where it was then re-absorbed by the Poltergust 3000. Suddenly, the floor under him started to rotated on its own, and at a pace that wouldn't throw him across the room. Then, a voice echoed across the linoleum.

"Hah! Darla!" followed by a soft, female giggle. Luigi shot both his eyes and flashlight in different directions, and didn't find a thing. However, he did notice the picture that he previously had his head thrusted through was now going in circles with him. Luigi found next to him two sets of twirling sparkles. 'What the?...' he walked over to them, only to be knocked back with a shove. 'Alright, Gameboy Horror time.'

Luigi managed to focus on the sparkling objects. Two figures, a man a woman, could be seen through the pixels on the screen. They were smiling, dancing with each other, and, for the most part, having a good time. The male would always chant her name, and then throw her into a twirl. The man was in a red tux and the woman in a green gown; Christmas colors in death, more-or-less. Then, they would clasp hands and spin around once more before bend over backwards in somewhat of a finale, before doing it all again.

'Well, this is going to make me depressed,' Luigi sighed as he put the 'Horror away and got out his flashlight. Luigi shined his beam directly on the dancing couple, but alas, they stayed hidden. Rather, only the sparkles floated in space he illuminated. In effort to spark some sort of possible event, he shot an angry glare at the twirling sparkles. Nothing. "Hah!" was the only reaction he got. Luigi rested his hand on his head, trying to think of something as he slowly spun around the floor. He lowered his eyebrows, and appeared to be in a rather deep realm of thought. He spun around and around, and nothing was coming to him. The "Hah! Darla!"s were starting to get to him, after hearing it for the tenth time. However, these spirits somehow appeared to be enjoying themselves. Shouldn't he leave them here instead of stuffing them back in a painting, where it looked like that'd be stuck forever without emotions? Was E. Gadd the real evil here? As in, he strives to keep such peaceful looking ghosts with a probable good heart (metaphorically speaking) in paintings that he can smile at every now and then? Luigi's eyes seemed to slowly open wider as he thought about Gadd being the real evil. Beneath those dirty lenses hid a man of such greater evil than Bowser himself. And, that's when Luigi fell from being shoved on the back.

"WAH-Oouff!" Luigi's face smacked the ground, where he instantly turned his head around to see the twirl sparkles pass right by with a "HAH!" Luigi's thoughts of Gadd being a cynical mastermind instantly left his mind.

"Alright..." Luigi said as he stared down the reflected dust. His flashlight was off, waiting to pounce on its prey. With some shifty eyes, Luigi didn't really know what he was doing. These ghosts were some strange trickery, but he'd have none of it. Thinking back to the other spooks he encounter, it seemed as though he would have to get their hearts exposed when they don't seem to be paying attention. Given that they were following a pattern, and he was now following the floor wherever it took him, Luigi had to figure it out. The complexity of the idea, the oddity of the scenario, the plot thickened greatly on what to do. With a moan and groan, Luigi felt defeat coming to get him as he couldn't think up what to do. He turned around, ready to walk out the door with his sudden change of expression. However, it right at this point that he saw the twirling dancers bent over backwards, not paying attention to much of anything, and their hearts exposed.

Luigi's eyes lit up as he thunderously shined his own beam of lightning on them with a bellowing laugh. The couple was stunned dead. Thinking to the vacuum, the Poltergust 3000 fired up on his back, and soon he was being twirled around the room by the couple. Their panicked faces, scared lives, and feeble attempt to get out of the suction of the monstrously powerful vacuum was all for nothing. Considering neither of them knew exactly what was happening, they thought this would be, once again, the end of their lives. All they wanted to do was dance; dance the night away; dance until they died, and then some. But, whoever this man in green was, to them, it was the man in white once more.

Instead of a "Ha!" or a "Darla!" the man's alto-sounding voice, if you listened very closely, said the following:

"Darla! My love! I don't know where we are going, but I love you and will always love you, no matter where life takes us!" He held her shoulders firmly and stared into her eyes as though this would be the very last time he'd ever see her. Darla was left speechless, ghostly tears flowing from her eyes; this couldn't be happening. No, not again. Before being pulled into the vacuum of death, the two embraced, and were being pulled down together.

Luigi jumped for joy as he collected the treasures they dropped. The lights to the room flickered on one by one as a blue chest materialized in between the two discs on the floor. Luigi walked up to the chest and snatched the key right out of it. Without even thinking and being high on luck, Luigi went to a door he suddenly noticed in the back of the room in the northeast corner. He slapped the key in the hole and strutted into the door.