Helga rummaged through the closest drawer. She wasn't used to a room so cramped, so devoid of light without windows and so utterly foreign. Taking a break, she addressed her attendant.

"The most useless combination of clothes I've ever seen. Nothing but jerseys and underwear…" she surmised, finding a pair of long shorts to put on. There would be time to piece together the previous night later. Now was time for a quick getaway.

Upon leaving she turned and remarked, "Oh and by the way…"


"This conversation…never happened."

"Whatever you say, Helga," Gerald replied, turning over. "Whatever you say."

Oh I'm so evil! Evil, evil, evil! Anyway, I told myself that if I could get this idea down to 100 words then I'd post it. And I did! So I am! I know, I know, I'm the biggest hypocrite ever, but this is the only fandom where I'm so rigidly fixed in writing canon, I had to try something else. Don't worry, I'm still AxH in regard to all my other stories. I kind of wanted to make it look as though one thing is going on, but it could be a number of things. But I know what you're all thinking, and that's okay with me. Go right on ahead.

Special Thanks to Blonde Cecile for putting this idea in my head, and generally obliterating my hate for drabbles altogether.