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(Flash back)

"I still can't believe you're really leaving." Harumi said tears in her eyes.

"I can't either." I replied as I plopped down on my room floor. My bed had already been packed away.

Their were no tears in my eyes since I hardly ever cried.

That annoyed Harumi alot because she was so emotional and all.

I just couldn't make tears fall.

I wasan't exactly sad that I was moving either. I never liked this place. It was just the fact that I was leaving her behind.

She had been my bestfriend since kindergarden. All the kids used to pick on me because they said I looked and acted like a boy.

Yes it was true and I didn't care. But one day Harumi came into my life and shined light on it.

I still act the same but theres a soft spot in my heart for her.

"TenTen come here!" my older sister Nami called from downstairs.

She was so annoying. She was the whole reason we were moving. She was moving in with he boyfriend and I had to come along.

She was 22 and my legal guardian.

"What the hell do you want?"I yelled back downstairs.

Harumi punched me. "Don't be so mean." she said.

I rolled my eyes but for her sake I put on a smile and walked downstairs. Noyora followed close behind.

Nami was gathering last minute things to put in Gennosuke's vam.

Gennosuke flashed me a smile when he saw me.

He was always trying to be nice to me but I only responded with evil words or looks.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"You have to say goodbye to your friend and get in the van." she said then taking a second look at me she scrunched up her nose.

"What are you wearing you look like a boy.

I ignored her and turned to Harumi. Who's face was drenched in tears.

She hugged me tight.

"I'm gonna miss you so much." she said. "I'll visit every summer and call everyday."

"I'll miss you too."I said hugging her back.

"Harumi I dare you to ask Haru out after I leave." I said trying to cheer her up and challenge her at the same time.

She blushed.

"I swear I'll do it if you except my dare."

I nodded.

"Hurry up TenTen!" Nami called honking the horn.

I ignored her.

Harumi whispered her dare into my ear. My mouth dropped open but closed quickly. That wouldn't be so hard.

(End of flash back)

"You wanna do what?" Nami asked her eyes wide.

"Do I always have to repeat myself?" I asked snatching te registration form from Nami's hands.

She was registering me for Konoha's boardingschool.

We had recently gotten to Konoha 3 days ago and the school year was about to start.

I hadn't gone outside during that time because we were too busy unpacking and setting things up for living.

"I just don't understand why you want to pretend to be a boy." she said sitting doen on my bed. She looked worried.

"I know you may be going through things maybe with your sexuality and all and th move but... are you sure?"

I nodded.

"Don't worry yourself out it's just a dare although I may look like a guy I don't wanna be a guy this is just temperary only for this school year." I said scribbling down my new name on the form.

I had decided I wanted to be known as Kyo.

Nami sighed.

"Just promise me you won't get yourself hurt." she said.

I shrugged. "I can't promise you that." I said standing up and grabbing the scissors and walking to the bathroom.

Nami followed me.

I stared at myself in the mirror. I always wore my long hair down and partly in my face. I had dyed it black and streaked it purple.

You could never see the earring I had in my left ear that Nami made such a big fuss about.

I pulled the scissors up to my hair.

Nami shreiked and covered her mouth.

I slammed the door with my free hand.

After I locked it I snipped away. By the time I was done my hair was just above my shoulders.

I cut some cut bangs. I tried to style them like the lead singer of Harumi and Nami's favorite boy band.

Surprisingly I actually looked like him. My hair hung alittle past my chin on both sides of my face and the bangs between them looked just like his.

I smiled. I actually looked cute. I looked like the guy Harumi would have a crush on if I was a real guy.

You could see the earring in my ear too.

I opened the door. Nami was siiting againt the wall. When she was me she stood up and stared at me hard.

"You cut it so short!" she cried.

I pushed past her into my room and shut the door.

then i realized something. I didn't have any real guy clothes. I opened the door back.

"Nami can you ask Gennosuke can I borrow some of his old clothes?" I asked.

I wa kinda tll for my age almost as tall as Gennosuke I could fit his clothes perfectly.

"Ask him yourself." Nami said stomping back stairs.

