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Four years later

It had been two years since Ethan had appeared in their quiet little community of Centre refugees. Jarod's family finally got used to Miss Parker and Sydney in their son's lives. They also realized that it wasn't Miss Parker, or Sydney's fault that their little boy's were taken from them.

It had been a year since Miss Parker had said yes to Jarod's proposal of marriage. They had moved out of both of their houses moving into their own house. A year later Jason and his twin sister Jasmine had entered the world. They were going to be spoiled since the whole community was happy about their arrival. A year later Jeremy had asked for Debbie's hand in marriage and she had said yes. A year later they too were proud parents of a baby boy who's name was Adam.

With the help of Ethan they had found young Master Parker and had brought him into the community. They had changed his name to Robert and he was a happy and healthy boy who was happy that he was going to be a big brother. Jarod and Melanie had adopted him.

Major Charles and Margaret were happy with their grandchildren. They were almost always over Melanie and Jarod's house holding the children.

Emily had found a husband and brought him into the fold. Of course Jarod and Broots had made sure that he was okay to let into the community. After a through background check they had allowed Emily to date him. They had just gotten married a couple of weeks ago.

Ethan had found someone to love too. Someone who didn't think that he was strange, or different. Jarod and Broots had done a background check on her too and she was given the green light too. They had gotten married a week after Emily and Brian did.

Jarod had been scanning the news about the people that had once owned the Centre. Mr. Lyle was in prison without parole. He was never going to see the light of day again he was caught red handed with the murder of a young woman. This wasn't the first time that that happened. Mr. Raines's oxygen tank had blown up while he lit up a match to smoke his cigarette.

Sydney and Jarod finally patched things up. Sydney told him that he had kept the father's day card and told him that he loved him like a son. They were rebuilding that relationship and Jarod was glad at that.

The End