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Chapter Ten: It's Disgusting, How I Love You.

Yuna sat on the couch. Legs crossed under her, and stared at the article on the coffee table. He would not be happy when he saw this. Not happy at all. She picked it up again, scanning through. Not only was the article a complete farce, she was absolutely sure the picture of the two had been edited. She did not remember his hand being there.

Running a hand through her hair she sat it back down. She bit her lip, and after staring at it, picked it back up again.

She then took to pacing around the house, cleaning randomly when seeing something out of place, and often not liking where she had put it. Of course, she spent about an hour doing so, and soon was tired enough to sit back down on the couch, only to stare at the magazine again.

She then tore her gaze away from it and stood again, heading for the kitchen. Finding herself in front of the refrigerator; she dug through the freezer, for the ice cream she knew was stashed at the back.

Pulling it out, she then grabbed a spoon from a nearby drawer and jumped on to the counter, sitting against the cabinets. And then began to numb her brain, with chocolate ice cream.

Tidus stared at the article. Not the picture his teammates had been dogging him about, but the article itself. The article that clearly stated that Yuna was living with him, and not even just that. No, Tidus now had a girlfriend. Or at least, in the public's eye he did.

"Star Blitzer Tidus Nagasaki was seen at last night at Zanarkand's home game with a young woman by the name of Yuna. Our staff has yet to collect enough information about her, but judging from their actions at the game, these two are definitely Zanarkand's next big thing!"

Tidus frowned, he felt advertised, and not the good kind of "Best Blizter Ever for Hire" kind of advertised, but the "newest set of MyLittleChocobo!" kind; the article went on to say that Yuna had gone home with him. And included quotes from some of the fans at the game commenting on their "total closeness" or "sparks that flew rampant when their eyes met". He then realized how much the two had been acting. Or at least, he believed he had been, he was just trying to make up for being mean to her by acting really nice. And he knew that would have to change, fast.

He had arrived home to Yuna devouring ice cream in the kitchen floor. And he was sure it wasn't her first, there was a carton on the counter to prove it. So after a brief fight between the two on ice cream limits and property, she told him what was wrong. And was surprised to see she was fretting over the same thing he had.

The two were sitting on the kitchen floor, magazine between them, as Tidus pointed to the article.

"Yuna, this shit, it's gonna screw everything up."

"Did you see the picture though!" She cried, "Your hand was all over m-"

"Were you even listening?"

"Not really, but I can't remember! Did you actually touch me the-"

"Yuna," She stopped, looking at him with a frown.


"Did you even read it?"

She sat silently staring at the magazine between them and nodded. Biting her lip she looked up at him. "So, what are we going to do?"

Shrugging, he stood, magazine in hand and walked towards the living room. With a frown, she stood and followed him. Throwing the magazine into the nearest wastebasket, he walked towards the door.

"Where are you going?

"We are going to find you a job."

Yuna frowned as she stared at the entrance to the bar. She felt his hand on her back, pushing her forward. Planting her feet to the ground, Yuna stood in place, refusing to move. "Not here."

"Yes here, look, you don't even have to apply, this is in the bag."

"Then take it out, cause I will not work here." She turned and made to walk past him, only for him to grab the collar of her shirt. "I'm serious. I'm won't."

"It's a sports bar. All the guys hang out here after games, it's not that bad."

"Tidus, I mean it, I can not, will not, work here."

He held on to her shirt, pulling her back slightly. He grabbed a strand of her hair, tugging on it. "Listen, those rumors, I don't need that shit circulating around."

"Why were you being so nice then? You're acting like it's my fault they got pictures, my fault I'm staying with you. Newsflash Tidus, it's all your fault."

"Don't bring that shit up now. You've been skipping about my house with no worries, and now that I want you to actually support yourself, you're being a baby about it."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry you got me fired, I'm sorry my dad kicked me out. I'm sorry that I'm such a burden that you won't let me try somewhere else."

"Yuna," He turned her to face him, "I need you out as soon as possible."

"So I've noticed," she whispered.

He spun her around, and pushed her towards the door again, "Go in, meet Rin, get your schedule, and we'll go home."

She gave a short laugh before walking in, "Home my ass."

Tidus shifted uneasily in his seat as he drove home. She was silent. Staring at the road, she radiated anger. And he knew it was directed at him. Her hands were at her side, and she constantly drummed the seat. Waiting for the ride to be over.

"So, when do you start?" She shoved a piece of paper towards his face. "I'm driving."

"Want me to unbuckle so there's a higher chance of me dying then?"

He slammed on brakes, quickly stopping on the side of the road. "What the hell is wrong with you? Look, I don't get what the damn problem is. You have a job. So what? It's at a bar? The place you were at before sold alcohol. It's no different."

"It's different."

"It's not."

"I hate you."

"Good, maybe you'll move out faster then."

She finally looked at him. Her eyes were red, and her face tear stained. Shaking her head, she turned back towards the door, opened it, and climbed out of the car, slamming the door behind her as she began walking back towards the city.

Muttering curses, he waited till another car whizzed before turning off the engine, and pulling the keys out. He watched her walk down the four lane road from the rear view mirror. And when he was convinced she was serious, part of him wanted to just leave her. But instead, he got out of the car, and ran after her.

She heard him behind her, but continued walking, determined to put as much distance between her and his damn car as she could.

"Yuna. Stop." He grabbed her arm, and stopped. She pulled against his hold before letting out a frustrated scream.

"I'm tired of you. I'm tired of your cocky attitude. I'm tired of you yelling at me. I'm tired of all this."

"Look, I don't-It's not that." He eased his grip on her arm. "I don't, want you to go. But you need to. You know?" Part of him felt bad. She couldn't have hated it that much. Not after the game. Not after-

"I'll leave. I promise I will. But I can't work there."

"It's not any dif-"

"Stop saying that!" She wrenched her arm away from him, turning to glare up at him. "I can't work there."

"Why not?"

"Because he's always there. Always." Tidus was silent as he watched her expression. "I know. It's dumb, because I'm supposed to move back in. But I don't want to. Tidus, I really don't want to."

He chewed on the inside of his cheek. Shrugging, he held out his hand to her and shot her a grin. "Let's go home."

Her jaw dropped, "But. No, I just told you, I can't wo-"

"You don't really need a job do you? I mean, you've got a place to stay, until you finish high school. You've got a roommate with a steady income. One that's willing to let you be a leech for a bit longer."

She chocked back tears as she threw her arms around his neck. Stumbling backwards, he pushed her away as he motioned towards the road.

"All house rules still apply. Only now, when out in public, less, friendliness. Okay?"

She nodded, skipped over to him, and grabbed his keys. "I drive home."

Yuna hummed as she watched him in the kitchen. He was rolling out dough for a pizza. And frankly, she was amazed he even knew what he was doing. But she didn't complain. She just leaned over the bar, watching as he added small amounts of season to the dough before rolling it back into a ball to be flattened again.

"If you had told me you could make homemade pizza thirty minutes ago, I wouldn't have believed you."

"That's why I didn't tell you."

She huffed and slid back in her seat. Leaning on her arm, she traced circles on the counter with her finger. "Why'd you let me stay?"

"You question my kindness?"

She shrugged, looking up at him. "Do you blame me?"

"I guess not." He grabbed the rolling pin and began flattening out the dough again. "Honestly though, I guess you kind of guilt tripped me into it. And besides…" She cocked her head to the side, "We're…Friends, right?"

She smiled and shrugged, looking around the kitchen. "Hey."


"You know what you need?"


"A pet."

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