Ok heya guys this is my first fanfiction, I saw this in a dream and thought I would write it up, I'm not sure if I will carry this on, it depends on if I can think of something to happen. Reviews with constructive criticism would be appreciated as this is my first story. The title doesn't really have anything to do with the story but it came from a dream I had and I didn't know what to call it. Have any ideas? Then leave a review thank you. Its got narusasu and kissing. Enjoy!

Warning for this chapter: Making out

Truth or Dare

Gay or Straight

A game of truth and dare is all it took to leave a certain someone broken and alone.

Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba, Neji and Lee were all sitting by a round table. It was Sasuke's turn. He spun the bottle leaving fate to choose the next victim.

"Naruto, truth or dare?"


Sasuke smirked, and all of a sudden Naruto was wondering if he made the right decision.

'Hmm what should I make the dobe do?' Sasuke thought still smirking.

Naruto gulped. 'Shit shit shit what is he going to make me do?' he thought, as a bead of sweat rolled down the side of his face.

"How troublesome. C'mon Sasuke we haven't got all day. I've clouds that need to be watched." said a mildly irritated Shikamaru.

'I've got it!' Sasuke thought as his grin grew wider looking directly at Naruto letting him know with a glance that he would regret his choice.

'Alright, no matter what he says, I can't let on that I'm scared. I'll just smile and make it seem like no big deal. Sure. No. Big. Deal.'

"We're friends, right? Naruto." began Sasuke, his smirk still plastered to his face.

"Yes, sure we are, I'd beat you up if we weren't…why?" asked Naruto becoming suspicious.

"Well how close would you say we were?" Sasuke asked, with an interested face resting his elbows on the table bringing up his hands to allow his chin to rest on his waiting hands.

The rest of the guys witnessing this were wondering where Sasuke was going with this.

"Well…" Naruto took a moment to think about this, "I would say pretty damn close"

Sasukes smirk instantly re-appeared on his face, "prove it."

"Wh-what?" stuttered Naruto. The rest looked on with bewilderment at what Sasuke meant with these words.

"Prove it." He said simply looking smug, "come over here and show to me how close we are."

Naruto shook his head a little bringing himself out of his trance from what Sasuke had just asked of him. 'What do you want me to do?' "Kiss you?" oops. He hadn't meant to say that out loud. But no-one saw the raven blush as he covered it with his hand.

The onlookers of this conversation looked at Naruto in disbelief. 'Well this should be interesting' they all thought.

"If you think we're that close…yes."

'That bastard wants me to kiss him', "alright then, I'll show you how close we are."

Sasukes smirk disappeared and a little more clearly was replaced by a slightly deeper blush as Naruto started walking towards him. 'I didn't think he'd actually do it, damn it, no no no, if he kisses me then I won't be able to stop myself kissing him back. I can't let him know how I feel'

A voice in the back of his head spoke up, 'why are you so worried? You want him to kiss you. You think about him all the time. You used this as an opportunity to get a kiss from him. Just one kiss. And then you can just act like it was nothing and won't have to tell him how you feel.'

Naruto finally reached Sasuke and sat on-top of him with his legs dangling down the side of Sasukes waist. He wrapped one arm around Sasukes neck and leaned in whispering in his ear, "I'll show you how close we are then shall I?" he kissed Sasuke on the cheek and wrapped his other arm around his neck.

Sasuke too, wrapped his arms around Narutos neck and kissed his cheek.

"Just a kiss on the cheek? I thought we were closer then that Naruto-kun" he said in a mocking tone of voice as he gave Naruto another kiss on the cheek followed by a lick.

Naruto let out the tiniest of moans that no-one but Sasuke could hear. The rest of the guys looked on in amazement at the show in-front of them.

'What is with him? Is he gay or something?', "well how about we go somewhere a little more private and I'll show you how close we are" trying to speak as seductively and convincingly as possible" returning Sasuke's lick.

'No! This can't go on any longer, I can't spill', "no thanks dobe I don't want to get raped today thank you"

"aww what a shame" said Naruto pouting making the others believe that Naruto was going to rape Sasuke when in actual fact he was jumping over the moon that Sasuke had said that, not the part implying that Naruto was a rapist, oh no, but the word 'no'. He had never so glad to hear someone saying 'no' to him.


Later that evening it was just Naruto and Sasuke left in the big Uchiha mansion. Shikamaru decided to go watch the clouds that were screaming for his attention, Gaara went back home so that Temari wouldn't think he was out being reckless and killing innocent people, Choji had to go and buy more food as he had finished the 20 bags of chips that he had brought to the Uchihas living quarters, Kiba had to walk Akamaru, Lee had to go and see what youthful ladies would like to spend the rest of the day with him (none), and Neji had to go back the Hyuga estate and prove to Hinata that fate is cruel and she will never be able to defeat him (I know, what a bastard!).

Naruto having only an empty apartment to go to decided that he would stay with the Uchiha and maybe find out why he brought up that strange dare that really caught the blonde off guard.


Sasuke had just finished clearing up the mess that was made from their game of truth and dare. And noticed Naruto was still there. "What are you still doing here dobe?"

