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Anywho, I was reading karetegal's stories, and it got me thinking: Could the Decepticons pull that sort of thing off? Maybe not… But what about Barricade and Frenzy? So, here's what I ended up with. (If you haven't read Karategal's stories, this might not make sense.)

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"Yes, B-b-barricade?"

"….What is that thing that's dragging you in here?"

"….I think it's a sparkling. I'm not sure. It's been a w-w-while since I've actually seen one."

Slapping a hand over his face, he tried not to blow up on Frenzy's stupidity. Dragging a sparkling in here, this makeshift home for the last two Decepticons on Earth, had to have been not one of Frenzy's better ideas, apparently. A sparkling, for Primus' sake! And a femme to boot, judging by its frame! "And what exactly were you thinking when you brought it here?" he said, trying to keep his temper down. "Hey, s-s-she followed me here! I was t-t-trying to get one of the Autobots to take her off my back, really!"


Meanwhile, the youngling, who was oblivious to what the two were saying, happily attempted to climb up Barricade's leg. Being as small as she was, she easily found places to grip and pull herself up. Barricade was too angry at Frenzy to notice until she was on his shoulders. "Get off of there, you." He reached back with his hand, but the femme was clinging to his helmet and had her small legs wrapped around his neck, stating that she wouldn't be removed by any means except force. "S-s-she likes you, 'Cade!" Frenzy smiled. "Just get her off…" he snarled.

Climbing up, Frenzy tried to pull the femme off. It worked, but at Frenzy's expense. She now hugged him like a child would hug a beloved toy. And she refused to let go.

"GAK! M-m-my internals!"


After much chasing around the old warehouse, they finally caught up with the tiny femme, who was found in recharge in a crate, apparently too tired to continue playing Hide-and-seek.

Groaning, both mechs sat, backs to the walls. They both needed recharge and they needed it now. But there was one thing that was bothering them.

"How on Cybertron did a sparkling get past all those Decepticons? I thought we destroyed all the femmes AND sparklings, save that brat Bumblebee." Said Barricade, glancing at his partner.

"H-h-have no idea. But w-w-we can dump her off with the Autobots tomorrow. No w-way we're taking care of that t-t-t-terror." Replied Frenzy, who looked about ready to drop off into recharge in a few breems.

"Fine. I don't think I could deal with all that chasing all the time…" Barricade heard himself say as he fell into recharge as well.

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