Shinigami of Konoha.

Chapter 1.

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These two words rang out from the Valley of The End, resulting in a catastrophic explosion of a strange purple chakra. After a minute or so a blood curdling scream echoed through out the valley making the Copy Cat Ninja Kakashi flinch.

"Please hang on Naruto I'm coming." Kakashi thought franticly as he jumped from tree to tree with Pakun right behind him.

Naruto spat up another ounce of blood as he tried to hold the wound near his neck that Sasuke had inflicted upon him by his Chidori.

"Am…. I …going die…here?." Naruto thought weakly. Meanwhile Sasuke was howling in pain as he held what was left of his right arm after the Rasengan hit him.

"You idiot, look at what you did to my arm!!" Sasuke shouted. Naruto just stared into the red Sharingan eyes of Sasuke and said nothing as his eye sight started to blur.

"I..I'm sorry.. Sa.. Sakura.." Were Naruto's last thought's before he laid his down and forever left the land of the living or so he thought.

"Time to die you shitty rat!" The red headed member of the Sound Five spat as she continued to push out of Shikamaru's 'Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu' ready to stab him with a kunai in the gut.

"Shit this is so troublesome, I'm running out of chakra and stamina. Unless a miracle happens I'm dead" Then he felt it, he looked down towards his stomach and saw the blood flowing out of the wound, he tried to remove the blade but Tayuya back handed him and thrust the kunai deeper in too his body and pierced his lung, Shikamaru spat up a large amount of blood and crumbled to the ground, grabbing on too Tayuya's leg for support.

"Get off me you piece of shit!" she shouted as she kicked him off the tree and in too a bloody heap on the forest ground, thus ending his life.

"Heh I.. I did it." Choji muttered as he continued walking away from the corpse of Jirobo clutching his stomach in pain.

"Ahhhh it hurts so bad!" Choji shouted as he tried to suppress the pain from his chakra depletion, suddenly he felt a horrible pain coming from his back, he moved his hand around and pulled out a kunai knife from his spine, he turned around to see Jirobo crouching on the ground, spitting up blood.

"If.. if I'm going to di.. die you're coming with me…." Jirobo finished as he fell to the ground, dead. Choji fell to the ground as well and tried to hold the wound on his back but it was useless he was too fatigued to move.

"I'm sorry Shikamaru….. I failed." Choji managed to say before he gave up the ghost.

Kiba sighed as he leaned up against a tree to try and catch his breath.

"That's was close Akamaru, we got away from them." Kiba said referring to Sakon and Ukon.

"Did you now." a voice said, Kiba quickly turned around to stare right in to the face of Sakon who was wearing Kiba's jacket.

"Thanks for the jacket mutt, I guess that nose of yours didn't sense me because you're too familiar with your own scent. I'm tired of messing with you time to die." Sakon said as he pulled out a kunai and prepared to strike down Kiba but then he stopped, he got an evil smile and threw the kunai at Akamaru.

"NO!" Kiba shouted as he tried to get up but the wound he gave him self to get Ukon out of his body stopped him from moving. Kiba closed his eyes as he heard the sound of metal piercing flesh and a yelp of pain. He opened his eyes and saw Akamaru, dead, tears started to fall from Kiba's eyes as he looked at his best friend and partner. Sakon walked over to Akamaru and recovered his kunai he then spat on Akamaru, enraging Kiba.

"YOU BASTARD!!!" Kiba shouted.

"Oh right I almost forgot about you, DIE!" Sakon threw the kunai at Kiba embedding it in his head, killing him instantly.

Some where in the forest where the battles of the Sound Five and the Konoha ninja were fighting a bald man wearing the usual shinigami uniform and his zanpakuto tied to his belt was walking down a dirt path, this mans name was Ikkaku Madarame 3rd seat of the 11th Division of Soul Society, the division it self was on a hollow hunt near Konoha and Ikkaku was bored out of his mind.

"Two D-level hollows: that's all I've been able to find." Ikkaku sighed he looked up and saw a boy with white eyes, a tan shirt, brownish shorts, long brown hair and a chain attached to his chest.

"Hmm duty calls I suppose." Ikkaku said as he walked up to the boy.

"Who are you!?" The boy shouted as he got in to a fighting stance.

"Relax kid I'm here to help, how long have you been dead?"

"A couple minuets I guess."

"Who or what killed you?"

"Him." Neji said as he pointed towards the dead corpse that is Kidomaru and his ghost.

"I'm going to kill you, you brat!" Kidomaru shouted as he tried to charge at Neji but the 'Chain of Fate' held him down.

"What's your name, you two?" Ikkaku asked.

"Neji Hyuga."


"Hmmm they both have a strong reiatsu for new soul's I would guess two hundred or three hundred." Ikkaku thought

"Well Neji, Kidomaru my name is Ikkaku Madarame and I am a shinigami and 3rd seat of the 11th division of Soul Society. Soul Society is what you know as Heaven, but before I send you there I will explain a few things." So Ikkaku began to explain hollows, wholes, the duty's of a shingami, reiatsu, the other divisions and zanpakuto.

"Now I will send you two to the Seireitei where you will be sent to the Shinigami academy and trained to be a shinigami." Ikkaku said as he raised his zanpakuto and hit Neji on the fore head with the butt of his sword sending Neji to Soul Society in a flash of blue light and Kidomaru right after him.

