Hello, everyone! So this is just a short fic i made up while i was bored in french class one day.. it's reaaaallly short but there's probably more to come, if you want.. teehee.

Title: Just One Night

Couples: LaharlxFlonne

(i'm a bit obsessed, dood)

Hooookayy disclaimer time! I, in fact, do NOT own disgaea.. but one can dream... sigh

"Laharl?" Flonne said, peeking around the corner of Laharl's door. It had to be at least 3 in the morning...what was Flonne doing up?

"Yeah? Flonne? What the hell do you want? It's too early for this.." Laharl trailed off. He then sat up in his coffin while rubbing his eyes and yawning. It then occurred to Flonne how strange it was that Laharl had woken up so easily, normally it takes several weapons to get him up. Maybe he had already been awake?

If he wasn't awake before, he definitely was then. He was completely shocked to see Flonne wearing what, apparently, was her pajamas. These "pajamas" consisted of short blue shorts and a baggy t-shirt that draped over one of her shoulders. Laharl's eyes widened as he scanned her body intently– Flonne was too tired to notice his gaze.

"Laharl, I can't sleep... and I had another nightmare about the day I was turned into a fallen angel... and I think the heater broke in my room because it is freezing.. so, uhm.. I just wanted to see if you were cold too.. Cause if the heater is broken we should probably fix it.. but you look okay.. Are you okay? Your coffin looks awfully warm.." Flonne's rambling slowly came to a stop. Laharl knew what she was getting at, unfortunately.

He sighed and laid back down in his coffin. "There's plenty of room in here.." he grumbled, acting as angry as possible. Contrary to his actions, he felt his heart beat loudly in his head as the blush began to rise on his face. Flonne giggled and stepped into his coffin, making sure not to take up too much room, after all, it was a small space.

Finally, Flonne situated herself in the coffin; she and Laharl were back to back. Yet, she soon found discomfort in this spot and turned her body so that she faced Laharl's back. She shivered, possibly regretting wearing little clothes on such a cold night. Laharl felt her tremble and blushed even more. After letting out a practiced, exaggerated sigh, he found himself begin to turn around so that he was facing her. For a moment, their eyes met.

"Thank you, Laharl.." Flonne rested her hand on Laharl's chest.

"You're a pain in the ass.." Laharl smiled. Flonne felt as though she should retort, just to save her pride, but, before she could, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Suddenly, Flonne didn't feel like talking about anything.