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Everything went black, the next thing Miroku knew he was tightly bound to a tree. Then Sango appeared from behind that tree, dressed in her slayer outfit, but without most of the armor.

"Sango, hey can you help me out?" he asked.

"…No" she said with a face that could scare Sesshomaru.

"Huh? Why?" Miroku asked again, trying to struggle out.

"This is your punishment" Sango paced back and forth in front of him with her hands behind her back, "since bashing you to no end doesn't seem to work, I've thought of something much, much worse"

Miroku was getting nervous now, "what might that be? Are you going to kill me?" he asked knowing that couldn't be her intention.

She stopped to look at him "In a way" an evil smirk played across her face and she walked slowly and a bit seductively towards him. Miroku watched her hips sway in a lovely motion until she was mere inches away from him.

She said, "This unbelievable urge you have to touch me, will be taken away" Sango traced a finger across his jaw line, "my dearest Miroku" He swallowed hard and his heart began to pump faster.

Then from nowhere she pulled out a small pocketknife and waved it in his face, as if to show him it was clean, no tricks. While never loosing eye contact, she ran the dull side of the knife carefully down his neck. When skin became the neckline of his robes, she switched from the dull side to the sharp edge and sliced into the cloth, exposing some of his chest. Miroku was highly confused by Sango's actions but dare he say, he liked it. The blade had nicked his shoulder, he didn't really notice until… she traced the cut with her warm, wet tongue. He loved that velvet feel running over his shoulder. While Sango was busy "mending" the wound, her hands were off on there own, feeling all around the bare skin of his chest, pressing harder here and lighter there. She could hear him breathing hard now, Sango had Miroku wrapped around her finger and decided to change her route of "torture".

Leaving the cut, she moved back up his neck to kiss the sensitive skin below his ear. She could feel his pulse race under her lips. By this time, Miroku was moaning her name over and over in a raspy whisper. His chest rose and fell roughly against Sango's overpowering hands as she kissed and sucked the area around his collar bone. Oh how Miroku wanted to return the favor! His hands wriggled under the rope, desperate to wrap themselves around her and treat her as she was doing him. Sango suddenly stopped long enough to ask,

"You want me that bad hm?"

"Yes! Oh god yes I do!" he wiggled even harder, she stepped back to observe him, "Dammit, untie me Sango pleeease!" she laughed a little and put her hands behind her back again.

"No, I told you" she walked back up to him and pressed her whole body against his, "this is all part of your punishment, remember?"

Sango wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled in closer until their lips met. Miroku moaned loud, the vibrations tickled her. Her tongue grazed his if only for a second and before he knew it she had pulled away. He tried to stretch his neck out farther to make it last longer, but failed. He licked his lips, and they both wanted more.


If it were any quieter, you'd be able to hear both their hearts pounding inside their chests. Sango was first to break the silence.


"Wha-?" his mind was so clouded he couldn't concentrate.

"Ask me; if you want me so badly, I want to hear you beg for me, beg for me to untie you". At this point if she asked him to skip around, wearing a dress, while singing and picking daisies, he'd probably do it. He took in a breath and started,

"Please Sango, I'm already so high off you I can't take it, don't you realize how much I need you, not want, need" he continued, "you're the all around best woman I've ever met, and I know I fool around…a lot, but I can't see myself just fooling around with you, I care way too much to do that, I want you to feel comfortable around me when I tell and show that I love you" one last pause, "will you allow me to be yours? Can I have you and your love Sango?"

Really, Sango couldn't speak after that and felt her cheeks warm up, but she was supposed to be in charge here and that control would not be lost to a few touching words, but was very close to losing it anyway, so she shook it off and smiled at Miroku.

"Of course you can, Miroku"

His eyebrows shot up in surprise, his mind going over what she'd just said making sure he heard right, "…R-really?" he finally managed to say.

She nodded happily "Yup"

"So you'll untie me then?"

"Nope" Sango said still smiling.

"Sangooo" Miroku whined.

"Hey, I never said I'd actually untie you, Miroku, and technically you didn't ask for me to untie you, you asked for me, you got what you wanted"

"Yeah but, but-"

She dragged a finger up his neck and under his chin, "I suggest you figure it out soon because it looks like it might rain, and with you all bare chested" she glanced down at his chest "you could get awfully sick"

"Come on Sa-" he was cut off.

"Uh, uh, can't talk your way out of this one, good luck" she kissed his nose before walking off. Miroku began to try and squirm loose once more, "Sango wait!" She waved without turning around, "you can't just leave-!"

"Love you Miroku" she called back, and kept walking.

He sighed, "I love you too Sango" that's when he saw the pocket knife she was using, at his feet. He looked back up and yelled to Sango "I hope you're ready for the consequences when I finally get myself out of this!" This time she stopped and turned around. She cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled back, "I'll be expecting the worse!" Miroku could hear her fading laughter and smiled, but groaned at one last problem,

'How in the word could she possibly expect me to free myself with such a small knife that I can't even hold!?'

Hahahaha I'm so very mean to Miroku! I luv him though. hope you liked it, i didn't work too too hard on this but i think it came out good.