Hey all. i don't own dmc and never will :D okay... summary, this will be a lil difficult to understand, but this is just a lil something that popped into my head while i was thinking of why things happen the way they do. Like i said, this is full of what ifs. If eva was spared but her sons weren't. (a/n: Cada is a character that i made, please dont steal thank you. she is suppose to be dante and vergil's friend. If i make a real fanfic on dmc i will go into deph for you all! lots of love)

How does this come to be? That's what goes through someone's mind when someone loses someone innocent. It always comes about when people question the world. The death of innocence. Eva thought as the black rose touched the little gray coffin near the three pictures. Two other coffins were placed next to that one, each with a rose on their surfaces. How did they die?...

Cada was there against the trees, talking with some girl. A human girl, nonetheless. Dante and Vergil jogged up the hill, frowning at the human girl standing with the angel. (How did this happen?)

"What are you doing talking with her?" Dante's boyish squeal interrupted Cada and the other girl.

The other girl frowned at him as Cada shied away. "I just told her what you are. Told her you aren't really her friends," She tossed her head, pigtails swinging.

Dante jumped at her viciously and she let out a scream. "Get out of here human!" He said slightly hurt. She struggled to her feet and ran down the hill screaming still.

"Monster!" She called back running in the direction of her house.

Vergil looked up at Cada who was shaking as she looked back at him. She whispered something under her breath that sounded almost exactly like 'so it's true.'

"Don't tell me that you believe her," Vergil said a little surprised as Dante turned to them. Cada remained silent. "Caddie..." He reached to her and she closed her eyes as his fingertips brushed her cheek. She shook violently. He, feeling betrayed but in denial of it, reached for her small shoulders to hold her in an embrace, but she pulled away panicking.

"She said-!" Cada backed up into the sunlight, tears rolling down her face. "she said you're demons! Demons are bad!" (Because we question.)

The shadows of the tree came out and grabbed her. She screamed as demons of all forms held onto her from behind. Vergil and Dante cowered together, frightened as they watched those demons stab her. Blood sprayed on them like rainfall... red on white... They fell to the ground huddling as Cada's cries diminished and the shadows disappeared. There was a lonely silence as the twins gazed at the little girl's mangled body.

"It was them!" A voice rang out and the little boys turned, tears in their eyes.

The girl and her father and brothers were standing mortified at the slope of the hill. The father lifted his shotgun and the boys mirrored their father. Shots rang out. (Now we understand. This is the death of innocence.)...

Eva sobbed.