The Shootout

Author: Tara aka LovinJackson

Summary: After Dean's comment about wanting to eat a real meal in 'Simon Said' Sam convinces his brother to go out for dinner at an Italian restaurant but will there be deadly consequences?

Spoilers: Anything up til 'Simon Said'

Disclaimer: I dont own supernatural, Dean or Sam thats all Kripke ... but God I wish I did hehe

Authors Notes: Helloooo again :) This fic does happen to have a story behind it hehe. I was watching an episode of Starsky and Hutch called "The Shootout" (one of my fav episodes hehe) and for anyone who knows the show and has seen the episode you will know what i'm talking about. Anyways without giving the story away for people who dont know i just wanted to say that as i was watching the ep with my mother and we both started wondering how the boys would cope with the situation. For those who know the episode their are noticable changes to suit the show and the time but anyways i hope you's like this and like the following chapters :) Oh and i just wanted to shout out to Gaelicspirit and Sojourner84 and i hope everyone is reading their co-written story 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' :) its awesome :) if you didnt know about it, it can be found at Sojourner84's page. Okay guys hope you enjoy the read ...

The Shootout

Chapter 1. Eating Out

Back and forth, back and forth. Dean enjoyed the familiar movements of sliding his favourite dagger over the whetstone. His dagger wasn't exactly dull, it probably didn't need sharpening but Dean enjoyed the motion. It was relaxing and right now that's what he needed.

He'd almost blown his own his own brains out not even a week ago. Sure he had been under the mind control of some freak psychic some how connected to that son of a bitch yellow-eyed demon but it had scared him and not for the reasons most people might think. For a split second as he felt his hands reposition the sniper rifle under his chin he had felt relief. For a split second he had wondered whether it would have been so bad. One bullet and all the unbearable grief, guilt and pain would have been gone. He would have been released of the pressure and burden his father has dumped on his shoulders. It was only for a split second but Dean couldn't even believe that the thought had even crossed his mind. If he weren't around then who would look after Sam? Who would save Sam from the yellow-eyed demons plans? He had made a promise to his father that he would look after his little brother and he had made a promise to himself that he would save same other than the alternative his father had given him because that simply wasn't an option. No-one was killing Sam especially not him. Checking out wasn't an option and the fact that he had even let it enter his mind for even a second was eating him up.

He was glad that Sam didn't have the ability to read minds …. Yet. There was no way he wanted his brother knowing his thoughts at this moment. The kid was already stressed enough about his so called destiny and Dean's emotional state since their fathers death.

Dean looked across the room to where Sam sat pouring over the local paper. The newly gung ho hunter was no doubt looking for another hunt. The thought made Dean scrape the blade across the whetstone a little harder in frustration. Dean could admit to himself that Sam's new attitude towards hunting would have been welcome a year ago but now it was just irritating and slightly terrifying. Hunting had always been a dangerous gig but Sam was all he had left and if you went looking for trouble nine times out of ten you would find it, ten times out of ten if your name was Winchester.

It was late and Dean decided that he'd had enough to listening to Sam flip through the local paper and his dagger really was sharp enough already. Putting the dagger and whetstone down dean stood up and walked to his duffle at the end of his bed.

"What are you doing? Sam's voice broke the silence and dean turned around with a clean t-shirt and boxers in his hand. "Taking a shower before I hit the sack. Why?"

Sam sat back and shrugged his shoulders. "Nothin'"

"Okay …"Dean replied slowly as if waiting for Sam to tell him what was really one his mind. He knew that look on Sam's face. The kid was thinking something up. Dean wasn't in the mood to press. Sam would tell him if something was really wrong and with that thought in mind Dean made his way over the to bathroom door, passing Sam as he went.

"Wait …"

Dean stopped just before entering the bathroom and closed his eyes with an amused shake of his head. "What Sammy?"

"Well I was just thinking …"

"That's never a good thing." Dean joked, leaning against the door frame facing Sam.

Sam rolled his eyes but otherwise ignored Dean's attempted dig. "We haven't eaten anything yet."

Dean raised his left wrist and looked down at his watch. "It's 10.30pm dude."

"So … I'm hungry."

"So … go out an get something but remember you harm my car and I'll harm you."

"I was actually thinking of going out to a restaurant to eat an actual meal for a change." Sam waited to see his brothers reaction to his suggestion.

Dean frowned in confusion. "Sam, it's 10.30."

Sam chuckled. " Since when is 10.30 too late to go out for you grandpa?"

"Since when are you offering to go out after 9pm grandma?"