I sighed and follwed her. She plopped down on the couch and began crying.

"Why do you have to do this to me?" she said between tears.

I walked past her and into the kitchen where Gennosuke was cooking dinner.

He cooked better than Nami. Before she met him we were always having take out.

"Can i borrow some of you old clothes?" I asked taking a seat at the table.

"Huh?" he asked.

I sighed. and began to tell him about the dare.

He didn't take it like Nami did instead he smiled. "I'll be glad to help." he said.

"I have alot of old clothes in the closet downstairs." i was gonna give them away but you can have them." he said winking.

I got up without a word and went downstairs.

I could hear Nami and him arguing a few minutes later.

That night Nami came into my room.

"I hope you know what you're doing." she said sitting on my bed.

"I know exactly what I'm doing." I'm just going to pretend to be a guy for a semester than I'll tell everyone the truth."

Nami sighed.

"Gennosuke said you'll be o.k so I guess..." nami didn't finish instead she got up and opened the door.

"Goodnight Kyo." she said smiling.
The next day Gennosuke and Nami drove me to school.

Once we got there I stepped out the car and said goodbye to them both.

"If you need anthing call o.k." Nami said.

I nodded and put my hood over my head.

"My god you look like a real guy." she said.

I smiled. "That's the whole point."

I was wearing one of Gennosuke's old black hoodies and some black baggy pants. I wore the chain that Harumi had given me around my neck.

I liked his style which was gonna be my stye for the next 4 months. I was thankful he had alot of baggy clothes because I was used to weaing those.

I hated showing my figure. I had to strap down my breast last night. Although I hated to admit it I wasan't exactly flat.

I began to walk towards the building. No one was outside but one guy. he had blonde hair and an orange and black suit.

He was spray painting the words Uzumaki in the grass.

I chuckled to myself.

The guy turned around and when he saw me he smiled.

"Hey I'm Naruto Uzumaki." I guess you're the new guy." she said holding his hand out.

I ignored him and countinued walking.

He followed me. "What's you're name?" he asked.

"None of your business." I said as I countinued walking.

He shrugged.

"Whatever I gotta go anyways or I'll be late for assembly." Naruto began running towards the building.

That's when i realized I didn't know where the auditirium was.

"Hey naruto wait up!" I called after him.

He stopped and turned around an evil grin on his face.

"Let me guess you need me to show you around?" he asked.

I nodded. "By the way I'm Kyo." I said.

Naruto smiled even wider. "O.k Kyo follow me!" he said grabbing my hand and leading me into the building.

I followed Naruto to the auditorium.

I took a seat in the middle row and he sat beside me.

Infront of us sat a girl with long blonde hair which was in a poinytail she was filing her nails.

When we sat down she turned to look at us. Then rolled her eyes and turned back around.

"That's Ino Yamanaka." Naruto whispered. "She's the captain of the cheerleader squad and really popular."

I stuck my toungue out at her when she wasan't looking.

Naruto smiled.

Suddenly a pretty woman with long blonde hair entered the dorr, A woman with short black hair follwed closly behind her.

"That's the principle and 5th hokage." Naruto whispered

I nodded.

"Hello everyone!" the woman said.

"Good morning principle Tsunade sama." everyone replied in a solem tone.

"As you know this is Konaha High's 50th year of school." I wish you all a happy year." Tsunade sama said. She didn't really look as though she meant it though.

"This is a boarding school as you all know as well, but due to the recent disaster the boarding rooms will not be out of order for a week." she said. "By then we will have assigned you your roomates

and rooms."

Naruto flashed a smile. I guessed he had something to do with that disaster.

Principle Tsunade sama went on about how things this year were going to be diffrent and how we had alot of fun things planned.

"Alright all of you who do not have your schedule can come up and get one." the black haired woman said.

Naruto pulled a crumbled piece of paper from his pocket.

"Want me to wait and see if we have the same homeroom?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"Thanks for everything." I said as I walked up to the front of the class.

Naruto waved and walked out of the auditorium.

When I reached Tsunade she held out a schedule I reached for it but at the same time a girl with long pink hair which was in to braids reached her hand out too.

