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Oh dear, my first ever yaoi fanfic. At first I didn't seem to like yaoi till I read Ariena-sama's "When excorcists get seven days off?" Which was a Kanda Yuu x Allen Walker fanfiction. I got addicted to the pairing and so I decided to write a story about them! Since well.. they are my favorite pairing so far XD Kanda's my total sex god, that's all I could say about him.

"Me wo tojite..
Night growing..
Yobiokosu, ano kioku.."

"Close your eyes, the night is growing.

You recall that memory.."

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The sun shone down brightly into the dark gloomy room. As it touched its eyes, he flinched, groaning while shifting on his bed. Sitting up slowly, he brushed away his long black hair away from his face.

Kanda Yuu stood up as he grabbed his jacket and put it on as his other hand took hold of Mugen. Ever since his recent last mission, he felt a bit odd.. Well, only to the bean-sprout.. Like, feeling jealousy and things like that.. Yet he doesn't know why. He remembered that when he was trying to retrieve the Innocence.. it's bright green light struck him and Allen. The white haired boy was acting weird too since they came back..

"I'll just forget about that damn bean-sprout."

He was walking towards the cafeteria for his morning usual, tempura and soba. Kanda was hoping for a nice, quiet and non-disturbing morning.. Once he heard a girly shrill, his hopes we're crushed. A huge robot was heading towards him, must be one of the damn Supervisor's ridiculous inventions again..

"Nooo! My treasured Komurin III!"

The swordsman groaned in annoyance, in a quick flash from unsheating Mugen, the large robot was slashed clean in two.

"It's too early in the damn morning to start such a big ruckus!" A vein or two popped on Kanda's head as he pointed his sword towards the retarted Lee brother.

"You destroyed my precious Komurin! Again, Kanda! Again!" Komui sobbed ridiculously.

Then the crying has stopped once a huge hammer made contact with Komui's head, causing him to fall unconscious.

A familiar red haired smiled, "Good morning, Yuu-chan!"

Kanda twitched, "I told you to never call me that, eye-patch."

Lavi just laughed instead of being frightened by the swordsman's scary face.

"Well I just can't help it, it's such a cute name for you, Yuu"

The raven haired male rolled his eyes, "I just want a peaceful morning today, is that too much to ask?"

The Bookman grinned, "Yep!"

Kanda kicked him in the face, "I wasn't asking you, eye-patch." He calmly walked pass Lavi and made his way to the cafeteria.

When he got there, his face turned instantly red. Of what? Embarrassment. In front of him now was a shirtless white-haired excorcist, known as the cutest thing in the world; Allen Walker. He smiled cheerfully at the grumpy swordsman, "Morning, Kanda! Are you okay? You look a bit red.."

Kanda just scowled at him as usual and turned away, so the younger excorcist cannot see his face turn even more red.

"I'm fine, bean-sprout. I don't need you to worry about me. And why the fuck aren't you wearing.. a shirt?" He asked as he was trying not to stare at Allen's chest.

Kanda had to admit, the bean-sprout looked better than he was two years ago. Now his chest was more chiseled and muscled.. God, it was so sexy. Wait a minute, what's wrong with him?! Why is he thinking that this.. this bean-sprout was---

"It was too hot so be in a shirt so I decided to take it off." Allen interrupted his thoughts while giving Kanda one of his 'I'm-so-innocent' kind of smile.

"W-whatever." The swordsman just walked passed the tiny runt to go get his breakfast.

Jerry already got it done for him, "Here you go, foxy!" He said with a wink as he handed over Kanda's try of food.

"Don't call me that, you gay-bastard." The cook pretended to look hurt, "Oh Kanda, that deeply hurts."

The raven haired just gladly took his food and sat down to eat. He was eating slowly as he was in deep thought.. Lately, he felt a bit uncomfortable around the bean-sprout. "Che." Kanda just ignored that thought, 'I don't care about the damn kid.'

He looked over his shoulder seeing Allen and Lavi happily talking, smiling and laughing. The white-haired excorcist had his arm around the red haired shoulders. Kanda had sting of jealously. How come Allen never smiled at him like that? He was more like that to Lavi than him.. The swordsman always adored the bean-sprouts smile, that kind smile. But usually, they're never for him. Always for Lavi or Lenalee..

"Hey, Kanda! Do you wanna sit hear with us?" Allen's voice rang in his ears. He was waving and smiling happily at him.

Kanda just glared dangerously, causing the happy smile to turn into a sad frown. He swordsman wanted to smack himself on the forehead, this is why the bean-sprout never likes to hang around him. It's because he was such a cold-hearted bastard. He scowled again, why the hell should he care of what.. cute.. little.. Allen thinks of him.

Standing up, he left the cafeteria in frustration.

He really needs to relax.

Allen and Lavi watched their companion leave. They blinked, "What's up with Kanda? He looked kinda pissed.." said Allen.

He stated out the most obvious.

Lavi fell over, "Kanda's always pissed. The day he smiles is when it snows in hell. Like, a real smile. No the 'I'm gonna kill you' kind of smile, get what I mean?"

The white-haired excorcist tried to imagine Kanda Yuu out of all people, smiling. He let out a laugh, "I can't even picture it! Probably it'll look kinda creepy.."