"Dude, I'm serious."

Dean seemed to think about it for the moment and then nodded. "Okay then I think I saw a bar down the road." he walked over to his bed and chucked the clothes he'd been holding on top of the putrid green covers.


Dean turned around to look at his brother once again in confusion. "No?"


"Dude, you just said you wanted to go out."

"I said to a restaurant."


Sam stood up and grabbed his jacket from the back of the chair he'd been sitting on and put it on. "Well, the other day when we were staking out Andy's van you mentioned that you'd like to sit down to a proper cooked meal for a change and it got me thinking … I think you're right. We should."

Dean lowered his gaze to the floor for a moment and then looked back at Sam with an amused grin forming on his lips. "I really do have to watch what I say to you don't I?"

"Fine Dean, you know what it was a stupid suggestion." The youngest Winchester huffed, slightly annoyed that his brother found his nice suggestion so amusing.

"Don't get your panties in a twist Sammy. I didn't say it was a stupid suggestion okay. I think it came ad an odd time but its not stupid." Dean said holding up his hands in a placating manner. "Is there even a restaurant open at this time of night in this town?"

Sam's annoyed frown turned into a smile. "Actually there is. I was talking to the librarian …"

"What was her name?" Dean interrupted earning a confused look from Sam as he tried to remember the name.

"Umm … Caitlin I think. Why?"

"Was she cute?"

Sam gave his brother a long suffering sigh. "Would you for once rest your downstairs brain."

"Did you get her number?" Dean smirked, picking up his wallet, phone and keys off the bedside table and followed his brother to the door.

"As I was saying I was talking to Caitlin and she was telling me about this 24 hour Italian restaurant in town. It's a couple of doors down from the bank."

"Lead on McDuff." Dean stopped in his tracks when Sam turned around with a puzzled look. Dean shrugged. "Dude, don't even ask. I don't even know where that came from."

Sam laughed and turned from his brother and walked to the Impala clearly amused. "This place better be good Sammy."

"Caitlin says we'll love it."

"Maybe you should have invited Caitlin." Dean muttered as he opened the Impala's driver side door, the familiar squeaky sound comforting for some reason.

"What?" Sam asked once Dean had unlocked his side and he was seated on the Impala's leather front bench seat beside his brother.

"Nothing Sammy, nothing at all." Dean started up the Impala grinning at the rumble of the engine. There really was nothing like that sound. Laying his hand along the back of the seat Dean looked behind him and backed out of the motel parking space.


The restaurant turned out to only be a few blocks away from the motel. They could have probably walked the distance but then Dean didn't exactly feel like being too far away from his baby anyway, not after being mind controlled into freely giving it up to Andy not that long ago. He had felt nearly sick standing on the road and watching as Andy drove away with his precious Impala, especially so soon after rebuilding her. No, he was quite happy to keep the black Chevy with him at all times.

The night was rather quiet most people at home being later at night than what most people stayed out in this part of town. They had been lucky enough to find a car park a couple of doors down from the restaurant that Sam had directed him too. The restaurant itself was not very big at all and sported full glass front windows with old fashioned slanted writing displaying the restaurants name painted on the glass. It was a lot more nice and homey than the cheap diners, hotel bars and mini-mart's they usually bought their food from. From the look of the place Dean was willing to bet that it was run by an Italian family, it just had that type of feel to it. Inside the restaurant was much the same. There was a small polished wooden bar just to the left of the entrance that held glasses and beverages and the cash register and the tables were set up around the room with white and red patched table clothes, adding to that whole Italian theme. Dean was hard pressed right at this moment to remember when the last time they had been in a place like this to eat. It must have been a long while because no place really came to mind. At the back of the room, that looked bigger on the inside than it did from the outside, there were two doors, one to the left and the other to the right that looked like it led to the kitchen. Back further was a small hallway which Dean assumed was where the toilets would be.

Sam moved on a head of him as the brothers made their way further into the restaurant in search of a table. There were only a few other customers in the place all at various tables eating their choice of food. Dean smiled at two girls who were seated across from each other at a nearby table, earning him a smile back in his direction before the blonde one leant towards her brunette friend and whispered something. Trying not to be obvious about it Dean studied the girls. They only looked in their early twenties and definitely to his liking. He was stopped short as he bumped into Sam's back.

"Dude, what the hell?" They both asked simultaneously with a minor look of irritation on their faces.

Sam looked away from his brother and noticed the two girls sitting near where they had stopped and rolled his eyes, looking back at Dean. "Dean, for once ..."

