Chapter 7

Shinigami of Konoha

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Naruto followed as a member of the thirteenth squad led him to where he would meet the captain for his introduction into the squad. He was slightly nervous, he knew that the captain of the thirteenth was a kind man but still…

"Here we are…" The man said breaking Naruto out of his thoughts as he opened a door that led to a small room.

"Just wait here for Kaien-dono, he'll be here in a moment." Naruto was slightly confused; wasn't he supposed to meet the captain, not the lieutenant? Before he could ask the man had already left. From the next room he could hear people speaking in hushed voices.

"That's him isn't it? The one who unlocked Shikai in his third year?"

"Yeah and he's not even from a noble family."

"Ha! I bet those stuffed shirts are so ticked at him. It's 'bout time one of us regular Joe's got some lime light." Naruto smiled, back when he was alive he got about as much respect as a bug in the middle of a busy high way got but now… people looked up to him, heck back in the academy many younger students had came to him shaking his hand and saying that they were going to strive to be just like him. Although he loved the attention but was careful not to let it go to his head it some times got out of hand, like when a pair of first year girls tried to jump and de-cloth him… boy was that an interesting day. Suddenly the whispering stopped and he could hear all the men running away, followed by…

"Stop all this lazing about and get back to work before I kick all your ass's and then send you off to the fourth barracks, wait for you to get healed and then do it again!" Naruto sweat dropped at this but stood at attention as the door to the room slid open. Standing there was a tall man dressed in the shihakusho with black hair, his hair was the same length as Naruto's. The man took to fingers together and gave Naruto a small salute.

"Yo! I'm Kaien Shiba, fukutaicho of the great and super awesome thirteenth squad. Sorry our captain couldn't see you personally, as you may or may not know he suffers from illness and can't always make certain appointments so I have to take care of most of the work. In fact you can call me Kaien-taicho on accident if you want from time to time, hahaha!" Naruto smiled at the superior shinigami he already liked him, he seemed like a great guy.

"It's no problem at all Kaien-fukutaicho. I'm Naruto Uzumaki, it's a pleasure to meet you sir." Kaien smiled back at the younger soldier and walked over to him patting him on the shoulder.

"Ah you're the one every one made a fuss about 'couple of years back, huh? Well it's great to have you on board. Follow me it's time for your Seat placement test." Naruto nodded as he followed the lieutenant of his new division out on to the courtyard of the compound. It seemed the news of his arrival had spread quickly for there was already a large number of division members present in the courtyard. Kaien turned around and pulled his zanpakuto from its scabbard.

"Alright now since you have Shikai that already places you at least Tenth Seat, however I need to see it for my self." Naruto nodded and pulled his zanpakuto off of his back.

"Hiraishin!" After the flash of yellow reiatsu, Naruto smiled proudly as he held out his Shikai for Kaien to observe it. Kaien looked up and down the blade for a minuet before nodding confidently.

"That's one nice sword but let's see it in action." Naruto nodded before looking around for something to attack.

"That's not very smart…" Naruto turned back to Kaien right as his zanpakuto came down on him. Naruto brought his sword up just in time to block it.

"You should always face your opponent." Kaien said pushing harder at Naruto.

"Well how was I supposed to know I would be fighting you?!" Naruto shouted as he too pushed at the lieutenant.

"Well I don't draw my sword for the heck of it…" Naruto deadpanned at this; he did have a point… Kaien flared his reiatsu and began pushing Naruto to one knee. His sweat began to slowly drift upward from his face as the lieutenants' reiatsu kept pushing down on him. Naruto slide out from under the blade and rolled to a stop five feet away. Kaien hefted his sword onto his shoulder.

