Chapter one open wound

Yuna put down the small kitchen knife she was using to cut an onion and headed for the front door. Her father was spread out on the couch, watching the sphere as usual. Yuna walked through the living room, the doorbell ringing again. She opened the front door to see her cousin, Rikku, about to ring the doorbell again. The blonde gave Yuna a huge smile.

"Hey Yunie!" Rikku cried embracing Yuna in a friendly bear hug.

"Hi Rikku," Yuna struggled to breath, not to mention trying to speak to her cousin.

"Are you busy?" Rikku asked releasing her. "You wanna go shopping for some new clothes for school?"

"I'd have to ask my father, give me a sec okay?" Yuna said turning away from Rikku, she walked over to the couch where her father sat.

"Who was it?" Her father asked not breaking his gaze from the sphere.

"It was Rikku, she wants to know if I'll go shopping with her," Yuna said uneasily, already knowing the answer but hoping she was wrong.

"Are you finished with my dinner?" He asked.

"No, but…" She started.

"Tell her you can't go," Her father said waving her off with his hand, "And hurry up with my food I'm hungry."

"Yes sir," Yuna said with a sigh.

Yuna walked back over to her cousin who was waiting anxiously. Yuna shook her head. "I'm sorry Rikku, I can't," She said sadly.

"oh it's okay," Rikku said sighing in defeat, "Maybe some other time."

"Yeah, maybe," Yuna said waving as Rikku bounded off the porch and over to her car.

Yuna shut the door and turned to her father.

"Well are you going to finish dinner or not?" he asked.

"Yes sir," Yuna replied hurrying back to the kitchen.

Yuna cooked for another hour before she had everything to her father standards. She brought out the plate to him.

"Took you long enough," He said taking the plate from her.

Yuna nodded, and returned to the kitchen. She went over to the freezer and grabbed a microwave meal she had hidden under all the things her father had in it. She took it out of the box and then put it in the microwave. She got a glass from the cabinets and filled it with water and then sat it on the counter. While she waited for the meal to finish heating up she went back into the living room. She walked over to where her father was.

"How is it?" She asked him softly.

"Taste horrible," he said as he continued to eat.

"Oh…Sorry, I was trying something new," Yuna said as she looked down at the ground.

"Well how about not using me as a guinea pig next time?" He said as he finished what was on his plate.

He gave her a disgusted look as he looked up at her. He smirked as he let the plate fall to the floor, shattering as it came in contact with the hardwood floor. Yuna stood frozen in her spot. She gave her father a tearful glance.

"Well are you going to clean up that mess you made or not?" He asked standing and stepping over the shattered glass plate in the floor. He stood there watching her. "I'm going to sleep, so get it done."

"Yes sir," Yuna said softly as she got to her knees.

Yuna began picking up the glass with her left hand, as she held the shards in her right. Yuna winced as her father pushed her with his foot making a small shard of the glass plate to wedge itself into her hand as she fell forward. A single tear traveled down her face as she cradled her hand with the other. She looked up at her father as he laughed leaving the room.

"Hurry it up!" He said heading towards the kitchen

"Yes sir," Yuna said wiping at her eyes with her good hand.

He left the room leaving her with her cut hand. Blood dripped from the cut and onto the floor. She sighed as she continued picking up the glass and continuing to let blood drop to the floor, just ready to get the job done. When she was done picking it all up she took it back to the kitchen and put it in the trash. She went over and got the first aid kit from one of the cabinets. She sat down at the table and looked at her hand. She saw a tiny shard embedded in her skin. She sighed and just decided she'd go see a doctor to get it removed tomorrow after work instead of trying to do it on her own. She simply bandaged it up and then she went over to the microwave only to find the meal she had put in there earlier gone.

My father no doubt. Yuna thought as she went over to the cabinets and pulled out a pack of crackers. She grabbed the glass of water and slowly walked up the stairs to her room. She quietly closed the door behind her as she sat her food down on the dresser. She opened it up and pulled her pajamas and quickly changed and then headed for the bed after grabbing her food. She climbed in the covers and ate. She threw the trash away in the small trashcan that was beside her bed filled with the same thing; cracker paper and more cracker paper. She drank the water and then sat the glass down on the floor.

She lay awake for half an hour before she finally drifted off to sleep. Knowing tomorrow would be no better and her hand stinging with pain from the tiny shard embedded in her hand.

Yuna awoke the next morning to her father banging on her door. She groaned softly as she sat up.

"Get up! I'm hungry!" Her father yelled as he continued knocking on the door..

"Yes sir," Yuna called as she hurriedly climbed off her bed. She grabbed the glass from last night and went over to her door.

Yuna ran down the stair and then straight into the kitchen. She sat the glass down on the counter and then turned to face her father, who was sitting at the table reading the newspaper.

"What would you like?" She asked breathing heavily.

"The usual, now hurry up," He said turning the page of the morning paper.

Yuna nodded though she knew her father was no longer paying her any attention. She than began digging through cabinets and the fridge to find everything she would need for her father's daily huge breakfast. After she had eggs, bacon, biscuits, and a few other things she began cooking.

"Hurry up, you know I'm working today," her father said as Yuna sat down a cup of coffee on the table in front of him.

