Shinigami of Konoha.

Chapter 2.

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"All right guy's here it is, the Shinigami Academy!" Zabuza said as he pointed too the large building.

"You will each spend six years in the academy, in that time you will learn the rules of basic swordsman ship, kido which in comparison is kind of like ninjutsu, if you have a talent for healing then you will be trained and put in the 4th squad which handle the hospital and training field medics, then you will also learn about other shinigami tools that help us in are fight against hollows such as the Soul Pager and other gear and last but not least you will learn to form your zanpakuto then after the six year period is up you will take a graduation exam and if you pass you will be put in one of the Gotie 13 squad's that you would be most beneficial in. Now follow me." Zabuza finished as he pushed open the doors to the academy with the group following him.

"Hey sensei I've got some new ones for ya'!" Zabuza shouted.

"Quiet your self Zabuza I'm reading." Came a voice, the group turned around to see a very tall man, you could not see his face do to the fact that he had his nose in a book but you could see his large amount of grayish hair from behind the book, he wore the basic shinigami grab with the exception of a pair of blue shoulder pads on each shoulder with a fuzzy white collar and his zanpakuto was tied to his belt. He lowered his book to reveal his face, his face was a little pale, his eyes were a light orange and he had one orange strip on each cheek and one on his chin.

"Hello my name is Heisei Izumi but if you are from Konoha or any of the other shinobi nations then you will probably know me better as the Nidamie Hokage."

"I thought you looked familiar." Shikamaru said in aw as he stared at one of the greatest Hokage in Konoha history.

"Are any of you from Konoha?" Heisei asked.

"We all are except these three." Kiba said as he pointed to the three ex-sound ninja.

"Very well, which one of you is Inuzuka?" Heisei asked.

"I am sir." Kiba said.

"Hmmm your room is number 26, room mate: Kira, go straight ahead and then turn left and you'll find it." Heisei said as he looked at a piece of paper that had all the room arrangements on it.

"Alright, who's Uzumaki?"

"Me sir." Naruto said.

"Your room is 67, room mate: Rukia, go straight, turn right, head upstairs and turn left and you should find it. OK… Hyuga your room is number 12, room mate: Hinamori, go straight and head right you'll find it. Alright Nara and Akimichi your room in number 10, same direction's I just gave Hyuga. Ok Lee your room is number 52 and your room mate is Abarai same directions I gave Uzumaki. Kidomaru and Jirobo your room is number 19 go straight and then turn left. And lastly Kimimaro you have a room all to your self the room number is 6 go straight and turn right, OK that's all your rooms, meet back here in one hour to form your zanpakuto, don't worry I'll teach you how to do it." Heisei finished with a kind smile.

Naruto walked up to his new room and he was thinking hard about his new room mate.

"I wonder what he or she is like, I hope he or she isn't emo, gay or a stuck up asshole or any combination of the three, maybe it's a pretty girl." After that thought Naruto stepped up the pace to get to his room, he reached the door with a big '67' on it and knocked on the door three times.

"Come in." Came a voice from inside the room, Naruto opened the door and said.

"Hi I'm Naruto Uzumaki and I'm your new room mate!"

"Hello I am Rukia, it's a pleasure to meet you." She said in a cheery voice as they shook hands.

Meanwhile Kiba was getting acquainted with his new room mate: Izuru Kira, he was a nice guy a little arrogant but still a nice guy.

Inside his room Renji Abarai was sharpening his zanpakuto when all of a sudden the door to his room was knocked clean of its hinges and a weird looking boy walked in.

"HELLO I AM ROCK LEE YOUR NEW YOUTHFUL ROOM MATE!!!" the boy known as Rock Lee shouted, striking a pose.

"Uh… hi." Renji said still trying to comprehend what just happened.

"WHAT IS YOUR YOUTHFUL NAME!?!" Lee shouted again.



Neji knocked twice as he reached his new room hoping that his new room mate was a quiet person.

"Who is it?" Came a girl's voice.

"I am your new room mate, may I come in?" Neji asked.

"Of course, be right there." The door opened to reveal a small pretty girl with brown hair and pigtails.

"Hello I'm Momo Hinamori and you are?" Momo asked.

