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Chapter 15: To Start the End AKA Domino effect? Yeah.

"Shift? What exactly are you doing?"

Ratchet had found the grey and red femme sitting at the highest point of a hill. Her legs were crossed and her hands were on her knees. "It's called meditating, Ratchet. Humans do it to calm down. I found it on the World Wide Web and I figured I should try it." She paused. "It does work. And I think it heightens the senses of our race. I heard you coming from here. I think you were a good mile away…Also, did you happen to read the human's news?"

Ratchet shook his head. That was usually Ironhide or Bee's job, to get info on humans.

"Well, there have been blackouts lately. Several too. They all say it's a random power surge. But I think I know the reason why."

"And why would that be?"

Standing up, she looked silently out towards the west. "I've been sensing some energy disrupting my meditation sessions. Whatever it is, it's huge. Haven't you felt it?"

"Actually, no." Ratchet hadn't felt anything…unusual. "Are you sure?"



Quakeshot had problems of her own. Floodlight was back where he belonged, with the Autobots. As much as Turret reminded her of herself, she couldn't help missing the little mech.

You see, once apon a long time ago, Quakeshot had not been so…trigger happy. Someone had cared about her. Someone who's personality matched Floodlight's.


His first words to her were, "Femme, you are crazy. I like that about you." She had then punched him in the face plate. She smiled at the old memory.

He'd finally won her spark, and he had said he was going to tell her something…when he came back from a major battle, that is.

Needless to say, he never came back.

Now, she'd thought that was the worse news, but no. There WAS worse news. One of her two brothers, Trenchrunner, had been found dead. The other, Tinder, was missing in action.


Most had expected her to go insane, or die as a spark broken femme. But no. She had lived through it. And grown harder because of it.


She sighed, then heard a rustle behind her. Canons crackling to life, she turned to see a familiar little face.

"Floodlight? What are you doing here?" The white mech hugged her leg armor. "Missed you." He trilled sadly. The femme smiled. "You belong with the Autobots." Looking at his crestfallen optics, she said, "But you'll make a great fighter. After all, I taught you, and 'Hide will teach you too. And…" she carefully picked him up. "I promise I won't be fighting you, should we ever meet in battle, 'kay?" The youngling nodded. Giving him one last squeeze, she sent him on his way.


"Starscream, youyouyou better come look at ttthis."

The irritated Seeker looked at the small laptop Frenzy was surfing the Web on. " What, Wikipedia?" he snapped. "Nonono! Power sssurge!" hissed the silver bot.

The screen was flashing in a chaotic sort of matter, and the Seeker looked on, slightly astonished.

"What is wrong with this computer of yours, Frenzy?" he asked, shaking his head.

"I tttold you! Power sssurge! Unrealrealreal power surge!"

"Let me see that." He scanned the energy that was coming from the laptop.

It nearly blew his circuitry.

"What?!" he exclaimed, head reeling. "Only one thing on this mud ball could produce this much power…"

"The Allspark? But it was destroyed!"

"No." came a voice. It was coming from the laptop. "No, I am not gone."


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