Cardcaptor Alex

My first story so please be kind!

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Chapter one:

The Strange Book!


Alex ran through the quiet streets of Tomeda!"I can't believe I'm late again" he thought to himself.Alex was fairly fit but even he couldn't run half way across the city in five minutes. "Hmmm……I wonder where the shortcut Matt told me about is?" Alex thought to himself. "There!" exclaimed Alex. He turned sharply into a small alleyway and broke into a sprint. The bell rang as he swung open the door.

"Ah Mr.King nice of you to join us. Once more and you'll have classroom chores for a month!"

"Yes Mr.Evans, it won't happen again. I promise!"

Alex made his way to his seat beside his best friend, Matt Coleman.

"Nice going!" teased Matt.

Alex made a face at his friend and told him to shut up.

At lunch Alex and his friends, Matt, Kim, Jack and Ash, decided to eat outside. They were sitting under their favourite tree and talking about the new book shop opening down town. "I hope they have some books they don't need." Everyone looked at him as if he was mad." What are talking about?" asked." Well my mum teaches Grade 2 and she promised the kids a book fair, so she asked me to go to the library and different book stores to see if the have any old books." Everyone went back to their lunch and said what they would be doing after school. Alex looked around and saw a stick on the ground. All of a sudden it began to flicker. Alex blinked hard. The flickering stopped. The bell rang and all of them got up and left for P.E.

They were playing baseball and it was Alex's turn to bat. Alex but on his helmet and held his bat up.

It was Matt's turn to pitch. As he threw the ball it began to flicker. Alex blinked hard but know it looked like a pink card. Alex looked at his bat and it was a blue staff with a star in a ring and two small wings at the side. Alex looked around and no one seemed to notice. All of a sudden the baseball hit him square in the face. "Ouch!" said Matt." That gotta hurt!" A dazed Alex sat up and looked at his bat. It was just a normal bat.

Alex walked to the corner with Matt. Matt had a photography class at the community centre so both of them went their separate ways." I'll call over later to show you my new camera and to hear the whole story why you struck out today in baseball!"."You wouldn't believe me." replied Alex.

When Alex arrived at the new book shop he was greeted by a cheery voice." My first customer! " Alex jumped back in surprise as a blonde woman took him by the hand. " Since your customer number one" as she said this she held up her index finger." Everything is half-price!" "Thank you Mrs……..uhhhhhh? "Ms. Haligan" Alex bowed low and apologised. Ms. Haligan just laughed." No need to apologise. I'm used to it!" " I'm Alex King. I'm fourteen. I was wondering do you have any books you don't need."Ms. Haligan began to think." I think I have some in the cellar. Go down there and take as many as you like. There's some cardboard boxes down there also." "Thank you" said Alex as he bowed low.

Alex went down to the cellar and saw shelves upon shelves of books. He began throwing them into the box . He went down to the last shelf and all of a sudden the aisle was illuminated. Alex shielded his eyes and began to walk down the aisle to find the source of the light. When he arrived at the bottom of the shelf he found the source was a pink book. When he reached out to grab the book the glowing stopped. He pulled it out and looked at the cover. It was pink with a winged lion on it with a sun on a chain and seal in the shape of a wing. He tried to open it but couldn't. He blew the dust away and squinted at the writing on it.

"Sakura." All of a sudden the seal opened. Alex opened the book and inside there was only a set of cards but still he felt drawn to it. He decided to take it home.