The nameless boy hesitated before getting up from the ground and slowly approaching Link. Standing in front of him, Link watched him calmly. The nameless boy saw a long scar on his face and remembered that this was where he had hit his wolf muzzle during the battle of Mount Olympus. He had no idea when and how Link had managed to turn back into his Hylian self, but he didn't ask.

For a long time, they just stood there, in front of each other, and neither said a word. Finally, the nameless boy looked down at the light rings around his arms. The rings that the Star Rod had always turned into whenever he didn't make use of its powers. They were shining bright, as usual. The only time they ever went dark was in the attic of Namine's manor, where it was so dark that even the Star Rod's light wasn't enough.

The boy touched the golden rings, and then he was holding the Star Rod once again. Slowly, he knelt down and put the rod to the ground. For a moment, he looked at the star tip of the magical artifact… then he let go of it.

At the same time, the golden glow of the Star Rod became so bright and radiant that they had to shield their eyes. And when they opened them again, they found themselves standing on a circular platform that was floating through space, surrounded by hundreds of bright stars and comets. In front of them, a magnificant fountain was standing, with wide arches of sparkling, colorful waters that were flowing over the edge of the fountain's pool and around their feet, down the platform and into the great nothingness that surrounded them. In the middle of the fountain, there was a small marble dome, with the Star Rod in its middle.

The rainbow-like waters were reflecting the light of the stars and the Star Rod, and at the same time, gave of a colorful mist that was hanging all over the place. From within the mist, they saw images coming forth, images that disappeared whenever they wanted to take a closer look, that were accompanied by undefinable sounds that seemed like murmurs and whispers.

"The Fountain of Dreams…" Charizard growled softly. "The origin of all Nintendopian dreams…"

"You are right, fire dragon," a voice spoke up. It was loud and powerful and seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. "However, Nintendopia itself is the ultimate dream that was created by the minds of the humans from the outside world."

Something came floating down from above, a strange-looking creature… but then again, not that strange after everything Link and Pit had seen on their respective journeys.

It was a big, white, glove, that moved like a human hand would… however, it moved on its own, as if an invisible giant had stuck its hand inside. From where they were standing, it floated to the right of the fountain.

"I am Master Hand," said the creature, even though it had no mouth to talk with. "I welcome you, brave heroes. "Will you tell me your names?"

"I am Link," said Link.

"I am… Charizard…" the fire Pokémon grumbled.

They looked at the pale boy standing next to them. He didn't say anything.

Link reached for his hand and said: "He is called Pit."

"Why isn't he speaking for himself?" Master Hand asked calmly.

"He can't," Link explained. "He forgot everything."

The hand seemed to scratch an invisible chin. "That is unfortunate…" he said. "With no memory, he can't make use of the fountain."

"Make use of it?" Charizard wondered. "What for?"

"Why, to return back to his own world, of course," Master Hand said.

"I remembered everything," Link said. "Everything he told me of his world. I can speak for him."

"Is that so?" a higher voice asked with a giggle. Another shadow was cast upon their heads as a second hand came floating down on their left side. It was like Master Hand, only that it was a left glove instead of a right glove.

"Crazy Hand…" Master Hand pointed at his mirror image. "You are late."

Crazy Hand's fingers twitched. "I was waiting for the best opportunity to show myself. This young Hylian thinks he can speak for the fallen angel… well, then I ask: Why does he think he has the right to do such a thing?"

"Because he is my friend," Link said with a frown.

"True friendship is rare these days," Master Hand said.

"Maybe so," Crazy Hand seemed to ponder. "But does that count? I see you are scarred, young warrior," he suddenly changed subject, gesturing at the scar in Link's face. "How did that happen, I wonder?" He snickered as if he was laughing at a private joke.

Link looked at his friend's face. "Both of us were right… and we also both made mistakes. But now, Pit has put down the Star Rod willingly."

"You should know, brother, that this act proves that there's yet something within this boy that deserves to be saved if he can make such a decision," Master Hand said. Crazy Hand twitched in irritation, but didn't protest.

Master Hand opened his palm in an inviting gesture. "This is where the Star Rod was created in the first place… each of you has carried it at one point, even you, proud fire dragon! The Star Rod itself is the door Pit has been searching for all this time… he has carried it with him all this time. However, he can't take anything back home that is of Nintendopian origin That is the reason why he had to lose all of Palutena's gifts before coming here."

"Isn't she here?" Link asked.

"The Star Rod may be her sign of power, but it is nothing but a fragment of the imagination of humans… as we all are. She cannot escape the dream that we are all a part of."

"Well then, young human," Crazy Hand asked. His voice sounded somewhat sarcastic. "Are you ready?"