Dean shrugged his shoulders. "I cant help it if I'm irresistible Sammy." He pulled a chair out from the table in front of him. "Is this where you wanted to sit?"

"I cant take you anywhere," Sam muttered under his breath as he took a seat across from his older brother. They were situated pretty much in the middle of the restaurant. There were the two young women just behind Dean to the left, an old couple sat in a booth against the wall to his left plus a small family a couple of booths down from the old couple. Sam watched the small family for a few moments. The family only seemed to consist of a man and his two sons and a few memories flew into Sam's mind of his own childhood with Dean and their father. The oldest of the two boys couldn't have been older than eight or ten and the youngest maybe five or six. He remembered back to the days when he and Dean had been that young. Things had been much simpler back then. There were no fights between him and his father. Dean and his dad had been his heroes and although their lives had been far from normal Sam had been content to be with his family. That had changed later when moving all the time and hunting had ruined his attempts at making friends with people outside their small circle of family and their fathers friends.

Dean turned to his brother with a confused look. The kid had gotten all quiet all of a sudden and had that thoughtful look on his face that Dean hated because he knew that whatever was going on in Sam's freaky head was something that he himself would not want to think about. Dean turned around to see what had captured his brothers attention and smirked when the first thing he saw were the two girls that quickly looked away from the brothers when Dean turned around. The smirk faded when he realised that it wasn't the girls that Sam had been staring at. The small family behind the girls was like a painful reminder of their past when they had just been kids and their father had taken them out for dinner. Times when they had almost been like a normal family for a couple of hours. Dean schooled his face back into a neutral look and then turned around to face Sam. He brought his lips up in a smirk as he leaned forward a little to get Sam's attention.

"Dude, I think they have a thing for you too. Maybe we can both get lucky tonight." Dean winked amused at the look of annoyed disgust on his little brothers fast.

"God Dean is that all you ever think about?" Sam complained. Sam wasn't against the opposite sex, far from it but sometimes he thought that Dean's brain totally lived downstairs full time.

"Suit yourself Sammy." Dean shrugged off his brown leather jacket and let it drape over the back of his seat. He leant back against the back of the chair casually and began playing with the napkin that had been on the table in front of him.

"So what do you think?" Sam asked, snatching the napkin out of Dean's hand before he could totally maser crate it.

"What do i think about what?"

Sam gestured around them to the restaurant with the hand he had stolen the napkin with. "This place."

Dean shrugged. "I dunno ... its a restaurant, what do you want me to say?"

"I dunno." Sam sighed and began looking for someone to serve them. He caught the eye of a waitress who was standing behind the bar making herself busy with this and that. "Let's order huh."

"I'm actually kinda hungry now." Dean commented.

Sam laughed and rolled his eyes. "I'd be surprised if you weren't."

Dean frowned. "What's that supposed to mean?" he asked in an insulted voice.

"Nothing ... never mind." Sam looked up and past Dean to the waitress who was making her way to them.

Dean was just about to look to see what had grabbed his brothers attention and found himself inches away from a slender female waist. His eyes travelled up and an instant smile appeared on his face. "Hey."

Sam inwardly sighed at the way his brother automatically put on the charm when faced with a pretty female. It was something that Dean had done for a long time to get what he wanted for the hunt or ... for himself and most of the time it worked without a problem. This time apparently it wasn't working and no-one was more surprised than Sam. It wasn't often that a woman didn't melt at just the sound of his brothers voice. Sam liked this girl. "Hey."

"What can I get you boys?" she flicked her hair back and then took her order pad and pencil out.

"Well whatever you have here i bet it tastes great even if its not on the menu." Dean flashed her his best smile but Sam almost laughed when it was basically shot down again with a long suffering look from the waitress.

"You'll have to excuse my brother ... what would you recommend?" Sam asked politely although he couldn't keep the smile off his face at the disgruntled look his brother gave him at that comment.

The waitress seemed to consider Sam's question. "hmm ... well there's the veil picarta, Linguini with clams ... oh and we also make a mean Italian pizza."

Sam looked at his brother asking silently what he felt like. Dean had a confused look on his face at the lack of melting he was receiving from the waitress but as usual his stomach didn't let him down. "I could really go for that pizza."

"Dean ..."

Dean glanced at his brother. "What?"

"We have pizza all the time. Dude we came here for an actual meal."

"You're kidding me right?" Sam had that look on his face. The look that clearly said that Dean knew better. That typical annoying little brother look and after a couple of beats Dean gave an exasperated sigh and looked back up at the waitress. "Fine ya know what. I think i'll have the linguini."

