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Monday 28/1/15


Oh shut up…




I slammed my fist into the noisy alarm clock, and rolled over, First day of year ten. Nothing will change: They'll all ignore me, my teacher's will hate me, I will be forced to eat my lunch in the loner's corner once again.

Nothing will change. Invisible-Girl goes to ride out another day…

God, don't make me sound so heroic…

I take a deep breath, and throw off the blankets, and slip into the usual procedure of the school-morning.

Feed the animals (the local stray cats that swarm my house in the morning asking for food), brush my teeth, shower, brush my strait thick blonde hair, have a breakfast of toast, not finish it because the bus is outside, and run for the bus.

I do all of this in normal routine, then see the bus outside, my eyes widen and I grab my bag and run up the driveway.

Oh great. Pam is still driving. She hates me ever since I was in 5th grade and I threw my peanut-butter sandwich up the aisle.

I pick up my pace and watch helplessly as the bus drives off, the students watching from the windows laugh.

They are used to this, they all chorus "Drive off Pam! DRIVE!" and I begin the now 5KM walk to school, as the back wheels of the bus pass through a puddle and my clothes are soaked through with muddy dirt-streaked water.

I sigh. Great way to start the term.

English- reading time, should be reading, but I'm not.

I had a terrible time this morning.

About 500 metres up the road, a car had pulled out of the driveway, and splashed me with more water.

New neighbours… great. More people to look down on me for having no mother. They don't know yet, but of course the stupid Bat-lady's who gossip all day long from down the road will tell them in no time about the silent-girl whose mother left her.

I sighed, and look down at my now more dead clothing.

The car drove off, and then stoped, then started driving again, then stoped, then just kept driving. I glared at it until it passes from view.

At least im fitter then all the others, the fact I miss the bus regularly means I keep in shape, better then all the populars who have liposuction or whatever to keep themselves slim. I'm already shunned and ignored, I don't think I could handle being fat on-top of that.

I kicked the gravel, I had hoped to maybe make a good impression on the new kids so they wouldn't yell at me. Yes. I'm that low, even the freshmen jeer at me.

I'm used to it. It's nothing new, My ma left me when I was 14, it had been coming for the last year or so, and I didn't talk to her anymore anyway, one morning, she just wasn't there, so I just kept on doing the same routine I've been doing for the last seven years.

What-else could I do? My worst fear is being put into foster care, what would the stray cats do? The crazy-bat-ladies hate the cats; they say they leave messes in their batcaves.

As I near the school, people laughed at me, and ask "Missed the bus again have we Sorano?!" they jeer. "Sorano actually came back to school this year!" one girl actually has the nerve to say "Oh, your still here? I didn't notice!" another one waved her hand over her nose. "And you wouldn't have if it wasn't for that smell, what had you been rolling in!?" The people stopped to snicker behind a hand at the state of my clothes, I just sighed and walked strait to my locker.

I twisted the dial, and opened my locker, placing new books on the two small shelves. Suddenly the gossipers target changed. "I hear there are new kids this year." They say.

New kids? Good. That'll take some of the attention off me for a while. Hopefully one of them will be a skitz and take the attention off me for good.

'Year meetings- the usual places. Seventh grade please go to the hall.' The PA system is crackly and as shitty as usual. The annoying office-lady is STILL the voice-over person.

I sighed, and foreword off to the library, where our year have their meetings.

A tap on my shoulder makes me turn. Weird, usually nobody even touches me when the bus has splashed mud all over me.

I turn. "Hm?" I ask.

"Do you know where the-" The blonde girl makes a face. "Usual places are?"

I laugh, I can't help it. Our school is so Bogan, it hardly ever gets newbie's, so we don't bother specifying where the 'usual places' are.

The blonde makes a face. She had spiky hair in two pony-tails, she wore a pink dress. "Don't tell me you too- everyone we've asked has just laughed and kept walking."

I grin at her. "Don't worry- you've just been asking the wrong people, the populars aren't socially allowed to speak to newbie's for at least a term. I don't know why, but that's the rule."

"So do you know where the usual places are?" A tall guy pushed foreword to interrupt, the blonde glares at him.

"What years?" I asked. This is the longest running conversation I've had with anyone since I first came to the school. I didn't want to mess it up, but I won't cling to them, otherwise I'll ruin their chances of being slightly more popular then me.

"10, 11, and 12." The blonde says. I frown. Where's the third person? Oh well.

"Twelve is down the corridor in the P.E. hall, and 12 is in the quad, it's near the office block. Whoever is in 10 can just follow me."

They nod, and all walk off, leaving a sour-looking red-haired guy standing there, looking at me. I hadn't noticed him. Maybe he is socially invisible too.

I shrug, if he is the 10-er he'll just follow me.

I find the library and open the door, finding it full, I sit in my usual spot next to the books, they don't tease me or ignore me.