Our hands touched as we both held the paper at oppisite ends.

She let go.

"You're new here aren't you?" she asked after we both had gotten our schedules.

I nodded as I read the paper.

I had homeroom in five minutes with Kurenai in room 129.

"I'm Sakura." she said holding out her hand.

I ignored her hand and instead pointed to my schedule.

"Ahhhh Kurenai is your homeroom teacher mines too I guess we can walk toghther." she said smiling.

Before I could give a reply she grabbed my hand and began leading me outof the auditorium.

"So are you gonna give me your name?" she asked.

"Are you gonna give it back?" I asked grinning.

Sakura paused then giggled. "Can you just tell me your name?" she asked.

I shrugged. "Can I?"

Sakura looked like she was gonna burst out of anxiety. I enjoyed making her act that way.

"SAKURA!" I heard a loud voice call.

We both looked up and saw Ino.

"See you later." she said running after Ino.

Were they friends?

I found room 129 and sat down in te back of the class in the middle of a girl with long black hair and a guy with black hair cut

into a bowl shape.

"H-hi." the girl with the black hair said. "Y-you're n-ne-new?" she asked.

Now my with my personality and all you would expect me to pick on a girl who stuttered but that was one thing I didn't do. I never picked on anyone.

Besides she looked like she had enough problems.

I nodded.

"I'm Hinata Hyuuga." she said.

"Kyo." I replied.

"T-th-that's a n-nice name." she said smiling a bit.

"Your's is nice too." I said smiling too. i couldn't believe I was smiling I just had too. I really like the name Kyo too.

"Where's our teacher?" I asked.

"Oh...Kurenai s-she is r-re-really nice b-but usally l-late." Hinata replied.

"Then I guess I can sleep in this class." I said pulling the hood more over my face and resting my head on my desk.

"Your first day here and you're determined to make a bad impression huh?" A familiar voice said.

I opened one eye and pulled my hood up so I could see who had spoken. It was sakura.

"I don't care about my reputation." I replied resting my head back down.

"Well you should be more concered about your character than your reputation anyway because your character is who you are and your rep is what people think of you." she said smiling and taking her seat.

After homeroom we had a free period since today was basically a free day. Tommorrow we we start all the rea; stuff.

I found my locker and put my backpack into it. Then I walked towards the water fountain.

"How's your day so far?" Naruto asked from behind me.

I stood up and wiped the water from my face.

"Do you know Sakura?" I asked.

"Sakura Haruno?" Naruto asked.

I shrugged. "I think so."

"Well if you're talking about her the anwser is yes." She's really nice but even though she's like Ino's personal slave."

"Why do you ask?"

I shrugged again. "I don't know just wondering."

"Have you met her?" Naruto asked.

I nodded. Then decided to change the subject. Although I would have liked to know why she was Ino's personal slave.

"What about Hinata?" I asked.

"Hinata Hyuuga ...she's my girlfriend."

"Really?" I asked.

Naruto nodded. "Why do you look so surprised?" he asked.

I shook my head. "I'm just trying to imagine a queit girl like her with someone like you.."

Naruto threw his arm over my neck. and brough my head down playfully.

"Take it back." he said.

"O.k o.k I take it back." I said. Naruto let go of me.

"But you know you guys are a real weird couple." I said teasing him.

Naruto reached out his arms but I back away.

He tried to hit me again but I kept backing away until I felt my body agaisnt another persons.

"Watch where you're going idiot!" the voice said.

I turned around and saw a guy with long brown hair and gray eyes. His eyes looked familiar.

I stared at him without speaking.

"Well move it!" he said pushing me out the way.

His hands were so strong. I fell back against a nearby locker.

The boy countinued to walk down the hall. Naruto grabbed my arm.

"Are you o.k?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Who was that?"

"That was Neji Hyuuga." He's the most popular guy in school because he's the satr champ of

the soccer team and the most feared due to the fact that he is also the leader of the baddest gang in Konoha."

"You don't wanna mess with him."

I stared on at Neji as he walked away. I had neevr liked boys with long hair but the way his fell in the back was an exception.