'Let's have a little fun', "well I was waiting for you Sasuke-teme", he said in his seductive voice.

"Why is that then?" replied the raven in his mono-tone voice.

"Well," he began making his way towards Sasuke, "I was hoping we could pick up where we left off in that dare" he said with a smile stroking the Uchihas shoulder.

The said boys eyes widened at the proposition, he started to walk backwards towards the couch.

"hey Sasuke, why did you come up with that dare anyway? You seemed pretty glad that I decided to do it."

'Shit what do I do?'

'Just lie'

"It was just a dare dobe, don't get your hopes up or anything" he said trying to sound as calm as possible.

"Oh? So you don't want me to kiss you then?" Naruto asked as Sasuke came closer and closer to the sofa where he would be trapped, of course he didn't realise this, he was simply trying to put distance between him and the boy he so desired, 'but Naruto's straight, Naruto's straight, Naruto's straight. He's just…just…playing with my mind, messing with my head, I know he doesn't return my feelings, he can't. Of course I want you to kiss me'

"No no no, why would you think that I want you to kiss me? Be...be…be serious Naruto"

"Oh I am, I'm very serious"

'Man he's hot when he's like this'

Sasuke fell onto the four-seater sofa where escape would be impossible.

Naruto let out a little laugh at this.


'wow Sasuke looks really anxious, maybe I should stop, I mean if he has feeling for me or something then this would make him really uncomfortable…I don't think so! I finally am in the position where I am in control; I'm not going to stop just because he looks uncomfortable! Like he'd have feelings for me anyway, I'm a guy and Sasuke is not gay'

'Owww maaaaaaaan, what am I going to do?!'

'Well hey, now that you're in this position, you might as-well enjoy it!'

'WHAT?! I can't do that'

'Sure you can, I mean once you get it off your chest then it will be just that, off your chest and you won't have anything to worry about!'

'But what if he looks at me differently? With disgust and hatred? I wouldn't be able to live anymore!'

'Well you're not going to find out unless you try'

'Fine! I give up, man he's hot'

Naruto mounted on-top of the defeated boy, wrapping his arms around him as he had done earlier that evening. He leaned in and kissed him on the lips expecting to be pushed away and shouted at. Instead, he got kissed back, the blonde ran his tongue on the ravens bottom lip as if begging for entrance and again was surprised as his lips parted and allowed him in. He was greeted by the raven's tongue that was in no way showing the invading tongue the way out and instead leaned into the kiss. Naruto closed his eyes and began to enjoy the kiss that the raven seemed to so badly desire. The kiss would have gone on forever had both of the boys not needed to part to take in the very much needed air. They parted their lips, Sasuke panting to fill his lungs and Naruto looking down at the blushing breathless boy. He had to admit that this was a side to Sasuke that he had never seen before but, he didn't really mind it. He liked it in-fact.

"Your gay?!" was all the blonde could say.

Sasuke looked down to his side hearing a hint of what sounded like distaste in his voice. After a few moments of silence, the blonde spoke again, "answer me, are you gay?"

The raven haired boy had gained his breath back but blushed at the question, 'man that idiot wants me to admit it? What is he trying to do, get it on tape so he can say to everyone "hey I have proof that Sasuke is a poof"?!'

"Of course not baka. I'm not some poof" he said still looking at the pillows that were decorating his couch.

"Sasuke?" the Uchiha looked at the boy who spoke hinting some seriousness in his voice, to find he was looking down and that his bangs were covering his eyes.


The blonde looked up, black met blue, and the blonde asked again, "are you gay?" his look intensified as if, this was suddenly a really serious matter.

Sasuke looked down ashamed at what he was going to say…

"y-…no" he was going to say yes but he couldn't, he couldn't have his best friend look at him like some freak.

Naruto stood up; he took Sasukes hand and led him upstairs looking only at the destination. Sasuke could only look at the hand dragging him along towards his bedroom not knowing what was going to happen. The blonde couldn't possibly have feelings for him could he?

As Naruto got closer to the bed he threw Sasuke onto it and followed him, straddling his hips and placing his hands by the Uchihas head.

"Naruto what are you –", he got cut off by Narutos lips as they were pressed onto his once more. Sasuke lay there eyes widened as he felt Narutos tongue beg for entrance. He let him in and as the tongue pleasured him so much and closed his eyes simply enjoying what would surely last only tonight.

As Naruto re-claimed his lips as they parted, Sasuke foolishly followed the lips he wanted to stay attached to. When he realised he wasn't getting another kiss he looked to the side ashamed once more.

"Now look me in the eye and say your not gay", so he was right, Naruto didn't want him, he didn't have feelings for him, he was just trying to prove that he was right.

'Wow Sasuke looks really cute all embarrassed and blushing like that, I really don't have feelings for him that way but I don't want him lying to me, what kind of friendship would that be if he couldn't tell his best friend he was gay?'

"I can't do that" Sasuke said still looking away.

"Then look me in the eye and tell me you are gay"

'I'm more than just gay, I'm in love with you', "yes, I'm gay." he whispered.