"Alright you did well on the spiritual pressure test, now let's see how good you are in Zanjutsu." Naruto smirked before disappearing from view, at least to those under the level lieutenant. Kaien held out his sword to the left blocking Naruto's stab, not wasting a minuet, Naruto spun on his heel using a back-hand slash. Kaien smirked raising his blade up and blocking it perfectly before kicking Naruto in the gut and sending him sliding across the court yard. Naruto wiped a small trickle of blood from his mouth before standing back up on his feet; his blade began to glow with his yellow reiatsu. Kaien looked interested to see what was going to happen. Naruto jerked his head upward and thrust his sword forward.

"Raikou Shotto!!"(Lightning Shot!!). A blast of yellow reiatsu shoot forward, sparks of electricity running though and over it. Kaien through up his hand and shot a blast of red energy at the lightning ball, it dulled it but not enough to counter it or stop it from coming at him. He sliced upward chopping the speeding ball of reiatsu in half. Looking back to Naruto was standing he found he wasn't there but now above him. Naruto dropped from on top of himwith his sword positioned to impale him. Kaien simply side stepped the move but didn't notice that the blade was glowing yellow and as soon as the blade slammed into the ground a blast way of Naruto's lightning reiatsu shoot from the sword hitting Kaien head on.

Kaien stood back up from the ground with some small cuts and bruises but nothing serious.

"Well that was unexpected…" He said as he brushed some dust of his shoulder. Naruto ripped his sword out of the ground and charged at Kaien again slashing at him with the speed of Hiraishin. Kaien was having a bit of difficulty blocking each blow, some of the swings actually hitting home but not doing very much. After another cut to his chest Kaien saw an opening and slammed Naruto in the face with the hilt of his sword breaking off his barrage of slashes.

"I haven't had this much of a work out in a long time." Kaien said with a big smile on his face as he began stretching his legs back and forth. Naruto was panting slightly but could still continue to fight with ease. The lieutenant and the greenhorn locked eyes. Kaien raised his zanpakuto above his head.

"Rage the seas and the heavens, Nejibana!" His zanpakuto began to dissolve into water before reforming into a mix between a trident and a Ji (Chinese Halberd) that looked like it was made of a smooth icy crystal. Naruto gulped, he had been having trouble fighting him with his sword sealed now how was he going to even get close to him?

"That's enough Kaien-san." Both Shinigami turned their attention before standing up straight and saluting the captain of there division.

"Hai Ukitake-taicho. Forgive me I was getting a little carried away!" Ukitake just waved it off.

"So Kaien-san, what Seat do you think Naruto-san is capable of?" Kaien stood at attention.

"Sir while Naruto-san's power is on level or even greater than my wife: Third Seat Miyako I believe she has more experience, so I recommend Naruto-san be placed as our new Fourth Seat." If Naruto had been eating something he was quite sure he would have chocked. Ukitake nodded his head.

"I trust your judgment Kaien-san. Now Naruto-san, follow me and we'll get your Seat placement official." Naruto nodded dully before walking off with the captain to his office.

(Squad Eight barracks!)

"Hmmm you're quite good. Are you sure you don't want some sake?"

"Thank you, your one of the better people I've faced besides my dad… I could never beat him and no thanks, it would effect my moves."

"Right (gulp)! Ahh, well shall we continue?"

"Yes… your move."

"Right, you know out of all my division you're probably the best, even Nanao-chan can't beat me."

"Checkmate…" Shunsui Kyoraku blinked several times, rubbed his eyes and blinked again. He read over the shogi board in front of him and found his king was indeed in checkmate. He let out a hearty laugh before taking another gulp of sake. He liked this kid already: he was calm, laid back, lazy and very good at shogi; only old man Yama was ever able to beat him in shogi. Yes indeed, he liked his new Third Seat very much.

"Well Shikamaru-kun care for something to eat?" Shikamaru nodded his head slightly.

"Nanao-chan… Nanao-chan, lovely, lovely Nanao-chan…" Said lieutenant barraged into the room with a rather large tick mark on her forehead… When she first heard that the new recruit coming in had a genius IQ of over two-hundred she was very interested, when she heard he was very good in kido and could formulate several battle plans at once and then decide which was the best to act on she was intrigued but when she found out he was a down right lazy bum who thought the world was troublesome and preferred watching clouds over doing any kind of work she instantly began crying and whacking her head against her kido book at the thought of having to deal with 'another' Kyoraku.

