Quick Author's Notes: I wrote this last night for Near's birthday and posted it on deviantART. Usually after writing a story I would immediately upload it to deviantART, Livejournal and here, but last night I was just too tired and sick to do that. But, the day after is still okay. :D

Happy birthday Near! You get to cuddle with Matt. X3 I should write more Matt/Near fics…

Good Night

"Matt," Near stated, fingering the hinge on the doorway, "what are you doing out here?"

Matt was in one of Wammy's luxurious living rooms, sprawled out on the sofa. One arm was dangling, his fingers just brushing the floor; the other was curled around his stomach. He gave a guilty start and raised his head.


"Matt," Near said again, his soft voice even softer. "It is two in the morning. Why are you sleeping out here?"

"Umm...well..." Matt started, looking uncomfortable. "I just..." He averted Near's gaze and poked at the leather of the sofa. "I couldn't sleep. I just felt...Like walking around, that's all."

Near nodded, seeming to accept this answer. He shuffled into the room, curling a few strands of hair around his finger. He sat down on the floor beside the sofa, pulled a knee to his chest, and looked up at Matt.

Matt blinked. "What is it?"

"I can't sleep either."

Oh, Matt thought. Well that explains why he was wandering around...

The two of them stayed like that for a few more minutes, Matt lying uncomfortably on the couch wondering if he should move to make room for Near, and Near sitting on the floor staring off into the distance, his thoughts far away. Suddenly Matt realized that something was wrong with this picture.

"You...You don't have any toys with you, Near," he said in awe.

Near looked down at something on the hardwood floor. "No one wanted to come with me. I had to do it alone."

Huh? What does that mean? Matt thought, but decided that it would be better to leave that question unasked. Instead, he nodded, and started to admire the way Near looked in the moonlight.

Near's whole person was very pale and cold, and the moonlight seemed to drown him in silver shadow. Near had moved his head to rest on his knee, his blank black eyes looking almost woeful. For a brief second Matt thought that he looked very, very beautiful; and very, very sad.

The silence between them was not an awkward one. Matt started to speak again.

"Um...Near," he said slowly, and Near turned to look at him.

"Yes, Matt?"

"Would you like to...Sit up here, on the couch?" Matt bit back the words "with me". That sounded too informal for someone he only knew from a distance.

"...I would. Could I lie down?"

Matt blinked again, not quite sure what Near meant. He waved a hand and mumbled, "Yeah, sure..." while moving his legs into a sitting position similar to L's to make room.

Near sood briefly - quietly, gracefully - and climbed up on the leather sofa, sliding into Matt's seat. He snuggled up to his side and rested his head on Matt's shoulder, closing his eyes and hugging his knee while he did so. They were so close that Matt could feel Near's heartbeat, and his own sounded painfully loud.

Matt opened his mouth but quickly stopped himself. Near was so beautiful like this...He didn't want to disturb him. Carefully he dropped an arm around Near's shoulders and tugged him closer.

"Good night, Matt," Near whispered.

Author's Notes:

I switched between saying "sofa" and "couch". Dunno why. :/ Don't let it get to you, Midori-sama…Don't let it get to you…