Sporks & Spoons

I couldn't believe that Alice wouldn't tell me. I knew that Edward was somewhat frightening, but come on she's just as scary! I didn't care if he told her not to, I wanted to know!!!! So I asked Emmett…

"Emmett, how are new vampires made?" He chuckled.

I saw him get up, but he was so fast I couldn't follow him. He was back at the table in the Cullen's dining room in seconds and he was holding two plastic objects in his hand; a spork and a spoon.

"Okay Bella! This spork represents a vampire and this spoon represents a human." I laughed at the way he said this and the way he made the utensils dance made it even more ridiculous. He picked up a black marker and wrote "Edward" on the spork and "Bella" on the spoon. "So lets say Edward," He held up the spork, "Decided he wanted to change you. All he would have to do is bite you." He made the spork's pointy top scrape across the spoon, just below the round part. "An viola! You are a vampire! Ha ha ha ha ha!" He jumped up to retrieve another spork. "Of course there is a lot of pain involved, but whatever."


"Like you're on fire." Emmett said absent mindedly as he twisted the spork around in his fingers "So! What else do you want to know?" He burst out.

"Why do you have sporks?"

"I collect them. Aren't they cute?"

"Sure Emmett." I answered a little bit wierded out. "Thanks."

I know! It's a bit (A lot) weird. But I like sporks, they serve so many purposes. Did you know that if you flip them around they work as knives too?