"Yes sir," Yuna said hurrying back over to the stove.

Yuna was trying to do three things at once, cook eggs, fix her father's plate, and try not to use her right hand. Yuna grabbed the bread pan from the oven, quickly pulling it out, so her father wouldn't worry about the biscuits not being to his standards. The pan clattered to the floor as she dropped it, crying out as the pan hit the floor, her hand red from where she had held it. Tears ran down her cheeks as she ran water over the burn.

"Oh just forget it, I'll stop and get something," Her father said standing and walking out of the room and into the living room. "Have dinner ready by the time I get home."

"But…," Yuna began, following her father, "But I have to work tomorrow, and then I need to go to the store, and then…"

"Five or else, got it?" He said grabbing his keys to his truck and left the house slamming the door in Yuna's face.

Yuna sighed heavily; she then slowly walked to the kitchen. She looked around at the mess in the kitchen that had just been made moments before. She looked up at the clock on the wall, fifteen till seven and she had to be at work at eight. Yuna got on her knees and began to clean up the mess in the floor.

After she had the kitchen back to the way it was before she had come down, she jumped up on the counter. She opened one of the cabinets and reached in the back behind the plates and bowls, pulling out a box of Poptarts. She jumped down and quickly put the Poptarts in the toaster. She then ran upstairs to get ready: taking a quick shower and then ran downstairs when she was finished.

She grabbed a paper towel and placed the poptarts on it and then went into the living room and sat down on the couch. She searched the couch cushions for the remote, finally finding it. She then turned the television on, finding the news channel, one of the few she watched when she could actually watch TV. She liked knowing what was going on.

"And last night, Zanarkand Abes once again school the Duggles with an amazing score of seven to one! All goals were scored by the team's star player, Tidus Nagasaki, which were all aided by his teammate Gipple Shirotori. Zanarkand will soon head for the championship game of the Jecht Memorial Cup, make sure you don't miss it next week! I'm sure everyone will be there to see the star of the…" Yuna turned of the TV.

Last night, her friend Paine invited her to go with her to the game. But of course her father had not let her. After all who would go shop for his dinner, her who else?

She put her shoes on at the door, grabbing her coat from the coat rack she had bought last week. She had bought it with her money even though it was her father who had wanted it.. She left the house, locking the front door behind her.

As the rain made contact with her body, she wished she had an umbrella. She walked down the street on the cracked sidewalk with her eyes downcast. She didn't have this job because she wanted it for extra spending money like other girls her age. She needed this job, to buy things she needed. Her father had stopped giving her money when she turned nine. This meant she had to take up jobs in their neighborhood, painting her neighbor's garage, raking leaves for Mr. Connor, the old man living across from them, and other things that involved lots of yard work for Miss Sakai, the young kindergarten teacher.

Miss Sakai had been eighteen when Yuna had started looking for jobs. She had taken a liking to the ten year-old, often paying her more than the job was worth. When Miss Sakai was twenty-four she became a teacher at Yuna's old elementary school.

Yuna still went over across the street to help her out when ever she could, though they had both become a whole lot busier now that they had grown older. Miss Sakai with her teaching, Yuna with way more responsibilities than any teenager in high school should have.

All the money she earned went to; clothes, school, medical bills, and sometimes food. She did all the work around the house and often her father made her pay half of the bills. And she hardly ever had any money left over for pleasure. And if she was lucky to, her father took it from her.

She finally reached the café she worked at, Dra Tud, an Al Bhed café her uncle owned. The one she worked at was one of dozens across Spira. She walked past Rikku as she waited for customers to enter the small café. She then walked past Paine, who threw her a small towel; Yuna silently thanked her with a nod as she headed into the back where the employees were allowed to leave their uniforms.

Yuna grabbed hers and went into the restroom to change. She came out with a green shirt with a pair of blue jean shorts that were too short for her likings but she had to wear anyway. Rikku never really complained though….

As she went back and out to where she was standing beside Paine, waiting for directions.

"Okay since Tanner isn't here, you're on tables; seven, four, nine, and thirteen," her boss, Mr. Johnson said as he walked up behind the two.

"Yes sir," Yuna said with a slight bow.

"I'll leave you to it then," he said walking off.

"Yuna," Paine said causing Yuna to jump slightly. Paine always seemed to have a harsh tone, though when she was actually angry you could really tell the difference. "Look who's at table thirteen," She said with a nod in table thirteen's direction.

Yuna turned to the northeastern corner of the café, gasping softly as she saw Tidus Nagasaki and Gipple Shirotori sitting at the table, talking and laughing. Yuna turned and gave Paine a confused look that Paine just shrugged off as a customer asked for a cup of coffee to go.

Yuna sighed, deciding she'd attend to the family at table four first. Rikku had waited on other players of the Zanarkand Abes, she told Yuna and Paine what jerks they were. Basically they had treated Rikku…. let's say they tried to get her to strip on top of the tables for a hundred dollar bill. Rikku of course slapped them both across the face, leaving a nice red mark across both their faces. This nearly cost her job until she explained what they had said to her boss. She wasn't fired but her pay was docked for two months. She just hoped the same wouldn't happen to her. Or worse...