"Fine and what would you like?" the brunette asked as she wrote down Dean's order.

"Umm ... I think I'll go with the veal. Thanks." Sam handed her the menu and smiled politely.

"Can we get two beers with that as well."

"Sure thing guys. I'll bring you your beers and the meals should be ready shortly." She looked at both of them before walking away to the kitchen door to give the cook the new orders.

Dean shifted in the chair and looked at Sam. The boy was smiling like an idiot and that just annoyed him. "What the hell are you so happy about?"

"Dude." Sam chuckled. "You totally lost out there."

"Whatever dude."

Sam shook his head and pushed his chair back. "I'll leave you with your denial."

Dean frowned. "Where the hell are you going?"

"The bathroom but its okay Dean I'm a big boy I can go by myself." Sam said in a patronising tone as he stood up.

"Well aren't we the comedian tonight." Dean sniped back.

"Someone has to give you a break from that title occasionally dude." Sam didn't wait for his brother to respond. He walked to the back of the restaurant, past the kitchen door and easily found the men's room door.

Dean watched his brother go with a shake of his head. The kid could be such a stick in the mud sometimes and then there were times when he really thought he was funny. But Sam was joking with him and that didn't happen all that often anymore so Dean supposed he wouldn't complain too much. After all little brothers were meant to be pain in the asses. It was all in the job description and he had accepted that along time ago.

A beer being placed in front of him interrupted his thoughts and he looked up as the waitress placed Sam's beer on the table as well. "Thanks ..." Dean fished for a name.

"Theresa." she supplied after a moments hesitation.

"I'm Dean and that walking pain in the ass was my brother Sam." Dean introduced, wrapping his hand around his beer bottle but not taking a drink just yet.

"You boys aren't from around here are you?"

"Nope, just passing through really."

"I didn't think I'd seen you around here before." she commented more to herself than to Dean. "Well i better get back to the kitchen and see how your meals are coming along."

After Theresa walked away Dean took a sip of his beer and then twisted around in his seat when he heard a commotion behind him. The two little boys who had been sitting with their father were arguing over something, over what Dean wasn't sure. God, he'd had many arguments with Sam when they were kids. They had always been close but they were also brothers living out of a old Chevy and motel rooms. Fights were inevitable but their Dad had always stopped them before they escalated into full blown wars apart from the time he had put Nair in his brothers shampoo. That prank had been the prank to send Sam off on a murderous rampage and he hadn't spoke to him for longer than normal after that.

The brunette girl sitting at the table with her friend took his attention away from the family again when she gave him a seductive smile and a little wave of her hand. Dean smirked back and winked. The girl waved him over. Dean looked back towards the bathroom and silently wondered how long it took a guy to go to the bathroom. He shrugged his shoulders and pushed away from the table and walked over to the girls table, beer in hand. "Hey there."

"Hey." She smiled. "What brings you out tonight?"

Dean thought the fact that he was in a restaurant sort of spoke for itself but he wasn't picky. "My brother apparently thinks i need a feed."

"I think you look just fine." The blond replied extending her hand to Dean. "I'm Melissa."

Dean smiled and accepted her hand. He let her go a second later and pulled an empty chair over and sat down between them. "I'm Dean and this lovely lady would be ..."

"Samantha but you can call me Sami." Sami answered leaning forward in her seat.

Dean laughed. "No kidding."

"What?" Sami smiled curiously as to what Dean found so funny.

"My brother's name is Sammy."

"Wow what a coincidence." Melissa giggled.

"Yeah, its a miracle." Dean could already see the roll of Sam's eyes in his mind. He took a sip from his beer. "So girls ...


Sam washed his hands under the cold water from the faucet in the restaurant bathroom. He was sure this restaurant had been a good idea. They needed to just spend some time together as brothers. He knew that his supposed destiny with the yellow-eyed demon was weighing just as heavily on Dean as it was on him especially with their fathers suspicious death on top of everything. He also knew that Dean was terrified of losing anymore people that he loved and with Sam's new found obsession in the hunt it wasn't making things easy for the oldest remaining Winchester. Dinner in a nice quiet family restaurant wasn't going to fix everything but everyone needed to unwind sometimes and it was nice to be able to do it somewhere nice instead of the closest seedy bar like they usually did.

