Woot! Koneko-chan's here! Yosh, my second story! Dattebayo! (squeals in delight) Anyway, this is a one-shot...I guess... Never mind that, let's just get on with the story! Woot!

Naruto: Oi, Koneko-chan! Why do I have to be a princess?!

Koneko: Aw, come on, Naru-chan! Just this once... Besides, I know Sasu-kun would be happy... (winks)

Sasuke: Hn...

Naruto: Hentai teme! (blushes)

Okay then, the story starts now...!

"The princess is gone! The princess is gone!"

Konoha's castle was in a shock that day. The beloved daughter...I mean, son of King Yondaime is gone. Princess Naruto, as her...his name was, had not been found in his usual spot near the enchanted lake. The only thing left was his silver tiara which was found under a sakura tree about ten feet from the lake.

"How can this happen?" King Yondaime was furious and worried. "Go seek for Naruto now!"

So, a search team was formed to search for the lost princess. Not so long after, the news spread all across Konohagakure and later all around the country. Princes and travellers from all places started to look for him everywhere, as anyone who finds him will be rewarded with 1,000, 000, 000 gold coins and the princess himself.

After about half a year searching, they still couldn't found any trace of the princess. Had lost their hopes, they stopped searching, leaving the king in such a great grief.

So...what actually happened to our beloved Princess Naruto???

"God, I'm hungry!"

"Shut up, dobe..."

"Don't call me that, teme!"

You got it, now, the princess is living with our precious bastard, Prince Sasuke of Otogakure. Wonder how it happened???


The princess was dozing off at his usual spot, dreaming of his favourite food, ramen. After a while, he woke up hungrily. Clutching his empty and growling stomach, he decided to eat some apple first before going back to the castle to have his delicious ramen. So, he stood up and pranced lightly and playfully towards the huge apple tree. Quickly, he plucked a plump, red apple and took a bite.

"Um..sweet!" he exclaimed. "I like you, Aka-chan!" (Yup, he likes to name things around him...)

He sat under the shady tree and finished the apple. Then, suddenly, a deer leaped gently beside the blond.

"Eh, where did you come from?"

The spotted deer started prancing away from him. Immediately, the princess got onto his feet and started chasing the small deer. "Hey, stop! Where are you going? I didn't even name you yet!"

After chasing the deer for a while, Naruto lost it and decided to stop and return as it was getting dark by then. He turned, and to his shock, he was in the middle of the Lost Forest of Konohagakure. The blond began to panic. Nobody was ever allowed to enter the forest, moreover a princess like him. By his point of view, the forest was dark and scary. He began to cry as he tried to look for exit. But it was of no use. As he searched and searched, he only resulted himself in getting deeper into the forest.

Knowing it wouldn't make any good, the princess decided to stop. The sun had long set and the moon and stars were conquering the sky by then. Sitting down under a large oak tree, he decided to rest for the night. "I'll just continue searching the way out tomorrow..." and he was faraway in a dreamland, hugged by the coldness of the night.

The next morning...

"Where am I?"

Then, Naruto recalled what had happened to him. He sighed, only to be intefered with a mew from his right. Surprised, he jumped a bit and looked. At his right was a cute little cat with shiny, golden fur and big, sky blue eyes. The cat mewed again, as if it was greeting the princess.

"Oh, hey there, neko-chan! Where did you come from?" the blond picked the cat up onto his lap and started stroking it gently, receiving purrs from the animal.

"You know..." he said. "You remind me of myself... Maybe I should call you Chibi-Naruto?"

The cat mewed again, this time excitedly. It licked Naruto's whiskered cheek happily. Naruto started to giggle and fell onto his back. He didn't care about it though, as he was playing happily with his new friend. Suddenly, he stopped and stood on his feet, holding the cat on his arms.

"I still have to find my way back to the castle! Will you help me, Chibi-Naruto?"

Chibi-Naruto nodded, understanding Naruto. Immediately, it jumped off Naruto's arm and leaped away. Seeing the princess not moving, it mewed again.

"You want me to follow you? Okay then..." he said, following the cat.

It was hard to follow the running cat, as he was wearing a dress. Couldn't stand it anymore, he stopped and ripped the orange dress off, leaving him on his sleeveless orange shirt and black gym shorts. The cat noticed this, so it waited for him. After that, they started running again. Later, they were leaping off from tree to tree.

After a few hours, they reached a lake. Unlike the enchanted lake which was crystal clear, that lake was blue (and I mean blue). The cat stopped, and so did Naruto.

"Chibi-Naruto...um, where are we?"

Suddenly, he heard a neigh from his back. Startled, he jumped and ended up in the lake. Rubbing his hurt bottom, he looked up furiously. And, to his shock, in front of him was a person, riding a black horse. The person, a guy, had blue-black hair and dark eyes. His hair was pointed up and his eyes were emotionless. He was wearing a blue muscle shirt and a pair of white jeans(sp?). He looked at the wet blond blankly.

"N-nani?" Naruto frowned, hated being watched like that.

He stayed silence, leaving the blond in one thousand and one questions. The, he uttered a word, "Dobe..."

"What? Don't you dare call me that, teme!" Naruto jumped off the water and tried to punch the stranger. (For a princess, he's quite hyper, isn't he?)

Unfortunately, he was so exhausted that he stumbled off and hit a tree instead. "Ow...!"


"What? You want a fight?"

The raven stopped smirking and stared at the blond seriously. "Listen kid, you just entered my territory without permission. You have no right to shout at me like that."

"Like I care! Don't you dare talk to me in that tone as I am the great Konoha princess, Princess Naruto!"

"Princess?" the raven smirked again. "So, you're the lost princess of Konoha, huh?"

'Kami, me and my loud mouth...' Naruto gulped.

"And I thought you were a girl... Anyway, you just entered Otogakure and still, you have no right to shout at me." the taller boy suddenly carried the blond bridal-style and put him on the horse.

"T-teme! What are you doing?" the princess flustered.

The raven climbed onto his horse, carrying Chibi-Naruto along. "This is your little friend, right?"

"Yeah..." Naruto took the cat from the raven who was sitting behind him.

Five minutes later, the two...three of them (or is it four?) were riding back towards the Oto castle. Naruto blushed each time he caught the stranger checking on him. They arrived at the castle about fifteen minutes after that. The raven got down from the horse and lifted Naruto off. He blushed a bit as the taller guy slid his arm around the blond's torso to hold him firmly and steadily as he lifted him off the black horse.

"We're here..." he said with a smirk, noticing the redness of Naruto's face.

Immediately, Naruto jumped off the raven's arms and exclaimed excitedly, "Sugoi! It's so huge! Even bigger than my castle!"

He ran into the gigantic castle, holding Chibi-Naruto on his arms. He wanted to explore the castle but was stopped by the raven.

"Hold your horses, dobe..."



Naruto pouted. "Aww man! This sucks!"

"Be a good boy...girl..." the raven snickered.

"Shut up, teme!"

"Come on, I'll take you to the bedroom so you can have a shower and change..."

So, the both of them went to a room. The raven told Naruto to stay inside the room until he called. Deciding not to disobey as he was tired himself, he followed the instruction and went inside the huge room with Chibi-Naruto.

To be continued...

Yeah, sorry about that. It's just that I'm so freaking tired to continue... Never mind, I'll make it better the next chappy. Okay then, adios...got to get some sleep...