No- its worse then ignoring, it's not noticing. I sigh, I rest my folder on my lap, Our year advisor is Iruka-Sensei, he is nice, one of the few teachers who don't hate me.

He clears his throat, and the students slowly silence. "Timetables are being spread around now, please obtain one before the end of the meeting." He says.

I would of had to ask I teacher for one, everybody wouldn't notice I was there. I sighed, but the, to my surprise a sheet of paper floats down from above. I look up and see a tall silver-haired man.

He looks at me, and I quickly bow and say thank-you. I hope he didn't give me one out of pity. Maybe because every year I go to him and ask: "May I have a timetable Kakashi-Sensei?" And he gave me one, for the last three years I just had to approach him at the beginning of term and open my mouth and he'd pass me a timetable, once I wanted to ask to use the bathroom and he passed me a timetable.

Yeah. Shows how sad my situation is, well, at least Kakashi-Sensei knows me and doesn't think I'm invisible.

I listened to the 'welcome back to school, be nice to teachers, have an enjoyable year.' Crap, and then he goes to read out our classes.

"Class 10-7" Not me.

"Class 10-6" Not me…

"Class 10-5" Ditto…

"Class 10-4" Anytime soon…

"Class 10-3" Don't tell me they've left me out of the school!?

"Class 10-2" If im not in this one, im going to be in 10-1, and then im going to be screwed because all the smart kids will kick my ass at everything.

"Class 10-1"

Yep. There's me…

Great. I just wanted to fit in and blend this year, but nooo! They put me in the top class, they always get special field trips and offers and I can't go to none of them because I have no parent or guardian to sign the form!

I sigh, and look at my classes.

Monday: alpha week-

Period 1: Math (Somebody kill me)

Period 2: Science (with Kakashi-sensei, great. He'll just feel sorry for me and not let me sit in the back and not exist)

Period 3: Elective 1 (yay! I have Art, possibly one of the few subjects I can relax in!)


Lunch – just kill me so I don't have to sit on the loner's bench.

Period 5: History (possibly the worst subject from HELL! We have a sensei that doesn't actually teach us anything, just sits and tells us war stories from HIS day.)

Period 6: English (with Iruka-sensei, thank god I can end the day with something a little soothing, I love English) + my currant positioning.

But first, I must endure rollcall.

Roll classes are just randomly chosen, so they just divided the number in the year by surname into the roll classes.

So im Sorano Takaski so im in with the U's and the V's.

Which happen to include the most popular boy in school, and the most annoying boy in school. Fate gave me a name in the league with the letter U. and I hate the letter U.

I always hoped it would be voted out of the alphabet. But it wasn't.

So im stuck with the U's.

I walked to roll call, we're in F block, with Anko-Sensei, she is alright. She doesn't pay attention to me, so it's okay.

"Hello! What freshmen have we got- haha! Freshmeat more like it!" she laughs, and the freshmen back away from her, I sigh. Poor things.

I take up my desk by the wall, I need my wall, it's my wall, I would go mad without it.

Because in the ten minutes of hell I have to sit and listen to Anko-Sensei, I can lean on my wall and read the graffiti- which happens to be a very calming exercise when preparing yourself for another day of Bogan-filled hell.

Sasuke Uchiha sat on the desk in front of me, his fan-girls who are blessed enough to have their last name beginning with either T or U or V swarm around him.

Naruto Uzumaki pouts on the other side. He must be jealous.

Anko called the roll, we all answered, and then I sat back to read the news (a.k.a- graffiti).

Who's a slut this year- ohh… Ino's gonna have a hard time. Sakura and her are fighting over Sasuke- again.

Yep. Here is the 'I-love' section- in other words a wall dedicated to Sasuke.

Underneath the one's daring enough to write initials that aren't Sasuke's declare their love.

Oh- and then there's the Itatchi wall. Sasuke's BROTHER! Erg. Can't they choose somebody who DOESN'T belong with the U's?

Oh- no, here's somebody brave enough to announce there love to Kiba- the school's year ten badass who spends his time smoking behind the gym! YAY!

I wonder when my invisibility will wear off. Maybe never. People say im slightly attractive, but I don't know how I got the invisible-girl reputation, but I did.

The bell rings, and we all foreword out, Anko looks at me, raises an eyebrow, then walked out the door.

I'm guessing it was the whole I got practically hit by the school-bus this morning thing.The mud was starting to dry and I brushed it off.

I get too math class. Shikamaru was chatting lazily to somebody about the holidays, nobody noticed I came in. Sasuke was sitting up the back, with the slightly more intelligent fan-girls like Sakura fawning over him.

You know, I kinda admire the guy, the dumb-ass he is, if I had people flirting and touching me all the time I would snap and go on a murderer-ing spree.

Well, I guess he's just used to being loved and touched, im not, If somebody even talks to me (without insults) it's a miracle. The new kid is in our class. Good to see he's intelligent, we need more of the smart kids and less dero's. Dero's scare me.

