Hi, everyone! So, I finally decided that I should continue with this sotry sicne the ending was a crap! Oh, and because of that, I'll turn the rating to Mature, and I'm sure you'll love the outcome! Woot!

Naruto: Don't! Don't do it, Koneko-chan! Please have sympathy on me!! (whines and pleads)

Koneko: But why? The people love your acts! Even I love it too!

Sasuke: Yeah... (shuts Naruto's mouth) Just do it, ignore this guy...

Koneko: Really?

Sasuke: Yeah, he actually loves it, but he doesn't want to amit it... (smirks)

Um... (blushes) Oh well, better start the story now! Woot! Enjoy!


The blond continued to moan and mewled delightfully as the raven skillfully licked and sucked his gorgeous tanned neck. He gasped when the taller guy sucked on his most sensitive spot. Sasuke smirked and nibbled on the spot, causing the smaller boy to writhe and wriggle underneath him with an arched body and loud moans of pleasure.

After making a huge mark on his neck, the prince went down to Naruto's nipples and claimed one. The princess shot his eyes open and moaned again, his body forming a beautiful arc. While the Uchiha was sucking the nipple, his hand went to the other nipple and started pinching it. All the same while, he licked the other perked nipple.

"Ah...ah...suck...harder, Sasuke..."

"Is it good, Naru-chan?" he asked, looking up.

"Mn..." the blond nodded, blushing. "Sasu...please...I can't wait any more..."

"You're really one impatient princess, aren't ya?"

He blushed again at the insult/compliment. Sasuke then claimed his lips again and began kissing him passionately. He gladly gave the raven an entrance to his hot waiting cavern. He moaned into the kiss as the taller guy swirled his togue all around his mouth. After a minute, they broke apart for air, leaving a trail of saliva on Naruto's chin.

"...mm...Sasuke..." his face was crimson red by then. "...do you want...a blowjob?"

The prince blushed slightly at first, then he smirked and switched position with the smaller. The princess crawled over towards Sasuke's hard manhood, his own member was nicely exposed to the other male. With shuddering hands, he wrapped his fingers around the raven's shaft and started pumping slowly.

Then, he slowly neared his lips to the tip of the manhood and gave it a lick. He could feel Sasuke shuddering underneath him. That made him excited somehow as he put the whole member inside his mouth, bobbing his head up and down. At the same time, the taller guy was giving him the same treatment, licking and sucking his manhood.

Suddenly, he shuddered when the prince slid one of his cum-coated finger into Naruto's hole. He tightened his grip around Sasuke's shaft and let out a small moan. The raven smirked at this and continued to tease the blond slowly. The smaller boy began to pant as Sasuke did him in a very skillful way, licking and fingering him at the same time.

"...ah...Kami...Sasu...I want you...inside me now..." the princess moaned. "Ah...I'm...com-aaahhhh! Saaaassssuuuukkkeeee!"

With the scream, Naruto came into Sasuke's mouth hard. The raven sucked all of the hot sticky liquid, making sure none is left. He licked his sticky fingers as well. The blond, meanwhile, rolled his body over Sasuke and flopped beside him, tired and breathless. Then, the taller guy crawled over Naruto and gave him another sloppy kiss.


"Naruto-chan...do you really want me?" he whispered into the princess's ear.

The blond blushed, nodding slightly. "H-hai...I want you...inside me...right now...Sasuke...please..." he did not care if he sounded pleadful, he just wanted Sasuke to be inside him, thrusting deep and hard inside him. "Please...have me...Sasuke... I want you...very badly..." he pleaded again, holding tight onto Sasuke's shoulders.

The raven then positioned his fingers in front of the boy's mouth. "Suck..."

Naruto did as told, coating the three fingers with his wet saliva. Sasuke stared at him, licking his lip on thinking how cute yet lustful the princess could be. After a while, the raven took out the digits and lifted the blond's leg. He positioned it on his shoulder and carefully, he inserted his finger into the boy's tight hole.


The smaller boy mewled and wriggled himself, trying to get used to the new feeling insdie his body. It felt weird to have something stuck up inside him, but he soon get used to it. Noticing this, Sasuke put in his middle finger and started making scissoring motion. A small moan escaped Naruto's mouth as the raven thrusted inside him slowly.

When the princess was used to this, Sasuke inserted his third digit, causing the blond to flinch in discomfort. He wriggled his body again, getting used of the weird sensation inside his body. The taller guy thrust into him a few more times - until he threw back his head and moaned the prince's name loudly. "Ah, Sasuke! There!"

'Found it!' the raven thought and continued to thrust the same spot several times, receiving delightful moans and mewl from the writhing boy underneath him. After a while, he took out the digits, gaining a displeasure groan from the princess. He smirked and positioned his throbbing member in front of Naruto's entrance.

"This's gonna hurt a bit," he said and as fast as lightning, thrusted hard into Naruto.


Tears of pain started to flow down the blond's eyes. His knuckles were white from clenching onto the sheets tightly. Sasuke apologised to him and promised it would be better. He slowed down his pace until the boy was used to having a huge shaft inside him. After a while, the blond wriggled himself, signaling that he was ready.

The raven began to thrust into Naruto. After a few thrust, the princess suddenly screamed his name. Knowing he had hit the boy's sweet spot, he pulled back his member and thrusted at the same spot again. The blond, losing his sense, could only scream Sasuke's name as the guy gave him pure ecstacy and pleasure.

"Ah! Ah! Sasuke! I'm...I'm...!"

He felt his orgasm coming close. After a few more thrusts from the raven, he came hard onto their bodies. Hot milk were all over his abs and chest, a few droplets were on Sasuke's torso. Some of the liquid could even be seen on his cheek. In the same time, Sasuke reached his peak as well, shooting his load deep inside the blond.

After their love-making, Sasuke and Naeruto lied beside each other, panting and gasping tiredly. The both of them were very breathless as a result from the workout. After they had managed to catch back their breaths, Naruto turned to Sasuke. He smiled at the raven, laying a hand on the pale chest with blushing face.

"I love you, Sasuke..."

"I love you too, Naruto..."

- Owari -

Real ending this time! I'm not continuing on this story! Let's just say they lived together after that. Sasuke finally married Naruto after three years and they had three children. The first one is a black-haired, blue-eyed boy, Raion, second a yellow-haired, black-eyed girl, Hikari and the third one is a brown-haired, navy-eyed girl, Haruka. And...they lived happily ever after - maybe not. Lol! Woot! Hope you enjoyed it! Please leave a review! Woot! Ja ne!