Somewhere I Belong

Author's note: Hey everyone, here's a new story for you again lol. I have to give Mikki (aka. xAttitudex) the credit for this Mickie/Randy pairing (I've fallen for them so yeah blame her for that lol), otherwise I wouldn't have written this chapter in one day! lol. Anyway, please make your reviews I would like to know what you think. So here's goes Happy reading!

Also note that the italics are part of a flashback…

Synopsis: Randy Orton has returned to the spotlight on Raw, but it also means painful memories has crossed the paths between him and his ex-girlfriend Mickie James. So now that everything has changed, can they start over or is too late?


Chapter 1: The Legend Killer Returns

The arena was in a hushed silence. The lights from the spotlights would be eyeing on the squared circle. His eyes would scan around the arena, the red seats currently not taken by the screaming fans at the moment. He slowly made his way down the steel ramp, the four sided ring would appear to be bigger as he got closer and closer to it. He went up the steel steps, got under the ropes and then found himself standing in the middle of what he considered to be a special place in his heart. He has returned home. The ring was his home. This is where he belonged and now he has come to stay.

He missed being in part of the competition. He missed getting the feeling of the adrenaline boasting up in his body every time he made his entrance to the ring. He missed his best friend John Cena and most of all, he missed being around his fans.

Randy Orton was out of the action for about a year. He had undergone rehab for his injured knee and then joined a program at a rehab center in St. Louis to break his habit of drinking for more than six weeks. Since after that he had been in his home in St. Louis, to take some time off for himself. He needed a break and throughout that period, he thought he made a good choice. He just needed some more time to get his life back together.

His reign as the wwe champion was great at first but then he went too far. Every single match he won, regardless of what kind of match he was in, he would always go out to parties as part of his celebration. Well that would have been great but when it comes to the self-proclaimed legend killer that was another story. Randy partied too much and that lead to his drinking and then soon he would take up to gambling as an unusual 'hobby' of his. Then Randy's personality slowly changed and people around him would react to his unexpected transformation. Randy was brash, loud, disrespectful and ostentatious. Everyone knew him for his cockiness but his egoistical attitude was definitely louder than his words put together, whether he would have a microphone in hand or not. The usage of obscenity was extremely outrageous to all Superstars and fans alike.

People would be annoyed and outraged by his behavior toward them but he couldn't care less. He was just plain better than everyone else because the name of his championship belt has said it all. He was the wwe champion and he could do whatever he wants, whenever he wants because he, Randy Orton was the wwe champion.

But then everything changed in a flash after the championship was taken away from him by Hunter Hearst Helmsley, preferably known as Triple H, at SummerSlam, thus ending his near six month reign since WrestleMania 22. A serious knee injury would be more painful than losing the championship for it would put him out of action for some time.

The night after the exciting pay per view, the familiar entrance theme blazing from the speakers, the jeers would be its response. Who wants to see him now? Clearly there was no one and they thought that he would be resting in a medical center right now but apparently he wasn't as Randy came out, dressed neatly in his beige colored suit, with a walking stick in hand, to support his left leg as he slowly limped out down the slanted steel ramp.

The jeers would continue to ring his ears as he made his way to the ring, wincing at the pain that would arise at every step he made. He was advised not to be up on his feet but reluctantly, his doctors gave him the permission despite knowing the fact the pain would get worse. As long as he could be in that ring, Randy could bear the pain even it means to try to be on his feet for a whole hour.

When he got inside the four sided ring, he stood there in silence as he looked around, the raucous noise was still echoing around the arena. He couldn't blame the fans for that nor did he told them to shut their mouths up like he would always do but at this time he didn't. He waited patiently for the jeers to die down a bit but of course that would be impossible. Eventually, the arena would be calm before he spoke.

"I know that no one here wants to hear or see me out here."

The jeers were thunderous and there was no doubt that everyone in the arena has a deep hatred for him.

"Well I can't blame you for your attitude towards me. I mean after the way I treated you all was very disgraceful of me and I should be ashamed of my actions. Tonight I have decided to take my time to talk to you all because I should be. First of all, I want to express my deep apology for my conduct. I don't expect you all to forgive me now, because personally, I don't think that I deserve it."