Lenalee just giggled at the two while whispering, "Hey, don't say such things.. Kanda has hearing like a hawk he probably would—"

She heard a zing sound, looking up, she saw Mugen about to slice Allen and Lavi's heads clean off their necks! The two male excorcists freaked and whimpered out a small, girly yelp. The swordsman glared at them sharply.

"What we're you saying about me..?" His voice, low and dangerous.

"N-nothing K-Kanda!" yelped Allen.

"Y-yeeaah, Yuu!" yelped Lavi.

"You two annoy me to no end." Kanda snorted as he seized back Mugen and carefully put it back in its sheath as he turned to Lenalee, "And Lenalee, you're idiotic brother is calling for you." He just left as Lenalee slowly followed behind him out of the cafeteria.

Lavi and Allen we're left alone.

Allen was just watching Kanda leave. Lavi was trying to snap him back to reality for the last 5 minutes.

"Allen? Allen? Helllloo? Earth to Allen Walker!" The soon to be Bookman snapped his fingers in front of his friend one more time. After so many attempts, Allen responded to Lavi with a hmm?

Lavi grinned, "Staring at Yuu-chan?"

The white haired excorcist blushed, "N-no! W-why would I do that?!"

The other boy just smiled with an evil look in his eye, "Well, come on Allen. You're very transparent you know. It's kinda obvious that you have some feelings for the cold hearted bastard. Am I right?"

Allen's fist nearly made contact with Lavi's face but the other boy ducked quickly, barely missing.. He whined childishly.

"Can I punch you?!"

"Umm.. no?"

"Why would I have feelings for Kanda?! I just act nicely to him that's all.. He needs more friends and I wanna try to be his friend."

"Oooooooh." Lavi flashed a toothy grin.

Allen's face flushed again, "I'm leaving! Good day, Lavi." He slowly stomped away from Lavi. Jerry scooted over to the red haired excorcist with a cheek-to-cheek smile, "It's been obvious the past few days since he and Kanda came back from their last mission together!"

Lavi shook his head sadly, "Both are so dense. Although.. it just makes it more fun!"

Jerry looked at him funny, with an eyebrow raised, "Fun?"

He smirked, "Yeah! I'm gonna play match maker with those two!" The stupid little rabbit happily hopped away.

The Indian sweat drop, "It'll just get you into deeper shit with Kanda.."

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Allen was walking around the Dark Order.. He was so bored. He wants to go on another mission but he was a bit tired from the last one. Allen was still thinking about it.. Lately, he noticed that he was acting a bit strange around Kanda..

He always felt his cheeks heat up every time he comes face to face with the swordsman. Even for no reason! It was ridiculous. Then he just runs away like a total idiot.. But at least now he has more control over his unexplainable embarrassment around Kanda.

Allen ruffled his hair in frustration, "Why am I thinking about that bastard?!?! This just doesn't add upp!"

Walking pass an open door, he saw a familiar long black haired excorcist.

'Kanda?' He stood and watched the swordsman, training. Allen made sure he isn't going to be spotted so he pressed himself against the wall and just watched by the corner of his eye. Kanda was doing his regular excercises again..

Allen's pale cheeks turned into a shade of pink. The swordsman was indeed a sight for the eyes.. He looked so.. Shoot. He smacked his forehead silently. He shouldn't be thinking like this! Allen looked over to watch Kanda again..

The raven haired excorcist landed back to the ground gracefully. Panting heavily, chest heaving; matching with his heavy breathing, sweat dripping down from his forehead and down his neck, muscles all tensed, his hair messed and sticking to his face.. He was blind folded too!

Images started to form into Allen's mind. 'Gahh! Bad, Allen, bad! Bad! Bad!'

"What do you think your doing, bean-sprout?"

Allen jumped up in surprise with a weak yelp, "K-Kanda!" He blushed hard as the swordsman he was hotly admiring earlier now stood in front of him.

Kanda raised an eyebrow, "Well? What we're you doing, watching me like some kind spy.." He crossed his arms as he patiently waited for an answer from the younger boy.

"W-well.. I.. umm err.." The boy hesitated, gulping and face flushing even more.

The swordsman grinned at Allen as he moved closer towards him. Allen moved back as his back made contact with cold wall. Kanda trapped him. Crap.

"You like what you see, bean-sprout?" He showed the younger boy one of his sexy smirks.

The white haired excorcist gulped again, "K-Kanda..?"

Kanda placed a hand on the wall for support as his head lowered to meet with grey blue eyes.

Allen looked up to Kanda. His eyes we're half open (his eyes showing some lusty emotion I might add), mouth party open and his tie started to loosen up, causing some strands of the black hair sexily fell over his shoulders. The younger boy thought the older boy looked hot and exotic.

Then he started to notice that Kanda's face was leaning closer to his, along with his body. He could feel the body heat coming closer and closer.

The older boys's chest nearly pressing against his own. Allen could feel hot breath against his lips.

Was Kanda going to..? Getting to caught up in the moment.. His eye lids closed as he leaned up to raven haired excorcist.. Their lips almost touching.. Just a little more.. A little closer..

Allen could feel Kanda's lips nearly brushing against his own.

".. moyashi.." He heard the older body whisper huskily.

"..Yuu.." Allen heard himself whisper, just before…

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