Hyoutei Greek Gods

To Chocolate Confection. This is complete and utter crack. And the little omake at the end is because Loki is awesome.

x Hyoutei Greek Gods x 444 words x Prompt - Greek mythology

'Okay. Everybody, we're going to be on a special training schedule because regionals are coming up and - Mukahi, get off that bench and pay - Mukahi, what are you reading?' Atobe stopped himself mid-speech to stare at the acrobatics player, who was quite engrossed in a thick book.

Gakuto didn't look up from his book, but said, 'Zeus.'

Nobody said anything.

'Zeus.' Gakuto repeated.

Atobe raised an eyebrow. 'Why are you talking about Greek mythology?'

Gakuto finally closed the book, and looked up. 'Atobe, you're Zeus!'

'As much as I believe that Zeus's character could possibly suit me, why would you name me Zeus, Mukahi?'

'Because you're like Sakaki-sensei,' Gakuto explained impatiently. 'Shouldn't that be obvious?'

Oshitari commented, 'Gakuto, did you have too much natto?'

'And why does being like Sakaki-sensei make me Zeus?' Atobe asked, curious in spite of himself.

'Because he's Cronus, obviously!' Gakuto seemed to be exasperated at Atobe's lack of understanding. (Exasperated to the point that he was use the word 'obvious' again.)

Ohtori Choutarou spoke up. 'What am I, Mukahi-san?'

'Apollo.' Gakuto replied immediately. 'Because he's a goody-two-shoes.'

Shishido rolled his eyes. 'You're insane, Gakuto.'

'Well, you're Hera.'

'Who?' Shishido asked.

'Zeus' wife,' Gakuto responded with a grin. 'Who's possessive and always cheated on.'

Before Shishido could reply angrily, Gakuto continued, 'And Kabaji would be Hephaestus. And Taki'd be Aphrodite.'

'Taki would be Aphrodite? How the hell does your mind work, Mukahi?' Atobe asked.

'Well, he's a hair flipping pansy,' Gakuto explained. 'And married to Kabaji.'

There was a pause, and then Atobe replied, 'The last part doesn't even make sense.'

Gakuto shrugged. 'He's still a hair flipping pansy though.'

He looked around for people he hadn't named yet, and spotted a certain blond sleeping on another bench.

'Well, Jirou would definitely be Hermes,' he stated as a fact. Atobe nodded.

'And Yuushi would be ... Hades.'

Oshitari raised an eyebrow. 'And why is that?'

'Because...well, somebody has to be Hades.' Gakuto said lamely. He put down his book, and headed towards the rest of the regulars.

'So what about you?' Atobe asked.

Gakuto said instantly, 'A nymph.'

There was another pause.

'What?' Atobe asked. 'Why?'

Gakuto sighed. He always had to explain the most idiotic things. 'Because nymphs are cool, Atobe.'

'Nymphs are like trees!' Atobe retorted.

Gakuto picked up his Mythology book again, and said, 'Well, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.'

'Trees aren't things of beauty!'

'Well, nymphs are!'

'Nymphs are imaginary! You read about them in books.'

'"A people's literature is the great textbook for real knowledge of them."' Gakuto quoted.


Gakuto sighed again. 'Nobody understands the joy of Edith Hamilton.' x owari

x omake

Gakuto then spotted a silver haired Trickster walking by the Hyoutei tennis courts. 'Loki!'

Niou didn't turn around, and kept on walking.

x x x

Tada. I'm sorry if it didn't make much sense xD -awinchan