"Yes… Kyoraku-taicho…" She said dangerously.

"Could you please get us something to eat? Thank you Nanao-chan." Her eye began to twitch on its own accord but she bowed to her captain and left to go fetch something to eat. After she left Shikamaru began to reset the board while his captain took another swig of sake.

"She seems kind of troublesome…" Shikamaru muttered off hand.

"You'd think that wouldn't you. Heh, to tell you the truth with out her as my fukutaicho this squad wouldn't run very well, I'm just a bit to lazy to do paper work." Shikamaru nodded as he placed the last shogi piece on the board.

"It's troublesome but after this game I have to go meet my friends for a party…" Kyoraku nodded his head before giving his new Third Seat a big grin.

"I take it your going to a bar." Shikamaru nodded his head.

"Well if you buy for me I'll let you off of paper work for the first week." Shikamaru nodded and the captains' grin got bigger. It wouldn't be to bad… would it?

(Squad Thirteen barracks: Captain Jushiro Ukitake's office.)

Jushiro sighed as he sat down in his chair, swinging his chair around to face Naruto who was standing opposite him in front of his desk.

"Alright Naruto-san, hold on a sec while I start signing the papers." Naruto nodded as Jushiro began writing something down on a piece of paper. Naruto heard the door to the office open behind him, not wanting to seem distracted in front of his captain he kept his gaze forward, but when he heard something crash to the ground he turned around and gasped. Standing there in the door way with a broken tray and cups at her feet and very wide eyes with tears threatening to fall was none other then Rukia Kuchiki.

"Na…Naruto?" Naruto smiled his big foxy grin before he opened his arms, welcoming her into a hug. She charged at him, bringing him into a bone crushing embrace, completely ignoring the elder shinigami in the room.

"Oh I've missed you so much, you big knuckle head. I had no idea you'd be put in the Thirteenth." Rukia said. Naruto smiled back down at her, gently stroking her soft raven colored hair.

"Yeah, I've missed you too Rukia-chan, it's been hell with out you." Rukia blushed slightly at what he had said, not knowing he was taking about his new room mate. Jushiro cleared his throat to gain their attention, which he did.

"Sorry to cut the reunion short but you both have duties to attend to." The two shinigami broke there hug and bowed to the captain.

"Hai, Ukitake-taicho!" They shouted in unison. Rukia turned to leave but noticed Naruto wasn't following her.

"Sir I was wondering if I could start my duties tomorrow. My friends from the academy are having a party at a local bar in Rukongai to celebrate becoming shinigami." Ukitake took on a thinking pose before setting his hands down on his desk.

"Mind if I come? I haven't been out on the town for a long time."

"Of course sir, we would be honored to have you join us, also…" Naruto turned to Rukia." Could Rukia-chan come as well? I will finish all the duties she was supposed to finish today along with the rest of my work." Ukitake nodded as he stood up and put on his sandals. As Naruto walked out the door he stuck out his arm towards Rukia, who looked slightly surprised at the gesture before hooking her arm with his and walking out with the captain behind them.

(District 31, Rukongai: The Wasted Hollow." (Lol, a friend of mine though of that one…)

"Cheers!!" The new shinigami, Rukia and Ukitake shouted together, each one knocking their sake's dishes together before downing the alcoholic beverage, while captain Kyoraku sat in a booth with two girls on each side cheering him on as he chugged a jug of sake. After the ten had finished their glasses Naruto held up his hands, there was a small tint of red on his cheeks.

"Alright everyone, starting at Choji tell us your Seat or if you didn't get one!" Choji stood up proudly and flared his nostrils, with a glass of sake in his hand.

