Dino Disaster

The Guys are in museum look at Don's favorite thing: Dinosaurs, but the A.D.R are there making trouble again and in the mist of this Everyone but Don are turned into Dinos. Will the guys stop the A.D.R or will they create a big mess.

I don't own anything but museum curator and the guard.

To be continued…

"Wow, this is cool." Don exclaims excitedly. "I love Dinosaurs."

"But the last time we came to museum we were transported to our world's past." Mikey says flatly.

"Jeez, you guys get into the weirdest trouble." Kuwabara says.

"I thought you guys got into the weirdest stuff like the Dark Tournament."

"Yeah, but not compared to what you guys get into."

"Well, what's so great about creatures that live long ago?" Hiei says in a bored voice.

"Well, Dinosaurs lived long ago and they were the first creatures on Earth." Kurama explains

"Funny, I thought the humans were the first."

"No, Dinos were." Don says.


"This is so cool!" Bongo exclaims with excitement.

"Well, there's a bones coming of a rare Dino are coming and we're going to steal it, Mates." Hang Roo exclaims.

"Yessss, and there are The Dragon Ssscales Ssssstonessss here too." Snake Eyes exclaims.

"We already got them." Dingo Starr points out.

"And look a bonusss the Detectivess and Turtlesss are here." Snake Eyes exclaims.

"We can use the Bronze Dragon Scale Stone on them." Dingo Starr exclaims sinisterly.

They use the Bronze Dragon Stone which glows and release some globs and the globs snuck upon the guys except Don and transforms into…

"Guys, we have a problem." Don exclaims.

"What?" The 7 asks confused.

"You guys are Dinosaurs." Don says.

"Why does this happen to us." Mikey exclaims flatly.

The 7 were the following Dinos

Yusuke- Triceratops

Leo- Coelophysis

Kuwabara- Brontosaurus and Ankylosaurus mix

Mikey- Anatosaurus

Hiei- Tyrannosaurus

Raph- Raptor

Kurama- Diplodocus

And the people started scream and running out the museum.

"Oh-no the Dinosaurs have come to life." The Museum Curator screams in panic.

"I got it, boss." The Guard says who was also afraid.

"Great, now we're scaring people." Yusuke exclaims flatly.

"And the A.D.R is involved." Don informs.

"That's it!" Kuwabara exclaims angrily. "When get my "tail" on the A.D.R, they'll regret it!"

"Not If I butt them first, Kuwabara." Yusuke exclaims angrily.

"What are they looking for this time?" Leo asks.

"I think I know." Don exclaims.

"What is, Donny, so I can crush the A.D.R" Raph exclaims excitedly.

"Uh, Raph, you're the smallest of the guys." Don informs. "But Hiei can crush them since he's bigger."

"Oh that's great idea, Donatello." Hiei says in a sly tone.

"No, Hiei." Don exclaims. "You, Kuwabara, Kurama, Mikey, Leo and Yusuke stay here, me and Raph will bring them to you."

"Ok, that's even better." Hiei says.


"We got the bones, now let's go." Dingo Starr says.

"Ok." The other A.D.R says.

"Not so fast, A.D.R." Don exclaims.

"The Ssssmart Turtle and the red turtle Raptor." Snake Eyes says.

"It's Mr. Raptor to you." Raph exclaims as he roars.

"A little Raptor doesn't scare us, mate." Hang Roo says in unnerving tone.

"Oh-no, what about a Brontosaurus with the Ankylosaurus's spikes." Don exclaims as Kuwabara shows up.

"A Bronto with spikes?" Dingo asks nervously seeing Kuwabara.

'What about a Triceratops with a bad attitude." Don exclaim as Yusuke came out with Kurama, Mikey and Leo behind him. "What about Angry Diplodocus, an angry Anatosaurus or an angry Coelophysis."

"They d-d-d-don't scare us, mates." Hang Roo says in nervous voice seeing them.

"Then what about the most ferocious Dino that ever lived the: The T-Rex A.K.A Tyrannosaurus Rex." Don says as Hiei came out.

"Bye!" The A.D.R screams in panic as they ran in panic and left the bones and the White Dragon Scale Stones.

"Hey, guys, look what they left?" Don says as he sat the White Dragon Scale Stones down and a big glob grabbed the 7 and turns them back.

"Ok, back to the Dinosaur exhibit." Don exclaims as he was pulled by Kuwabara.

"Sorry, Don." Kuwabara says. "The guys had enough of Dinos for one day."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Don says as the other laugh.

To be continued…

Up next: The guys have an "ear" full of trouble.