The arena soon got into a bit of silence than before. But then the sound of the jeers was still heard. Did he really mean what he said?

"I know what you must be thinking. You think that I'm going to deceive you right? But I'm not. I came out for mainly one reason and one reason only. I came here to announce that I will be out for some time. It's not just because of my knee injury, it's because I feel that it's time that I need to make a clean break for myself. Last night as I lay on that hospital bed, I asked myself: What do I want? Have you ever asked yourself that when you seemed that nothing turned out right for you? Sure I wanted to be the wwe champion, I wanted to be the best of the best that would earn me the chance to be in the hall of fame one day. But then and again, is that all that I want? Can all of this make me happy?

My answer to that question: I don't know. That's it. It's that simple. I just don't know and I'm not sure if I would ever find the answer that I'm looking for. But I do know is that I want to get my life back on track before I could decide which path I should take. So I have requested for a temporary release."

There was a sudden mix of reactions. You couldn't tell if the crowd was pleased or shocked by his announcement. Randy let out a sigh. He couldn't believe that he just said that in front of a sold out crowd and to the whole world on television.

"This decision has been made by me and me alone. I need time to think and I need time to get my life back together. So therefore, my release will remain indefinite until I am ready."

He wiped his eye with the back of his same hand he was holding the microphone with. It was an unusual moment to see him cry but you would have to admit that it took him the courage to come out to the ring and announce his withdrawal from action in the ring.


He knew that he has to be strong even though it would tear him up to limbs, knowing that he would be away from the sport that he has such a great passion for.

"So before I leave here, I just want to say to each and every one of you is this…thank you. Thank you for your support even though I don't think that I deserve it but I do appreciate you all. Thank you for coming here. I don't care about the jeers I get every night I come out here. I still appreciate them anyway because you guys meant so much to me. You are the reason why I want to put my body on the line. For the past six years of being here has been the best thing in my life. I have gotten the chance to not only perform in this very ring; I have gotten the chance to relive the legacy of my family. The greatest moment for me, would be the time I became the youngest world heavyweight champion in history. That was indeed a moment that I will never forget and I will always cherished it like it happened yesterday when I captured the world title at twenty four years of age. I just want to say in closing, thank you for the cheers, the jeers, the posters… for watching Raw on television…everything. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you."

Randy lowered the microphone from his mouth and then found his blue eyes staring down on the floor of the ring. He then looked around to see the thousands of faces looking right back at him. The arena seemed to be a bit calmer than the time he came out onto the stage. Soon a rock song blazed from the speakers, signaling his time to exit. Randy took his time to get out of the ring with a bit of difficulty because of his knee. He stopped at the middle of the ramp, he felt that there was something that was tied to him and that something would be hard to let go. He wanted to take a look at the ring one more time. But that would mean facing the crowd again with a single tear that has now been shed from his eye.

So he did. As he looked on, the ring seemed so far away from where he was standing, although it was practically near. But it just seemed to be far to him. Who knows what decision he would make during his absence from Raw. But for now, it just might be the last time he would step into that ring again….


Days became weeks. Weeks turned into months. Randy hasn't talk to anyone since he made his appearance. It has been a year and that was enough for him. He has done some soul searching. There were questions that were needed to be answered. He has so many mistakes, hurt so many people, that he wished he could turn back time and changed it all but he knew that he doesn't have the power to do that. The past would always remain in the past. It cannot be changed or interfered no matter how deeply sorry you are about the things you have done.

He had also spent a week at a Caribbean island just to be away from his home in St. Louis. That was all he needed for himself. To take a break from the ring so he could pick up the pieces of his life and to rebuild it back together.

He had his arms on his hips as he looked around him. The seats were sure to be filled later on tonight when Raw will be broadcast live and then everyone would the witnesses of his return. He smiled softly at the thought of what he knew he wanted as he stood in that ring.

To be back home where he should be.

What's to come for chapter 2: The Legend Killer is back in action and friendships have rekindled. Randy also meets up with a certain someone. Will she welcome him with open arms...or is there a line already been drawn between them that cannot be crossed?