"I am Choji Akimichi, the new Sixth seat of squad Ten!!" The patrons of the bar cheered as well as his friends as he downed the glass of sake and sat back down with a proud gleam in his eye. Next Kiba stood up.

"I, Kiba Inuzuka am now the official Fifth Seat of squad Seven!!" A louder cheer erupted from the bar as he too drank a glass of sake. Renji stood up and held his glass high.

"I Renji Abarai, along with Izuru Kira and Momo Hinamori…" Renji pointed to Momo who was sitting next to Neji with her head leaned against his shoulder. Izuru didn't come with them because he had gone to his parent's grave to pray and tell them the good news. "Are now the fifth Seat's of the Fifth Squad!!" Another roar of cheers, Shikamaru simply lifted his glass with out standing.

"I, Shikamaru Nara made Third Seat of squad Eight…" The crowd cheered again drinking along with Shikamaru. Kyoraku shouted something incoherent before returning back to his jug of sake. Neji stood from his seat taking his glass as well.

"I, Neji Hyuga have made Seventh Seat of Squad Six." After the cheers end for the fifth time, Lee stood up with his glass of water; thanks to Neji's warning he was not allowed sake now or ever.

"I am Rock Lee, the youthful shinigami of squad eleven that made it to the Ninth Seat when I took my test under the youthful Ikkaku Madarame, Third Seat of the great and youthful squad eleven!! YOSH!!" The crowd cheered again as he set his glass down. Now Naruto, who was still standing up, grabbed the pitcher of sake from there table, stood up on said table and faced the crowd.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki and I made it to the Fourth Seat of Squad Thirteen thanks to my great sensei's: Heisei Izumi and Obito Uchiha my old kido teacher. And there's no way I could forget all my friends, whom with out I don't think I could have gotten this far on my own so quickly. Thank you all and may all of our career's be successful and let us forever etch our names into the history books of Seireitei!!" Naruto took the pitcher to his mouth and started chugging the contents while the patrons and his friends cheered him on. He let out a satisfied sigh as he slammed the pitcher on the table with not even a tiny drop in the bottom, he sat back in his seat next to Rukia and sighed again.

"Well said Naruto-san. Spoken like a true friend." Ukitake said. Naruto smiled bashfully at his captain.

"Well it's true with out friends you have no life. I care about all my friends, I 'd rather die then see one of them in pain!"

"AHHHH!! Help me!! Hollows!! Hollows!!" All of the shinigami in the bar froze as a huge wave of hollow reiatsu washed over the area; how did they miss so many hollow's signals….

"It was probably because of the alcohol… No that can't be it, but how could so many of them just come out of no where?" Ukitake thought franticly as he pulled his zanpakuto from its sheath and ran outside with a tipsy Kyoraku and the rest of the shinigami present. The street was littered with hollows, several of them in the air.

"H…holy crap! Where'd all these hollows come from!?" Another shinigami from the bar shouted as the group began drawing zanpakuto. The hollows turned to the group of shinigami, some of them ran after seeing the two captains but other stronger hollows simply licked there lips at the tasty meal before them.

"Alright, here's what we're going to do. Shikamaru-san."

"Hai, Ukitake-taicho."

"You are the second highest ranking officer here, besides myself and Kyoraku-taicho. But since he can barley walk he's going to have to stay out of the fight. I want you to take five men and counter-attack the hollows while the rest of us start evacuating the people, understood?"

"Hai!" Shikamaru turned to Naruto and the rest of his friends.

"Come on guy's. Even though it's troublesome, we've got another mission the six of us need to do." Neji and Choji smiled, Kiba let out a whoop and Lee struck a good guy pose.

"Alright but let's try not to get killed this time!" Naruto shouted pumping a fist into the air as the six disappeared from view.

"Get away from me!!"