"Neji Hyuga, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He said as he made a small bow.

"It's a pleasure as well. I hope you will like it here, sensei told me I was getting a room mate so I tried to straiten up a bit sorry if it's dirty." Momo said.

Neji looked around the room as he entered and thought.

"Dirty? This place is as clean as a hospital except it doesn't have that strange smell of disinfectant, in fact (sniff, sniff) it smells like plums"

"No, no it's very nice." he assured her with a kind smile.

Shikamaru and Choji opened the door to there room, it was nice it had two beds one bigger then the other by a bit, there was a desk, a night stand for each bed, two dressers, two closets and a window that looked out towards one of the training grounds.

"This is nice." Shikamaru said

"Yeah and I get the big bed Shikamaru." Choji said as he jumped on to it.


An hour later all of the soon to be shinigami arrived back where Heisei asked them to return, Momo, Rukia, Izuru and Renji all so came to see what kind of zanpakuto there new room mates would get.

"All right I will now teach you how to form your zanpakuto, now who to do first hmmmmm how about Shikamaru." Heisei said.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru muttered as he walked up to Heisei.

"Now just try and concentrate and bring out your spirit energy and it should form in to your zanpakuto, those of high spirit power have to try and maintain it or you'll be wielding a blade as big as a building, now focus."

Shikamaru closed his eyes and began to focus after about thirty seconds a blue light glowed out of Shikamaru's hand he opened his eyes and held up the wakizashi that was now in his hand, it had a brilliant black and red blade design (If your Morrowind savvy then think of a Daedric weapon), the cross guard had the design of a deer running through a forest on each side of it, the sheath was a black and red just like the blade and the hilt also had then design of a deer only it was standing on top of a ledge looking up towards the sky as if it were cloud watching.

"Excellent work Shikamaru that is truly a beautiful blade good work, now Kidomaru." Heisei said as he patted Shikamaru on the back.

Kidomaru started doing the same thing Shikamaru had done and after five minuets a blue glow started coming from one of his hand, it was a normal sized katana with a red hilt and sheath.

"Good work Kidoma…." But Heisei was cut short as another blue glow started from one of Kidomaru's hands until he was holding another sword, both looked exactly alike.

"Two zanpakuto!" Heisei sounded a little surprised.

Kidomaru looked like he had just ran a marathon that would wear out Lee.

"What? What's so special about having two zanpakuto?" Naruto asked.

"It's a very rare thing to happen, to have two sealed zanpakuto, it's happened a couple of times but the only person who has two at the moment is captain of the 8th squad: Shunsui Kyouraku." Heisei said.

"These kids look promising." Zabuza thought, a little surprised like his old sensei.

"Ok next Naruto." Heisei said.

It took Naruto a while (half an hour) but he finally formed his zanpakuto. It was an elegant claymore, the blade was made out of the purest silver with a black opal crystal engraved were the blade meets the cross guard and the hilt had a design of a Chinese dragon with lighting running around it.

"Wow that is a beautiful blade, well done Naruto. Next please." Heisei said

The next hour every one was done forming there zanpakuto. Jirobo's zanpakuto was a large broad sword with not much detail on it, Kiba's was a dai-katana with the design of a wolf howling at the moon on the hilt and cross guard, Lee's was a zanbato very similar to Ichigo's sealed zanpakuto only it has no cross guard, Kimimaro's was a slim and smooth katana with an orient design on the hilt and cross guard, Choji's was an over sized katana with a black hilt and Neji's was a katana with a white hilt.

"Alright very good every one, now Renji would you please show every one to the dinning hall." Heisei said.

"Hai sensei! Alright follow me every one." Renji said as he marched off with every one behind him. After every one left Zabuza walked over to Heisei.

"Sensei did you feel that huge spirit pressure after Naruto formed his zanpakuto?" Zabuza asked.

"Yes I did Zabuza it was indeed large and I think his spirit energy still has a way to go before it's done growing." Heisei said.

"Really? What level do you think he is at now?"

"5th seat maybe higher it was so quick I'm having a hard time deciding. Anyway, how is Haku doing?"

"Good, very good, well I better get going, see ya' later sensei." Zabuza waved as he flash stepped away.

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