Author's Note: Hello readers! I hope you enjoy the story. It took a lot of sweat and e-mails back and forth between friends to get this up, so read and review! The story takes place after the Chase incident and is rated T just for safety. Warning: Story may go up to M later on in the story.


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Chapter 1- Friendship

"Friendship is like a violin; the music may stop now and then, but the strings will last forever."


The psychology class groaned and started forming groups of two or three, having just received yet another project from their teacher. What a great thing to have on a Friday. Mr. Daniels, the graying man who taught the class, moved to his desk to retrieve the information packet that the students would need to complete the assignment. He handed the papers to the first person in the row and they slowly passed them to the back of the room.

Rebecca, a blonde girl sitting fourth row up, turned left to look at her friend, who was currently seated next to her. "Partners?" she asked lazily, her deep hazel eyes staring at her roommate of 2 years.

"I guess," Abigail replied, sending a smirk in her friend's direction. Rebecca smiled and looked at the papers in front of her, the packet that contained all the boring shit that was to be included in their assignment.

"Hey, can I join you guys?" asked a petite blonde who had just walked over to the pair.

Rebecca looked over at Abigail who shrugged her shoulders and answered, "Sure Sarah, join the party."

Sarah smiled and took a seat next to Rebecca, who continued flipping through the large packet muttering, "What a waste of trees."

"Can you believe Mrs. Conley gave us yet another test this week in Calculus? How could anyone be that mean?" Sarah exclaimed, as they waited for further direction from their teacher. The three of them also shared the same math class, and had been paired together quite a few times during the course of the semester. Rebecca groaned, not wanting to think about how much trouble that class was giving her. Abigail laughed as she agreed with Sarah.

Rebecca frowned and said, "Just what I need, another failing grade in Mrs. Bitch's class. I'm barely passing at is it! I think she wants me to fail, just so I'll have to take her class again next semester."

"I think she just hates kids," Sarah threw in, "I never get good grades in her class either."

"Yeah well, math's never been my forte, and she makes it a point to rub that in my face," Rebecca replied, shaking her head.

Abigail laughed and put a hand on her friends shoulder squeezing it gently. "She's out to get you my friend, better write your will soon. She might be the death of you. Make sure you leave me your good stuff."

Once everyone had found their partners and taken a seat, Mr. Daniels hushed the class and explained the purpose of the project. "You will be able to pick one of three choices for the paper. An explanation of each is briefly stated in the packet that you have been given. Choose wisely," a smirk appeared on his round face, "you will also have to present it in front of the class as a part of your grade." The class groaned in dislike of having to present the project. No one liked standing in front of a bunch of bored students whose only concern was their appearance and present useless information.

"Well, looks like this is going to be loads of fun," Rebecca said sarcastically, causing Abigail to chuckle and nod her head.

"How about we do a survey on how people react memory wise to verbal, hands on, or visual aids? We can write color coded words on a piece of paper, then recite it to them and see if they remember in one of those three ways." Sarah explained looking over the paper. Abigail and Rebecca exchanged glances, and then looked at the more intelligent blonde in front of them.

"Uh; sure, sounds great," Abigail said, confusion laced with her words. Rebecca just nodded her head and smiled slightly.

Sarah smirked and went on to explain her idea in greater detail, trying to get the girls to understand what she was saying. When they finally comprehended what she was saying, they agreed that that was what they were going to do for the project. They each assigned themselves a task. Sarah would survey people on the visual aid, Rebecca would survey them with hands on, and Abigail would do the verbal, and when they were done, they would put it all together and write an explanation of their recordings. When the bell rang, the girls parted ways. Rebecca and Abigail made their way to English class in a hurry and took their seats.

"Good afternoon students," Mr. Schwartz began, clasping his plump hands together. "Today we are going to enter the wonderful world of Romeo and Juliet. So open up the books on your desk to the first page."

Rebecca huffed a sigh and picked up her book. "Does this guy have a fetish with Shakespeare? First it was Othello, now it's Romeo and Juliet? What's next? The Taming of the Shrew?" She whispered to Abigail who chuckled, but gave no answer.

"Miss McAlister, is there a problem?" Mr. Schwartz interjected. The class turned to look at Rebecca, causing her to blush.

"No sir. I am most excited to enter the wonderful world of Romeo and Juliet. I was just telling my comrade here how thrilled I was." The class laughed lightly as Mr. Schwartz huffed a sigh and turned to the board. He chalked out the words 'Romeo and Juliet' then looked back at the students and started lecturing.

"You're going to get us in trouble if you keep talking so much," Abigail whispered.

"Relax Abby, have a little fun, it won't kill you." Rebecca sent smirk towards her friend.

Abigail shook her head and sunk lower in her seat. "You can have all the fun you want. Provost Higgins is a creepy old bastard and I'm not overly fond of going to his office."

