I hadn't realized that her reaction would be so…dramatic. It startled me. I pulled my phone out of my pocket as quickly as possible to call Sam.

"What is it Jake? Why aren't you here yet?" He sounded irritated, I could only imagine that crap he was going to give me for this.

"Ummm, Sam? She kind of…passed out."

I heard an odd snorting sound and then the boom of his deep laughter. Other voices that I couldn't recognize or understand were in the background, slowly I heard them begin to laugh too.

"This is NOT funny!" I whispered, frustrated as hell with them, "What did I do wrong? Emily didn't do this to you!"

"You're wrong, it's damn funny." Another burst of laughter. "But you're also right. Emily didn't do that. Bring her over to the house first, then we'll head out once she gets herself situated."

"Sure, sure. I'll be there in a minute."

The drive to Sam's place was slow, drawn out by the images of the rest of the pack never letting me live this down. Great. Just great.

Lights from Sam's front porch could barely be seen through the trees, but I could see them and I wasn't sure if I was happy or worried about it. On one hand, I could help Sarah instead of sitting there watching her with her face pressed against the window, but on the other…well I had already covered that in my head.

I was turning down the long dirt road that lead to Sam's house when I caught a faint noise. Like rustling in the bushes around us. A human ear, like Sarah's, wouldn't be able to hear it. Suddenly three humongous figures were on the road. My foot stomped on the brake and my hand on the horn as if it would help anything if they came near my tiny car. Sarah's head jerked up.

"Wolves…you're all wolves." That's when I realized that the massive figures up ahead were Sam, Jared and Embry.

"You stupid idiots." I said under my breath.


"No, not you."

Sarah looked relived and hardly worried that there were three giant wolves standing in front of her…and that I was talking to them…insulting them. Why had she reacted so…dramatically only to not care now?


The sound of a car horn brought me out of the thick darkness. I was suddenly alert, all of my senses sharp. Three large dogs stood in front of me, massive,but completely comforting. They were like me. He was like me. Why did it bother me so much?

Jake seemed upset when I looked over at him, his hand braced on the wheel, knuckles white.

The dogs began to walk toward us and I knew for certain, that everything I knew was about to change. My dad had come to La Push because his time was up; mine had just begun.