Sam looked up into the mirror at his reflection. His destiny scared the hell out of him which was why he was so determined to find answers. Being connected to a bad ass old Demon who had killed your mother and your girlfriend and countless others not to mention having psychic powers that were also connected to the son of a bitch couldn't be a good thing and the thing he wanted least of all was to be his brothers downfall.

Sam turned off the water and decided that it was about time he got back to his brother before he called a search party. Turning around Sam made his way to the door and opened it stopping short when he heard a commotion.


In the short time he had speaking to the girls Dean had found out that both girls were single and both studying at the same college. They had been childhood friends and Dean had come to the conclusion that Sami had a thing for his brother which he found both ironic and good. He thought it would be strange getting with a girl who had the same name as his little brother especially if things should get to a certain stage. Dean resisted the urge to shudder at the thought. Melissa was definitely more appealing to him now which suited everyone although he had the feeling that Sam wouldn't be in on the fun.

He was just about order the girls drinks when the front glass door slammed open and two guys wearing balaclavas barged in wielding 9 mm hand gun's. "Nobody move!" they both shouted. Dean winced when Melissa and Sami screamed and held their hands up. The younger of the two boys sitting in the booth started crying while his older brother looked on wide eyed. The youngest one scrambled under the table and into his fathers arms. The old couple clutched each other in fear at the sudden intrusion and Dean felt the absence of his .45 that was usually tucked into the waist band of his jeans. Sam had insisted that they were just going into a restaurant to eat and therefore wouldn't need a weapon. Well that was the last time he listened to his brother. This went to prove why it was prudent to carry a weapon on oneself at all times.

He had the sudden hope that his brother stayed in the bathroom although he knew that wasn't going to happen. Dean glared at the men. Now he couldn't even come out to eat in a restaurant without something screwing it up. This time they couldn't even blame it on the hunt unless these guys turned out to be possessed or something but he seriously doubted that. He was pretty sure that these idiots were simple normal human beings.

Dean thanked whoever was listening that the girls hadn't made a peep since the men entered, opting for keeping their heads down and their mouths shut but the same couldn't be said for the little boy who had tried to bury himself between his father and the booth chair.

"Shut him the hell up man before i shut him up for you!" Idiot number one shouted as he stalked over to the booth and pointed the gun at the man and his terrified child.

"Leave him alone!" The older boy shouted at the man and Dean had to give the kid credit. He had guts but that guts was going to get him killed if he wasn't careful. The kid was worried about his little brother. Dean could understand that sentiment.

The man's gun swung around to point towards the older kid and Dean felt himself automatically tense. "Keep your own mouth shut boy I'll i keep the both of you quiet ... permanently." Dean was about to stand up and say something but was beaten to the punch by the Idiot number two. "Man leave the kids alone. I don't want no-one to get hurt."

"Man, i hate snivelling little shits."

"I don't really care Ron! We're in enough trouble as it is now just calm the fuck down."

Ron's gun arm dropped to his side in frustration and he got face to face with his partner. "You just used my name you idiot!" he jabbed him hard in the shoulder.


Dean couldn't believe what he was hearing. These two idiots barge in and hold everyone hostage and then start arguing with each other. Dean started to stand slowly. "Dean!" Melissa hissed. Dean groaned when he saw that it had been loud enough to bring him attention from the two masked men.

"Don't even think about it buddy!" Ron ordered his gun automatically coming up to aim at Dean's head.

"I'm not doing anything dude." Dean answered and was a little relieved when Ron relaxed his arm a little. The man seemed in a panic and a lot skittish. It wouldn't take much for a mistake to happen.

The door to the kitchen could be heard opening and Dean turned to look, seeing Theresa coming out with their food. What worried Dean was that his little brother trying to sneak into the room. Dean had no idea what the idiot was trying to do but he didn't have time to think about it as all of a sudden Sam charged at Theresa and spun her around, food flying everywhere. A gunshot rang out and the girls started screaming along with the kid. Dean's eyes widened in shock when seconds after the shot blasted through the air it connected with his brothers back sending the younger hunter and Theresa flying into a food cart before crashing to the floor in a heap. The screaming and crying faded out for Dean as the only thing that he could concentrate on was his brother lying too still on the ground with blood blossoming on the back of his shirt. This could not be happening.


Gasp!!!! I shot Sammy!!! Anyone who knows me knows that I'm big on Dean!Hurt so this is a big first for me but I'm hoping for it to bring on a lot of angst and pissed off Dean hehe which is always great as well :) I really hope you have enjoyed it so far and i hope to post again soon. Reviews would be great they are one of my favourite things to find in my email hehe. Hope to see you soon :)

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