"Come back here little girl, I'm just going to eat your soul!!" A large hollow bellowed as it chased after a young girl. The girl tripped and fell to the ground with a scream, knowing that she was dead. She felt the hollow lift her off of the ground and raise her to its mouth, she slammed her eyes shut and waited.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!" She jerked her eyes open as she felt herself fall to the ground. Before she could hit the ground she felt some one catch her, she looked up into the eyes of our favorite fuzzy browed shinigami.

"Are you alright?" Rock Lee asked as he set the girl down. The hollow kept screaming after having all of its fingers cut off, the ugly creature locked its bright yellow eyes on Lee.

"You are so going to pay for that, you freak." Lee stood up and looked at the large hollow.

"That was not very youthful of you to go after this little girl when she has no way of her defending her self." Lee said giving the large creature a thumb's up.

"Like I care bowl cut, just get out of my way before I eat your ity bity soul too!"

"If that is how you feel, then prepare to face the awesome power of youth!!" Neji sweat dropped as a he felt Lee's spiritual pressure suddenly surge.

"The fool is probably getting too excited…"Neji thought. A hollow lunged at him from behind, Neji, with out even turning around simply pointed his left index finger right at it's skull and shot a bolt of lighting, shattering the hollows mask instantly.

"Come on Kiba I'm five ahead of you already!!" Naruto shouted slicing through another hollow on the street. Kiba growled.

"Not for long; Hunt them down, Gaoh!!" The giant sliver wolf spun at a group of hollows, shredding them into pieces as it slammed into them.

"Ha! I'm ahead now." Naruto pouted as he landed next to Kiba. As the dead hollows began to dissipate there stood a hooded figure in a black cloak. He looked average height with an average build. There was an orient design of an ox on his cloak and what looked liked a zanpakuto at his side. Under it they could see a very ragged looking shihakusho.

"Ah good we got some back! What's your name and what squad are you from?!" Naruto shouted. The figure said nothing as he raised his hood to reveal a stock of ghost white hair in a crew cut, he looked to be in his late twenties but if he was a shinigami he was probably more like in his one-thousands. He had light colored skin but not enough to be called pale. The unnamed shinigami drew his zanpakuto and held it out in front of him.

"I am Archer, we twelve of the Zodiac will take revenge on those who banished us." And with out another word the man known as Archer, lunged forward with a speed almost or if not greater than Hiraishin. Naruto had a split second to block the attack as it came crashing down on him. The katana Archer was holding had an ox head on the bottom of the handle, a black hilt, a sliver blade, and a black tsuba. Naruto started to growl as he pushed at the attacking man.

"Back… The… Hell… OFF!!" Naruto shouted flaring his spiritual pressure, sending the black cloaked man back. He looked mildly amused.

"What's up with this guy? He's spiritual pressure is pretty powerful."

"How should I know?!" Kiba barked at him. Archer flared his spiritual pressure before charging at the two again.


Ukitake sighed as the last of the civilians were brought into the protective kido surrounding five kilometer range. He was about to head off to go hunt the rest of the hollows when he felt familiar spiritual pressure surge.

"No… it can't be. How did he get back?!" Ukitake turned around.

"Abarai-san, Rukia-san. Follow me." The two bowed to the older man and sped off with him.

(Back with Naruto and Kiba…)

"Hiraishin!!" Naruto shouted. The Archer and Naruto charged at each, both slamming there zanpakuto at the other. As they hit the ground, still pushing at the other, Naruto grabbed his arm with his left hand and held him put.

"Now Kiba!!" Archer looked surprised as he heard the sound of Kiba's Shikai spinning at him from behind. Archer grabbed Naruto's left hand with his nad began to crush it. Naruto screamed in pain as the mans super human strength began cracking and breaking his hand, as the spinning wolf neared his back Archer let go of his zanpakuto because Naruto to distracted from the pain to cut him. Held out his palm in front of the wolf and grabbed its snout stopping the attack. The large wolf tried to bite the man but he held its mouth shut.

