It was late in the afternoon. The classes in the gym were just getting over. Naruto stumbled into the locker room panting. He removed his shirt the well toned tan skin glistened with sweat.

" stupid sensei i think he is trying to kill us." he breathed out a heavy sigh sitting on the bench he leaned over a drop of sweat rolled down his forehead to the tip of his nose, dripping onto the cement floor below it left a small circle.

"what is that? dobe can't take a little work out?" sasuke chuckled shoving naruto's shoulder forward.

"shut up teme."

"ooo big bad dobe." sasuke waved his hands in naruto's face.

naruto rolled his eyes standing he reached for a towel and headed to the showers.

naruto let out an angry groan as he turned on the water, let his fist hit the wall.

"naruto you shouldn't let him get to you that way ... he huffs and puffs just as much as the rest of us." kiba said looking over at naruto they had been friends for a few years now ever sence that class trip to the kunai factory but thats history now.

" i know." he sighed. " i just can't help it."

" hey dog boy you done in there? we gotta go meet hinata soon."

" yeah yeah, hold your aphids." kiba stepped further under the faucet scrubbing the last of shampoo from him wiry brown hair.

" is he always such a demanding lover?" naruto chuckled.

" shino is not my lover ... hes ..." kiba looked away " he's my friend, just my friend."

" right " naruto rolled his eyes.

" ill get you for that later but now i got to go met hinata-chan ... " he paused eyes slightly glazed. " She is so cute."

naruto shrugged " i guess so if you like that sorta thing."

" that sorta thing ... ?"

" she's shy and doesn't really talk ... and what is with that always tapping her fingers thing ... she's just creepy ... " naruto shuttered.

" hinata's creepy well sakura isn't a ball of sunshiny joy either."

" kiba." shino yelled into the showers again.

" coming." kiba shut his shower off, wrapping a towel around his waist he exit the shower wishing naruto best of luck tomarrow at the next practice.

Aside from his shower naruto couldn't hear any other noise in the locker room. Everyone else probably went home, but he wasn't in a hurry to go back to his empty one bedroom apartment. He liked it but as small as it was the vagueness was felt in every corner.

naruto grabbed his bar of soap that was sitting with his towel, before stepping back under the water. It was painfully hot to the touch but it felt good on his aching body.

He had ran hard today. He was n't trying because of sensei, he was trying to beat sasuke ... he still didn't beat him today ... not only did he not beat sasuke who was first in the class he was beat by others too, even lazy assed shika beat him, who knew he even ran ?

The girls beat him too with compeditors like ino and sakura and all the stupid fan girls in his class they kept up with sasuke better than he ever could, it was probably all those times they chased after him when school was over just to say in terms they walked home togather ...

Why is it all the girls liked Sasuke so much better ... ? He was popular most people of his rank are but it was only the unfortunate death of his parents and the equally high rank of his older insane brother that got him there.

true he was flawless in just about everyway, dark hair, he might even call it jet black ... and his eyes the empty abiss that was his perfect black orbed eyes, and his white delicately pale skin.

naruto sighed to himself once again, how was he spossed to compete with that. he had messy dirty blond hair, and his skin was tanned year round, the only thing he had going for him was his own bright blue eyes. who knows where he got them, both his parents had also died.

he didn't even know how are why, just another of life's mysteries.

he rubbed his soapy hands over each arm and his stomach before rinsing then again repeating the process. He looked around for the soap ... where the hell did he drop it?

Sasuke was standing on the other side of the shower leaned against a wall fully clothed.

" missing something dobe?" he tossed the soap up in one hand then caught it again.

" give it back ." naruto yelled, his voice echoed off every wall back to his ears.

" come get it then." he smirked, it was strange and devilish like he held some secret about the boy in front of him.

"fine." naruto walked over reaching a hand out to grab the soap. Sasuke grabbed the boys hand with his free one swinging him around and thrusting him against the wall one arm bent behind his back the other shoved above him against the wall, wrist held with sasuke's other hand.

Naruto blinked from the quickness of the motion it hadn't comprehending yet. the soap fell to the floor the noise rang throughout the showers.

" didn't anyone ever tell you never to drop the soap ?" sasuke leaned forward towards naruto's ear body pressed flush to the boys.

" get off." was all naruto could manage for words.

" gimme a good reason."

" someone could come in any minute and see you groping me in the shower how would that look for the great Uchiha Sasuke?"

" you and i both know there is no one else even in ear shot of this room at this hour."

naruto squirmed at his words.

" besides im not even groping you yet." sasuke spun naruto around.

Naruto's hands were held above his body by one hand his body pressed to the cold shower wall.

" sasuke, ill kill you ... " naruto snapped struggling fircely. " ill kill you .. let go ... "

" you know im stronger." sasuke whispered. his free hand trailed naruto's body stopping to rub him nipple roughly.

" sasuke ..." naruto said through gritted teeth.

" its not like you don't like it ... " naruto blushed turning away.

he didn't want to be turned on by this ... he didn't want sasuke to have his way with him ... he didn't want it ... but he couldn't help the growing sensation as sasuke began lapping at his neck and bitting down hard enough to draw blood ... he didn't want it to feel good he liked girls for gods sake ! but that didn't help how much his body was disagreeing with every noise he slowly had started making ...

"damn it all let go !" Naruto forced his arms free and started to run ...

Sasuke caught him by a hand yanking him back, sasuke pulled their faces togather and started kissing him, trying to pry naruto's mouth open with his tongue.

when their faces seperated both were breathing heavy ... when Naruto got some air in his lungs again he lundged forward, swinging, he hit sasuke in the face when sasuke landed hitting the floor naruto ran again ...

he pulled on boxers and shorts as quickly as possible than ran from school ... ran down the busy streets of town without stopping ... he ran home to his empty apartment locking the door behind himself he never want to much more to be alone then he did now ...

He hit the door after he closed it making a sizable dent. "i like girls , i like girls , i like girls ... " naruto repeated to himself sliding down the door into a ball on the floor he cryed.

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