Link looked at his friend and he nodded. "Yes," the Hylian said. "He is ready."

Pit slowly stepped forth, and in the moment he touched the edge of the marble fountain basin, everything that remained of Palutena's gifts vanished from his body. The torn toga, the tattered wings… and in the end, he was once again the small boy that had played the 'Neverending Game' on his Wii console.

But at the same time, when he lost all of the fantastic gifts, he also regained something… all of his memories, everything that he had lost, everything that had connected him to his home world. He dove into the colorful water, bathed in it, and was refreshed by its coolness.

"Link," he shouted and a broad smile appeared on his face. "Link, you can't believe it… all these images… these sounds… are the dreams of the Nintendopians. I can see everything… and everything that is part of this world. You have to see for yourself, come on in…"

Link laughed. "No, not this time. We're only your companions."

Pit jumped out of the fountain cheerfully. "I remember everything. I know my name and all!"

Link nodded. "Yes, this is what you looked like when I saw you in the Gameboy Screen Door."

"I hate to interrupt this touching scene," Crazy Hand spoke up. "But it's time for Pit to return to his own world."

"Already?" Pit frowned.

"I'm afraid so," Master Hand said. "You have to take the path back or you will never be able to find it again."

"Well, okay," Pit sighed. "But where is it? Where do I have to go?"

He looked around, but there was nothing that resembled a path or a doorway or anything similar.

"Pit," Master Hand spoke up. "You have started many stories since you came here to Nintendopia… many stories that might one day be told within their own games. Have you helped those stories to come to a conclusion?"

Pit thought back to the quest he had thought up for Fox. He remembered the Metroids he had unleashed on this world and also Entei and his two companions. And he knew that Yoshi had found his future mate thanks to his words.

"No… no, I haven't," he admitted.

Master Hand sighed and his brother wagged his index finger. "Too bad, really! In that case, you have to go back and finish all these stories. No way around it, I'm afraid."

"All of them?" Pit gasped. "I'll never be able to finish them all! Does that mean it was all for nothing? I can never return?"

"Well," Master Hand pondered. "There is one possibility…"

"A possibility?" Pit wondered.

"Yes. If there's someone who would be willing to finish all these stories for you, you still may go home."

"But that's nothing I could ever ask of anyone," Pit protested. "There's no one willing to do such a thing in the first place!"

"Yes, there is," Link said, stepping next to his friend. "I'll do it!"

Pit looked at him in surprise, then he hugged the tall Hylian's waist and shouted: "Thank you! Thank you, Link! I will never forget this!"

Link smiled. "Good, then you won't forget Nintendopia either."

"But…" Pit looked up at him. "How will you ever be able to finish all of this?"

"With my help, of course," Charizard smirked. "You think I'd ever leave this boy alone? It's not like he's able to accomplish much without my wis guidance."

"Oh sure, you're the wisest Pokémon there ever was," Link said mockingly. They all laughed.

"Well, Pit," Master Hand said. "I think it's time to go…" And he gestured towards the Fountain of Dreams, where a door made of white light had appeared. "Are you ready?"

Pit nodded. "Yes. Yes, I am." He smiled at his friends, took a step towards the door, then he hesitated. He looked up at Master Hand.

"Will I… will I ever be able to come back?"

"It's possible," Master Hand replied. "After all, you are the star of the Kid Icarus games, aren't you?"

Pit frowned. "But… there hasn't been a new Kid Icarus games in years…"

"Don't give your hopes up just yet, kid," Crazy Hand snickered. "I heard there's this new game Nintendo is working on… it's not neverending, but I think the main protagonist is this young boy with a bow and angel wings…"

"Well, in that case…" Pit smiled. He looked back at his friends. Link raised his hand in greeting and Charizard roared one last time. Then they disappeared from his sight.

Pit turned around, took a deep breath… and stepped through the door.

When the two hands were the only ones left, Crazy Hand turned to his brother.

"Well, that's that," he said. "Now tell me one thing, brother… why did you allow this boy to find the game?"

"Because he was the one," Master Hand explained. "Do you think there are many boys called Pit?"

"Well, okay, but how did you recognize him?"

If he had a mouth, Master Hand would have smiled. "Because he came to my store. Anyone else wouldn't have chosen this game either." And out of nowhere, he produced the game case that Pit had purchased from a man called 'Masuto Hando'…

It was the Neverending Game.

"It's neverending, brother," Master Hand said. "And while this story is over, Pit's adventures have only begun. I'm pretty sure that one day, he will find his way back to Nintendopia… or maybe even help someone else find the way here."

"Yeah, sure…" Crazy Hand muttered. He then snickered. "But… that's a different story!"

The End