For once, I have absolutely nothing to say about this. I tried to get awin-chan to use 'melting point' as a prompt but she wouldn't do it - probably because I wanted something serious - so I ended up using it instead.

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis or any of the characters, I just decided that they're so much more fun to play with than my own.
Pairing: BunJi / BuntaxJirou
Word Count: 254

Melting Point
KatYoukai (Chocolate Confection)

He learned in Science that every single object in the world has a melting point; a point at which it just dissolves into a warm, gooey, and indiscernible mess.

Jirou often wonders what the melting point for Marui's heart is. He wonders if it is when the final bell rings and he rushes out of class. He wonders if it is when he receives news of a new bubblegum flavour on sale and hurries off to the local store, with Jirou in tow. He wonders if it is when the last ball rolls off the net and lands milliseconds before Jirou's racket reaches it or when they sit down for a break and he leans back, basking in yet another victory.

But then it all fades out, the sounds of the other players spending their afternoon in the street courts, the birds chirping cheerfully, and the glaring heat of the sun. And when Jirou opens his eyes, he finds that stars now paint the infinitely black sky, and the only sounds to be heard are the cries of the cicadas. Then, a familiar face intrudes on his field of vision, silky red bangs framing a soft, gentle smile, and Jirou realizes on exactly whose lap he's been sleeping on and that this is the third time this week in which he has fallen asleep after a match.

And as Marui laughs, his fingers still idly running through Jirou's soft blond locks, he wonders why he didn't realize it before.

This was Marui's melting point.