Element Benders

Hey fellow Sailor Moon and Avatar fans out there.

This idea's been floating around my head for ages.

I've obviously had to change some things. For example: Storylines, character representation, lines, etc.

I hope those out there who know both A: TLA and SM like my adaptation of the best two cartoons ever.

Sailor Scouts- Element Benders

Sailor Moon- Avatar

Sailor Venus- Air

Sailor Mercury- Water

Sailor Mars- Fire

Sailor Jupiter-Earth

Luna- Appa

Artemis- Momo

Tuxedo- Blue Spirit

Prologue- The Avatar

A young boy stood atop a towering skyscraper, gazing at the sleeping city of Tokyo.

The boy was like no other, in more ways than one.

He was holding a long, plain wooden staff and was wearing a red and yellow outfit. The costume had what like extra flaps and the whole thing was flexible and stretchy for free-movement. But the strangest thing about the boy was the blue arrows on his hands and a similar arrow on his head in place of hair.

The boy sighed, and turned away from the edge. "How can I possibly find them in such a big place before the solstice?" he murmured in despair, as he walked up to his only two companions and friends.

One was a giant white furry creature, with similar arrows to the boy. The other could only be described as a black and white monkey like creature with bat wings.

The child smiled as the 'winged-monkey-like creature' glided onto his shoulder and the 'giant-arrowed creature' moaned to his young friend.

The boy jumped up onto the 'giant-arrowed creature's' head (an inhuman feat in itself), to sit just in front of a platform-like-saddle.

Taking up a leather rein, that was tied to two horns on either side of the big creatures head; he slightly slapped it and said, "Yip Yip!"

With a groan, the animal launched itself off the building and, slowly swishing its tail up and down, made its way through sleeping Tokyo.