Neji by far was the hottest guy I had ever seen. But I bet he was already taken by Ino or something.

By why should I care. I wasan't one to have crushes. I had never had a crush on anyone my entire life. While Harumi was always inlove.

"Hey quit staring and let's go grab a bite to eat." Naruto said grabbing my shoulder.

I follwed Naruto to the cafeteria he offered to get my food just this once. I spotted hinata at a table by herself.

I sat down next to her. "Hey." I said.

She smiled. "I see you've a-already m-e-et Naruto." she said.

I nodded.

I looked around the cafeteria. It was crowded with lots of people. I didn't like people that much. My entire life I had only had one friend

and that was Harumi. But Naruto and Hinata seemed nice. And Sakura...there was something about her that reminded me of Harumi just a little.

I glanced around to see if I could see her anywhere. I spotted her standing infront of Ino and some of her cheerleading friends.

She was writing something down. Every few seconds she would nod and frown.

I wondered what she was doing.

Just then Naruto plopped my tray infront of me.

"Enjoy." he said as he sat down.

I didn't feel like eating I felt like sleeping. I hadn't gotten much last night.

Naruto on the other hand stuffed half of the hotdog into his mouth and chewed violently.

"Can I s-see yo-your f-face?" Hinata asked.

I hadn't realized until then that I still had my hood on and it covered alot of my face while the jacket covered my mouth.

"It's nothing speacial." I replied.

"Don't s-say that." Hinata said reaching out her hand towards my face.

I grabbed her hand before she could touch my hood.

Naruto paused between his eating.

Hinata and me stayed in the pose for awhile neither of us moving.

Then I shook my head. "I'd rather not." I said dropping her hand.

Hinata nodded. "I see."

"Hey can i survey you guys?"

I looked up and saw Sakura again. She was holding that same white pad in her hands and she had a pen to it.

Naruto nodded. "I guess so." he said reaching for my hotdog. "Are you gonna eat that?" he asked.

I shook my head and pushed my tray towards him.

"Hey Mr. no name." Sakura said teasingly.

I grinned.

"Look I promise I'll give you your name back if you give it to me on paper." she said holding out her pad.

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" I asked.

Sakura looked confused.

"I don't get you." she said. "You're so mysterious."

I sighed.

"It's not a bad thing." she said quickly.

"My name's Kyo." I said standing up.

"Nice to meet you Kyo." Sakura said smiling and holding out her hand for the second time that day.

I ignored her again and instead pushed past her making my way out of the cafeteria.

"Wait up!" Naruto cried running after me.

"Why do you gotta be so distant?" he asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Sakura is just trying to be nice." he said.

I sighed.

"When does school get out today?" I asked looking at my watch.

Naruto sighed too.

"Afer we eat we can leave." he said.

"Then I guess I'm out." I said exiting the building.

Naruto didn't follow me. i think he went back to take the survey.

I dialed Nami's cellphone number.

"What's going on!" she cried when she anwsered the phone.

"Calm down I'm just ready to come home." I replied.

"Did something happen?" Why are you getting out so early?"

"It wasan't a full day now can you stop asking questions and hurry up." I said before hanging up.

Nami called back but I didn't anwser it.

I sat on the steps and looked out into the street.

For some reason i felt as though I was being watched. I turned around and saw Neji Hyuuga. He was leaning against the school building with his arms crossed.

I turned back aound quickly.

What was he doing there? Why was I afraid of him? I had never feared any guy from out right fear or from liking him in anyway.

I couldn't tell what this feeling was.

I heard his footsteps behind me. I tightened my fist and closed my eyes. My heart was beating so fast.

Then I heard nothing.

I looked around. Neji was stanind over me.

"What do you want?" I asked.

He didn't anwser instead he dropped a piece of paper into my lap and walked on down the street.

I watched him go. He turned to the right. That was the way I turned to get to our house. I wondered where he lived.

Once he was out of sght I picked the paper up just as Nami pulled up in Gennosuke's car.

I shoved the paper into my pocket and hopped in the backseat.
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