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She was arranging orchids in a vase, he was examining his art with a critical eye. Art- that was the one thing that drew them both together. Well, except for one other thing.

"If one of us cut our hair, we wouldn't look so much alike, you know!" she said. "I keep on wondering who's going to accuse me of being a lesbian next!" He stopped molding his sculptures and turned to her.

"It's not my fault, yeah!" he replied. She huffed and turned away. A thought struck her, and she smiled mischievously. Pulling out a kunai, she grinned.

"Well, how about I cut your hair?" she laughed. He glared at her.

"Ino-chan, you wouldn't dare." The blond girl called Ino smirked.

"Let's see, then!" she exclaimed. He pulled out his own kunai.

"Not if I get you first, yeah!" Ino squealed and ran out of the room. He chased her out the door and around the house, then into the garden. She stopped suddenly.

"Shoot, the sprinklers are coming on," she thought. But her boyfriend was still running after her, so she shook her head and wove through the water.

A sudden gush of water hit her in the arm. Swiveling around, she called, "Come on, Deidara, stop. We're going to get soaked!"

"You started it!" he yelled back. Ino scowled, but continued ducking through the spray.

They twisted their way through the water, each intent on getting away. She pirouetted over puddles and he simply ran over them. Soon, he caught up with her.

"Nyaa, nyaa!" she teased, darting backwards and flipping sideways over the water. He smirked and with one well-aimed jump, tackled her to the ground.

"You're gonna get it now, yeah!" Deidara said triumphantly. Ino cupped her hand over a gush of water and turned the water towards his face. Splash! She wriggled her way out of his grasp and jumped on a branch over the pond. Sticking her tongue out, she laughed and twisted a strand of hair between her fingers.

"You want to cut this off? Well, you'll have to come and get it!" The boy on the ground disappeared in a puff of smoke. Ino felt two strong arms grab her from behind.

"Oh crap!" He pulled a lock of hair from her high ponytail and was about to hold a kunai to it when-

Crack! The branch they were standing on snapped and they both fell into the pond. Holding her hair out of her eyes, Ino grinned at Deidara.

"Cutting your hair is more trouble than it's worth. Fine, I give up!" she said. He pulled some pond weed out of his hair.

"Shoot, mine's dirty too!" Ino examined the dirt all over her hair.

"Want me to wash it for you?"

"In the sink?"

"Unless you prefer the shower, yeah." Ino swatted him in the arm.

"Sink's fine. I'll wash yours too."

Wish there was more DeiIno out there! This idea came to me when I was walking in the garden with my mom and suddenly we heard this spluttering noise and the sprinklers came on. The last part, with the sink and the shower thing, was from another book, called Forever by Judy Blume. I can't take credit for it, but I do take credit for the plot!

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