"Well I guess this hunting trip wasn't a total waste. I wonder where Yumichika is?" Ikkaku said, as if on cue Yumichika appeared right beside him looking kind of grossed out.

"What's wrong with you?" Ikkaku asked before he could stop himself, knowing that the reason was going to be stupid.

"I just sent this really weird boy to Soul Society, I swear he had the most disgusting hair cut, these huge eye brows, the creepiest outfit and the buggiest eyes I have ever seen." Yumichika shuddered.

"What was his name?"

"Something like 'Rock Lee' I think."

"What killed him?" Ikkaku asked.

"This teen who could use his bones as weapons. I sent him to Seiretei as well, he died of some type of illness right after he killed Lee, I think he said his name was Kimimaro Kaguya" Yumichika said.

"Hmmmm interesting, well let's go see if we can find some hollows I'm bored." Ikkaku said as he and his life long friend walked off hoping for a good fight.

"WHAT DO I DO NOW!?!?!?!?!" Naruto shouted as he stared at his own corpse which was quite creepy. Noticing the chain on his chest for the first time Naruto started tugging at it.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Came the voice of a very bubbly sounding girl.

Naruto looked up to see a little girl with bubble gum pink hair, wearing a white kosode, a black kimono and hakama, a white obi sash and a sword that she was carrying by a small strap on the sheath.

"WHO ARE YOU!?!?!" Naruto asked/shouted.

"Hehehe you're a loud one aren't you 'big mouth'" the mystery girl said.

"I said, who are you?!" Naruto repeated but not as loud.

"Hehehe, my name is Yachiru Kusajishi and I'm a shingami, Vice-captain of the 11th squad of Soul Society and president of the Shinigami Women's Association!"

"Huh?" Naruto muttered dumbly.

"Hehe I'm a…." 'ring, ring' "Oops hold on a sec please." Yachiru said as she started rummaging through her out fit.

"Ahhhhhhhh where is it!!!" Yachiru said, franticly trying to find whatever it was she was looking for.

"Aha, here it is" she said as she put some thing next to her ear.

"Hello….. oh hi Ken-chan…. We're leaving?... Ok I'll be there in a minute or so, bye Ken-chan!" She then moved the thing away from her ear and put it back in too her out fit.

"I have to go 'big mouth' but I'll see you later." Yachiru said, she then disappeared in the blink of an eye and reappeared in front of Naruto and hit him on the head with her sword.

"Hey what was that fo…" Naruto stopped as the ground around him started flashing blue and he began to sink in to the ground.

"Bye, bye 'big mouth'" Yachiru waved until Naruto was gone. When Naruto awoke the first thing that he saw was that he was now in a big white room and his friends Shikamaru, Kiba, Choji, Rock Lee and Neji in it wearing long white robes, there were also some who weren't his friend's meaning Jirobo, Kimimaro and Kidomaru who also were wearing white robes.

"What! Did you guys die too?!?!" Naruto shouted.

"Yep, we all did I guess." Choji said.

"Troublesome." (If you don't know who said that then you're a very sad Naruto fan)

"YOSH! My youthful rival is here with me in the after life also, this is most awesome!!" Lee shouted enthusiastically.

"Lee calm down please." Neji said calmly

"Does anyone know where we are." Naruto asked.

"Didn't the shinigami that sent you here tell you?" Kiba asked.

"All she said is that her name was Yachiru Kusajishi, that she was a shinigami, that she was the vice-captain of the 11th squad whatever that is and that she was the president of the Shinigami Women's Association, now where are we!?"

"We're in Soul Society, It' heaven from I've heard, we've been here for a couple of minutes and the guy that sent me here said to wait for some one to come and pick us up. He said his name was Makizo Aramaki" Shikamaru said.

"Who brought you here guys?" Naruto asked.

"The captain of squad eleven" Kiba shuddered "Man that guy is creepy yet cool at the same time, he said his name is Kenpachi Zaraki."

"Kidomaru and I were sent here by a man named Ikkaku Madarame who is the 3rd seat of the 11th division." Neji said

"Kimimaro and I were sent here by the youthful 5th seat of the 11th division of Soul Society, Yumichika Ayasegawa!" Lee shouted.

"Me and Jirobo were sent by a guy named Kurisu Ryuu, (Kurisu is an OC from one of my other fics, "Naruto's New Dream") he says that he is the 7th seat in the 11th squad." Choji said.

They were about to say more but the doors to the room they were in opened to reveal a man wearing the usual shinigami garb only he had cut the sleeve's off, he wore a lot of wrap around his mouth and his sword was tied to his back.

"Hello my name is Zabuza Momochi 4th seat of squad eleven and I am here to escort you through the Seiretei and bring you to the Shinigami academy where you will be trained to be shinigami." Zabuza sounded like he had done this a thousand times and was getting tired of it, he looked around and examined every person until he landed on Naruto.

"What the hell killed you kid!" Zabuza asked/shouted.

"I was… killed by Sasuke." Naruto said sadly.

"Really? Well that's weird, anyway come on lets go." Zabuza said as he left the room with the nine new shinigami right behind him.

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