Math is boring. I hate it. It hates me. I don't even bother listening to the teachers 'this year we'll take it a step up! You're now in the top class and need to make sure you keep your standards nice and high!'

I instead focus on the questions.

F(x + 7) 98 – XF.



Find F….

Screw this.

And where did L come in? IT WASN'T INVITED TO THE PARTY!

There was a party?

Yes. And all the alphabet came.


I manage to struggle through math, and I rush out the door to science.

I get a nice seat next to a wall. I like walls. I think im insane also. But walls are my friend.

God that was creepy. I just called walls my friends.

In science Kakashi told us we're gonna have fun blowing things up this term. Yay. I hate prac. Prac lessons always involve partners or groups. And I'm always just on my own until I just stand by somebody's table and they ignore me.

Well, we just glued in title-pages and things out parents have to sign to let us go out of school on regular occasions to collect things like surveys. Of course, I wouldn't REALLY know what they do. I'VE NEVER BEEN!

I sighed, stick the sheets in and then just doodle on my margin. I want to become an artist, because artists always seem to have crazy upbringings and horrible childhoods and experiences.

Maybe I would fit in there somewhere, as the invisible-girl. My dream is too be able to have my own shop. I will one day. In the very-very far away future.

I make it through science and then head to the break. I usually study, that's why im in the top class, but it's the beginning of the year and all I have to do is sit and watch others talk about the holidays.

The deputy principal is our art teacher, Tsnuade-Sensei. I love her, she is my saviour, it's what takes me though the day to be able to have art-class with her, and English with Iruka.

I decided just to walk to the class. The only problem I have with art is that we have benches, not desks, so I can't sit up the back all on my own. I have to sit next to somebody.

My elective class is mainly full of quiet people though. Last year I just sat next to Hinata because she is NEARLY an invisible like me, except people rescued her before she became one.

I have no clue WHY Sasuke takes it, but my guess is because no other fan-girl takes art.

I entered the room, bow, and sit down, finding my VAPD (visual arts personal diary) in which all our art is in.

"Hello Sorano. You're early kid." She says, organising her desk. She is used to me being early, and me not talking.

I shrugged. She got the message, and let me start drawing with the charcoal. You know, there are some pretty wonderful feelings in the world, rain on a tin roof, the taste of orange juice with brekkie, the way a really good song sounds in your ears, the first swim of summer after a long winter, the first snow of winter after a long summer, but by far the best of them is the feel of paint on your hands and paper under your pencil.

I remember all the other classes did a portrait of another person as an exercise, but Tsnuade-Sensei skipped it for me. AND didn't say anything about it.

But I know she skipped it for me.

The bells rang, and I braced myself for the sounds of chatter and feel in the halls.

But there is only the sound of one pair of feet coming up the hall, Sasuke entered the room quietly and sat down. I frown. That's odd.

He must have been nearby to a) beat the crowds, and b) avoid the crowds that are following him.

I shrugged. It isn't my business. The sound of people comes up the hall, Hinata, and others enter the room.

Shikamaru is taking elective art this year. Odd.

A lot of odd things are happening today, I was splashes twice by various vehicles, people spoke to me, Kakashi remembered that everybody always forgets to give me a sheet, Sasuke was early.

Erg. It hurts my brain. How come I get this really uneasy feeling its going to be a very weird year?

Art is soothing as always. It goes too quickly, and soon I found myself in the jog-a-rama of P.E. with Gai-sensei.

I sighed as lee ploughs ahead of all of us so he can impress Gai the crazy eyebrow-man.

I hate P.E. it always involves me standing out for a second, but I guess the people cheering (for the team, they don't know my name, and those who do know it wouldn't cheer anyway) makes me feel more needed then usual.

"You've all gotten nice and unfit over summer! IT'S TIME TO WORK IT OFF!" Gai yells enthusiastically.

The rest of the lesson passes quickly as well, as all of us are quiet as jogging proves too hard for chatter.

Lunch. I find my corner and sit there until the bell rings. I like my table; it's a normal picnic table except no-one comes to this side of the grounds. Which makes it my paradise.

I saw the new kids at lunch. As per usual, nobody has spoken to them as according to social rule number something… new kids have to prove themselves into whatever clique their to be in.

Eg. Pull a good prank auto entry into the clowns and grade-A idiots group

Be asked out/ sleep with more then 12 boys on the first two days off arrival a free pass to the sluts group!

Ect. It all goes on, the populars hand-pick there recruits, it takes a special kind of something, I don't know, but you have to have it to be popular.

That something is obviously something the majority of us don't have.

When the bell rings I gladly rush off history in which I can relax because our sensei is half blind and the rest of the class falls asleep listening to his stories.

Then English. Aahhh… my saviour! I sit and listen to Iruka talk about what we're going to do this term.

I really do love Iruka. I truly do, I just do my work and nobody complains.