He looked away, not wanting to see hate in those blue eyes, any moment now the blonde would get up and leave him on his own where he would most likely cry the rest of the night away knowing that his best friend wanted nothing to do with him anymore. But instead he felt the blonde lean over and stroke his hair whispering his name as the softest lips ghost across his own. Then without thinking three words fell out of him mouth.

"I love you", he brought his hand to his mouth as if that would rewind time and stop him from saying those words.

"You what?"

"I… nothing"

"You…love me?" Naruto asked looking at the highly uncomfortable raven.

"Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know."

"Sasuke?" it only took one word for the raven to know the blonde wanted to know the truth. Sasuke swallowed…hard, he looked up into those blue eyes that held so much hope, and trust and told them, "I… think that…I may love…you. There I said it; go on say how sick that is. That you never want to see me again or look at me again, tell the whole world if you want I don't care, listen up everyone, the great Sasuke Uchiha is –", again lips stopped him from speaking and didn't know what to do. They left after a small while and the kissed boy finished his sentence, ", Gay."

"shut up teme, I'm sure you do care if I told the whole world, being gay isn't some sort of illness, and… I would never want to never want to see you again or not look at you again. "

"Naruto" Sasuke whispered and looked into those blue eyes as his own widened and he pulled the blonde down for another kiss but he was stopped. Naruto lifted his arms and took the ravens hands from around his neck, preventing him from being pulled into a kiss and again the poor boy looked away, in shame feeling stupid.

"I'm sorry Sasuke but I'm not gay."

"of course your not, I mean why would you have feeling for me?? I'm rude, in your face, weak, pathetic," he looked down as he took a pause before carrying on, "but you, your kind, determined, you always see the good side of anyone, you speak in a way that brings the best out of people and cuts down so deep that even the man who everyone believes has no heart, proves them wrong. So of course you wouldn't want me."

Tears started to form in those big black eyes that went on for eternity.

"Sasuke please don't cry." Said the sorrowful blonde wiping away the first of many tears to fall. Sasukes arms that were removed from Narutos neck were now lying loosely on the pillows around him as his bed was covered in many silk coated pillows. He gripped onto these pillows as his feeling of stupidity flowed to his fingertips and were looking for a way out.

'He looks so innocent, so hurt, I can't just leave him here to cry. I feel so bad, I never thought that he would have these kinds of feelings, I never thought that I would hurt him this way', "Sasuke please don't cry, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have kissed you, I probably led you on to think that I shared your feelings, and I'm truly sorry for hurting you like this."

But this didn't stop the tears from freely flowing down the pale face. He didn't know what to do and just went down for another kiss.

"Don't", said the distraught raven turning his head.

"Please, let me make it up to you, I didn't mean to hurt you like that, just…please?" asked the blonde in a nearly begging voice, desperately wanting to make it up to his friend who he hurt so badly, he leaned in and kissed the defeated boy.

The kiss was long and the raven enjoyed it. "Naruto, please let me know what it feels like to be loved, just for one night?" the blonde looked into those desperate eyes and nodded, he leaned in for the several time that night and kissed his friend as passionately as possible, letting him know how good it feels to have the one you love kiss you so meaningfully.


After a lot of kissing Naruto got off Sasuke and lay down on his side next to the raven, he put one arm over Sasukes waist and held his hand, using his other arm to keep his own head up. He stroked the Uchihas hand with his own as the raven began to speak, "I'm sorry Naruto"

"for what?"

"I'm sure you didn't want to give your first kiss to me of all people"

"Hey don't worry about, its no big deal", he leaned over Sasukes neck and kissed him on the cheek as the raven again blushed, slowly falling asleep.


Naruto lay with Sasuke the entire night, stroking his hair, his face, his lips and occasionally kissing the sleeping beauty on the cheek, he was so peaceful and the blonde couldn't believe that this was the same guy hat had been mocking him for so many years and that a couple of hours ago was crying his eyes out after declaring his love for him.

The sun was starting to rise which mean that the night was officially over and Naruto decided that it was time to leave. He tried to carefully unlink their entwined fingers which proved to be quite difficult as the raven didn't seem to want to let go, the blonde lifted their joined hands and gently kissed the ravens in an attempt to get him to release. When the hands had eventually separated, he got up and laid the blanket on-top of the peaceful boy and leant down to kiss said boys forehead. The ravens face scrunched up a little and as the blonde was lifting his head about to leave, he felt a tugging at his shirt, how could this be the same Sasuke? How can the boy who smirks and doesn't smile, who always beats Naruto, who is the great Uchiha, how can the little bundle in front of him, holding onto the blondes shirt like a child holding onto their mother in a weak attempt to keep them close, how can this be the same Sasuke Uchiha? Naruto stroked a loose bang out of the ravens face and removed the hand from his shirt.


"Shhh, it's alright, just go to sleep"

"Thank you Naruto, for everything"

"No problem, teme"


The raven then went back to sleep a single tear of happiness rolling down his face as the blonde silently snuck out of the house, wondering what had made him spend the entire night with Sasuke.

That's the end of that chapter. Not sure if I'll do another one, if you want me to then I might be able to, maybe Naruto will fall in love with Sasuke and they live happily ever after, maybe not.

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