Official notice:

People Lie is dead.

Long live People Lie (redux) (rewritten)

If it's not available here yet, give it a few hours. People Lie is reborn. You can also follow it on the big three fanfiction forums, SB, QQ, SV

People Lie was a lot of fun to work on. And it got more popular than I could ever have imagined. But with popularity comes criticism, and criticism sometimes has entirely valid arguments. The story I was writing required tight plotting, foreshadowing, and character interactions that hint without giving it away. And there were a number of places that needed some work. So back then, I finally gave up, said I was going to do a rewrite, got started on it, got a new job in a new field, and by the time I had time to work on it again, Naruto was concluding in directions that I both liked and hated. So I moved on.

Well, I still loved these characters and this setting. I always wanted to come back. And so now I am. I've posted, here on this site, the new version. If it's not available yet, it will be within a few hours. Chapter one is available right now. The next two chapters are available on that patronage site. I'm not committing to a posting schedule, but I will do my best to produce a chapter as often as possible.

That patronage site slash Nugar

About that patronage. I'm sick. Got some health issues post covid. (Yes I was fully vaxxed, but I was never the healthiest person.) Lost my job. (fuck) Seemingly plenty of time to write (yay), but sick enough I can't always do it. (fuckX2) Unemployment is taking forever to kick in. Discount medicare is taking forever to kick in. I am broke as fuck. And I am out of the expensive fancy insulin that works best on me. I am in a bind. Any support is appreciated, even if it's just a single month before you cancel. Hopefully the state bureaucracy will get its shit together within another month.

I have a new discord, tied into that site this site insists shall not be named. Supporters can tell me what to focus my efforts on, or even buy writing directly. So far, everyone wants People Lie, which is what I'm focusing on.

Other projects I have going are a Heavy Object inspired battletech AU, where a pair of ships missed The Exodus and end up mirroring the Clans/Wolfs Dragoon situation in miniature. Not yet ready to show anyone that one. Not an SI.

And an original inspired by the Magical Girl CYOA. First chapter is coming along nicely. Should be ready to send to patrons soon. PseudoSI, not really me, more like generic OC isekai except it's the same world. The story is actually about wealth disparity and the need for basic income for young women who regularly risk their lives to save humanity from the forces of evil. Also kind of a heist movie kind of story. It's fun.

No Promises, the old Game of Thrones SI thing, hasn't had any requests for it, but it's still available. I just posted the last written chapter here on this site, but I'm not actively working on anything else for it.

I also have an original fantasy story called The Broken Lands, about a young woman growing up in a vast free falling sky, dotted with sky islands. Literally about the shattered remains of a world that failed in its bid to stop an apocalypse, now drifting in the Plane of Air. It's over on Royalroad, and I might post it here. Unfortunately, it had few readers, and people requested more People Lie, so here we go.