A young, brown-haired boy hastily ran along the wet sidewalk, while all around him, the raindrops were falling. He seemed to be quite in a hurry.

The people around him decided to ignore him, even though children his age were supposeed to be in school at this time of the day. They also ignored his ruffled clothes, his dirty hair and the small graze on his forehead.

Carrying his school bag with him, the boy didn't stop until he reached a certain display window.

He frowned. The rooms behind this display window had always been empty, every time he came past here. Just yesterday he was coming past here, to buy new school books, but now a new shop was in there.

On the smooth glass surface, he could read the shop's name: 'SUPER SMASH SHOP'.

While that name certainly sounded a bit pompous, the young boy got ecstatic when he realized what it had for sale: VIDEO GAMES!

With a big grin on his face, he entered the shop. A bell that was attached to the door jingled as he entered.

A voice coming from the back of the store called: "Please shut the door, it's cold outside!"

The boy obeyed, and after that, took a look around. He instantly realized that all this shop had to offer were Video Games… and only games from his favorite company, Nintendo! He also could see ancient consoles that normal shops never had to offer anymore, such as the NES, and the SNES.

His eyes sparkled with excitement when he saw all of the old classic games on the shelves: Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Ice Climber, the original Metroid…

And at the end of the shelves, he saw all the newest games on the market for both the Gamecube and the Wii: Twilight Princess, Pikmin, Starfox Assault, F-Zero GX…

"Well, are you planning on just standing there, or do you want to buy something?" a calm voice pulled him out of his daydreams.

Surprised, he turned around and saw a middle-aged man standing there with a smile on his face.

The boy coughed. "Well, I… I was just looking around…"

The man made an inviting gesture. "Be my guest then! I know that boys your age have a soft spot for such games."

"Th-thank you," the boy muttered, relieved that the salesman wouldn't ask him why he wasn't in school.

But just as he was approaching a shelf of N64 games, the salesman spoke up again: "Say, it's pretty early in the morning… don't you have school today?"

The boy winced as he was asked that question and quickly answered: "N-no, not today! I am just, umm…"

The man laughed. "It's okay, boy, I understand! When I was your age, I took every chance not to go to school as well. And I'm certainly not your parent, so it's none of my business. And as long as you don't make it a habit… Say, what's your name?"

"Pit," the boy said. "My name's Pit!"

The man frowned. "Just Pit?"

"Just Pit!"

"That's a nice name!" the salesman smiled. "My name is Hando! Masuto Hando! I'm the owner of this little shop."

Pit just nodded and concentrated back on the games.

But just a few minutes later, Mr. Hando spoke to him once again: "I know it's none of my business, but… may I ask just WHY you didn't go to school today, Pit?"

Pit blushed. "Um, that's… I mean, I…"

Mr. Hando chuckled. "Fine, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

"Uh, no, that's okay… it was because of the other boys."

"The other boys?"

Pit nodded. "Yes, they wouldn't leave me alone. They're… they're always bullying me, so I ran away from them."

"This morning?"

Pit nodded. "Yeah, although they do it every day. But today, I just couldn't stand it anymore, so I ran away."

"I see… and what do they do?"

"Well, they push me around and tell me I'm a weirdo and a nerd…"

"Why would they say such a thing?" Mr. Hando wondered.

Pit blushed even more. "They… they make fun of all the video games I'm buying…"

Mr. Hando nodded. "I see… so, you like video games, do you?"

Pit nodded. "Well, yeah… especially Nintendo games! They rule!" He gave the salesman a big grin.

Mr. Hando grinned back. "Well, in that case, I may just have the thing for you… it's a new game, fresh from the market! Well, officially, it's not even for sale yet, but I managed to acquire a copy from one of my distributors… And if you want, I can lend it to you, for a small fee…"

Pit's eyes sparkled with glee. "R-really? What kind of game?"

"It's a new, interactive game, a hybrid of an action-adventure, a platform game and an interactive storybook." He lowered his voice to a mysterious whisper. "They say that this game has no true ending, you can just keep on playing."

Pit gasped. A neverending game… that was what he had been dreaming of for his entire life!

Mr. Hando then smirked. "But I'm afraid you will only be able to play it until you bring it back to me. Let's see, it's Friday… what do you say you keep it over the weekend and bring it back to me on Monday?"

Pit nodded nervously. "H-how much?"

And after Mr. Hando told him a price that even he would be able to afford, Pit gave him the money, put the game into his school bag, bid farewell to the nice vendor and ran out of the store.

Mr. Hando looked after the boy as he ran through the rain. He chuckled. "My dear Pit, if my guess is correct, you will find yourself getting attached to that game very quickly…"


Right after Pit has come home, he took off his wet jacket and the dirty shoes and ran upstairs, into his room, where his Gamecube and Wii were standing in front of the television set his parents have given to him last Christmas.

As he knew that both of his parents would only come back at noon, he sat down in front of his Wii and took the new game out of his bag.

Before he took the small CD out of its case, he looked at the cover picture first.

All of his favorite Nintendo heroes were looking at him expectanty from the cover: Heroic Link, cute and pink Kirby, mysterious Samus Aran… and of course Mario, Nintendo's very own 'Mr. Video Game'!


He shuddered. This game would be the ultimate gaming experience, he could tell as much. His hand softly stroked the surface of the game package before he took out the CD and put it into his Wii.

He then pressed the console's On Switch, and after several seconds, the Title Screen appeared…

And the game was afoot!