"Bad puppy, no biting." Archer mocked before sending a blast of reiatsu through his palm and sent the sliver wolf flying. Turning back his attention to Naruto, Archer had to duck as Naruto's zakpakuto fly by his neck nearly severing his neck from his body. The white haired man reared back and slammed his fist into Naruto's face sending him flying back through eight buildings.

"That hurt like a bitch didn't it kid!" Naruto didn't move from his position in the wall; Ok he knew he had that weird thing in his head and that was a guy, he had Hiraishin in his head which was a guy, so why was he hearing a girl's voice in his head now?

"Wh.. who are you?"

"Oh how rude of me, come on inside kid!" Naruto's vision went black before a gleam of dim light returned to his eye sight. He was now back in the sewers of his mind and in front of the old cage of Kyuubi.

"Well come on! The door to the left this time kid!" A voice said from out of nowhere. Naruto walked up to the door on his left, how had he missed it? The door was a bright pink with fluffy trimming. With his left eye twitching slightly he slowly entered the room. The room was a large dojo, it looked normal enough besides the pink coloring on the walls and other stuff.

"So how do you like my pad?" Naruto turned around to meet his second zanpakuto's spirit. She was a tall beautiful woman, long blond hair in a pony tail, a very loose blood red and blue kimono that showed off plenty of cleavage, she had whisker marks very similar to Naruto, three fluffy fox tails that sprouted from her tail bone and a pair of fuzzy little fox ear's on the top of her head. She had a cute heart shaped face that reminded him of his old Sexy Jutsu.

"Uhh, who are you?" Naruto asked.

"I'm Kyousune (Strong fox)! And I'm the second soul of your zanpakuto!" She said with a happy voice and giving a peace sign. Naruto sweat dropped slightly

"I kind of figured that… So why'd you bring me here?" Naruto asked. The beautiful fox lady put her hands on her hips.

"Well if it wasn't obvious to you, you were kind of getting the shit kicked out of ya by that Archer guy." Naruto's cheeks flushed in embarrassment but he nodded his head.

"So I brought you here to give you my power…" Naruto was about to shout for joy but was faulted as the fox lady put up a clawed finger.

"But you have to beat my test first." Naruto's shoulders slumped.

"Fine what's the test?"

"The test…" She paused for dramatic effect.



"Yes!" Naruto was getting slightly irked.

"A game of rock, paper, scissors." Naruto anime style dropped to the ground.

"Are you serious?!" Naruto shouted after getting back up.

"Maybe…" She teased him. He was really starting to get steaming mad now.

"Listen, you!! I'm in a hurry!! If I don't get back out there quickly my friends could get killed by that guy. So even if you don't give me your power I'm going back out there." Naruto turned back to the door and reached for the knob only to be brought in to a hug by the ample Kyousune.

"You pass…" She began to whisper something into his ear before she let him go and his vision began to blur again. When he opened his eyes again he was back in Rukongai, the man named Archer was advancing on him. With effort Naruto managed to break out of the wall. Naruto released Hiraishin, once it was back into its sealed state he held it as if it was a staff.

"Show them your strength, Kyousune!" The blade began to glow red and it started changing shape. After it finished changing shape, it now looked like a giant war hammer. The head of the war hammer looked like a fox's head and the mouth held the mallet part, the eyes of the fox shined a dark blood red, a spike on top of the fox was about the size of a kitchen knife, the handle looked like it was made of a warped and dark wood but it also looked very sturdy and strong, the bottom of the shaft had a black blade about the size of tanto.

Archer looked very impressed and also very confused.

"Wasn't that first sword you Shikai? If so then what is this?"

"My Shikai…" Naruto answered matter-a-factly as he held in so the bottom of the hammer was facing the ground. Archer frowned at him.

"Oh and yes that other sword was my Shikai as well. I have two Shikai for my one zanpakuto." Archer now understood he placed his sword in front of him.

"I does' not matter, even if you had a thousand Shikai you could not beat me."

"Care to test that theory."

"Gladly." The two ran forward and slammed there weapons at the other causing a huge blast of energy.

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