"Miss Maverick," Abigail groaned at hearing her last name, "First your 'comrade', now you, I don't think this seating arrangement is going to work. Why don't you take a seat next to Mr. Garwin? I think it would serve the pair of you well to be split up," Mr. Schwartz said in a bored voice, as he pointed to Reid, whose head shot up from the desk upon hearing his name. Abigail shot a glare at Rebecca, who only smiled apologetically at her as she made her way to the seat next to Reid.

Reid blearily looked at the redhead who was now placed on his right side. He looked her over once, trying to remember if he had seen her before. He concluded that he hadn't and a smirk was quickly plastered onto his face. "Reid Garwin," he hastily introduced himself, as Mr. Schwartz continued with his lecture.

"Not interested," she retorted quietly, not bothering to make eye contact with him.

Reid's eyes went wide and he turned to look at his best friend, whose blue eyes darted from Abigail to Reid as he shrugged. Reid looked back to the girl, who was currently copying the notes from off of the black board.

"So…" he began trying to think up something else to say. "Are you new here? I've never seen you before. I could give you a tour if you want." His eyes lit up at the thought of this and his trademark smirk came back full force.

She stopped writing and slowly turned her head towards the shaggy blonde that was bothering her. With slightly wide eyes and an awkward tone in her voice, she said, "We've had English together for the past 2 years." After that was said, she turned back to her notes on love and Shakespeare and continued copying.

Reid's smile faded and turned away from her in annoyance. Tyler chuckled at Reid's dismissal, only to be met with an elbow to the ribs. Reid couldn't fathom how one girl couldn't be interested in him when every other female longed to be the one to tame the playboy.

The bell rang and the kids swarmed out of the class. Abigail grabbed her things and shoved them into her bag while she waited for Rebecca to catch up.

"So Abby, was Reid Garwin trying to Mac it to you?" Rebecca grinned, flinging her red Nike duffle back over her shoulder.

Abigail gave a slightly bewildered look to her friend. "Mac it to me? Really Becks, who says that? And shut up, I totally denied him. You know I'm not into the womanizers," Abigail replied as they made their way out of the classroom and into the crowded halls of Spencer.

"You denied one of the Ipswich hotties?" Rebecca asked stunned.

"Yeah, why is it a big deal? Reid isn't that cute anyways, and the whole 'I've-slept-with-96-of-the-female-population-at-school' thing is kind of a turn off."

"I worship you Abby. You are so much braver than me."

The girls laughed, but stopped when a voice called out their names from the slowly emptying hallway. "Rebecca! Abigail! Wait up!" The voice was much like Sarah's. The girls turned around only to come face to face with their psychology partner.

"What's up Sarah?" Rebecca asked with a smile.

"I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out at Nicky's with me tonight? If you want, that's a good place to survey people. And I don't want to be stuck at the table by myself, cause I know the guys will ditch me." Sarah grinned as she said the last part.

Rebecca looked at Abigail hesitantly.

"Sure. I guess we might as well get started on the project," Abigail said, as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Great. I'll meet you guys at your dorms at 8," Sarah replied excitedly.

"Okay, room 115," Rebecca replied this time.

"Alright, see you then." Sarah waved to the girls and made her way down the hall. Abigail and Rebecca exchanged looks one more time before they did the same.


Sarah walked down the hall towards the gym where she was supposed to meet Caleb before his swim practice. She hurried her steps, noticing that she was a few minutes later than she thought she would be. She entered the gym and saw Caleb standing with his back to the door, looking as though he was having a serious conversation with the longhaired boy standing in front of him. She walked over to them and wrapped her arms around Caleb from behind. He stopped talking and turned to look at the blonde attached to his waste. He gave a small smile and placed a quick kiss on her lips.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" she questioned, seeing the serious looks on the boys' handsome faces.

They looked at each other before Caleb wrapped his arms around her and brought her to stand in front of him. He leaned down closer to her 5"3' frame and said in a low voice, "Pogue and Kate are having more problems."

Pogue rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah, she's being a bitch, that's my problem."

Sarah just smiled, knowing all too well of the reoccurring issues between the couple. Lately, she hadn't been spending enough time with her dark-skinned roommate, for Kate always seemed to be busy. She too had noticed the slight change in Kate, after the incident with Chase, which the girl still didn't know the entire story to.

"Well, on a happier note, I invited some people from Psych class to come to Nicky's with us. We've kind of become friends during class. I hope you don't mind?" Sarah looked up at her boyfriend of 5 months, then to the other 18-year old across from them. They both shrugged and with a 'that's fine', they changed the subject of their conversation to what was going down at swim practice that afternoon. When Tyler and Reid both emerged from the locker room and the coach began entered the gym, Sarah said, "I'll see you guys later, I've got homework to do" She quickly kissed Caleb and, after giving a quick wave to the rest of the group, left the gym.