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The Brave, the Bright and the Loyale

A year had gone since the dark Lord's fall. Harry Potter and Hermione Granger were officially together and everyone in the Wizarding Great Britain saw them as the Lovely Couple. The two may have not married yet, but none seemed to care. Harry and Hermione had just finished their first year in their trainings and now the true thing began in their professional lives attending to their Auror and healer trainings.

Ron had just finished Hogwarts' seventh year, taking (in surprise of many people and especially Hermione's) all his N.E.W.T.s and he was ready to be part of the Cannons' team as Keeper. Everyone in the Wizarding world was interested in Harry, Hermione and Ron, maybe a bit more for the couple but Ron was enjoying his part more than the other two.

Just a few months after the summer of 1997, Kingsley had nominated the Trio for the Order Merlin's first Class for the end of the War. Harry was anxious enough for the extra fame but happy as well with Kingsley and his decision to honor Hermione and Ron as well. Without them, he wouldn't have made it after all.

The celebration and the conferment would take place in the Ministry's atrium which for that night was prepared for the ball. People from around Europe and America, ministers and people from the press would be there for the awarded trio and the Ball after it. The ball was taking place a year and a month after the Hogwarts' Battle after Kingsley's order, the true day of the anniversary was a day of memory and pain and no celebrations were needed the day so many people died.

Harry was so anxious. His friends would be there and he was OK with that, but the rest was… well, he didn't know what to call it. At least his best friends would be there and that was something encouraging him. He kept thinking of these things as he kept trying to tie his tie.

He was standing in front of his bedroom's large mirror and had been fighting with his tie for the last ten minutes. He was in very nice deep green robes that Hermione had bought for him and as always, the only problem was his tie.

Hermione was in their bathroom, having her make-up for the last five minutes. He hadn't seen her in her robes because when she was getting ready he was sending Mione to Ron to make sure the three of them would be in the Ministry at the same time; but Harry was sure she would be beautiful. The door opened and Harry let his tie drop and looked at Hermione. His jaw dropped.

She was wearing a beautiful long dress in sandy colors and matching robes above it, opened in front, showing the dress with the long V neck. Her brown hair was made in soft curls, free on her shoulders and back and her make-up was light brown on her eyelids along with black color at the edges of her eyes and a simple lip-gloss on her lips, toning her beautiful lips and warm, cinnamon eyes. She was smiling nervously but truly.

'What do you think?' Hermione asked shyly, insecure of how she looked like. Harry smiled and approached her. He didn't know what exactly to say, she was so beautiful: no jewels on her body, only two delicate earrings, hanging from her ears and Lilly's ring on her finger as always. She smiled up at him and he felt like he was the most fortunate man in the world. He leaned and kissed her softly on her lips, the sweet taste of her lip-gloss mixed with the sweet taste of her mouth.

'You are very beautiful.' Harry murmured against her lips and moved a bit away so he could see her again. Hermione smiled.

'What else would my fiancée say?' She asked smiling and Harry chuckled.

'Right, how will I have sex if I lie…?' he asked playfully and she chuckled as well and punched his arm lightly. She raised her arms to his tie and loosened it so she could make it from the beginning. She smiled at him as she kept making it.

'I'm a healer but I don't want you as a patient because your tie tried to strangle you.' Hermione said and Harry moved his hand to the arch of her spine and squeezed it firmly, bringing her toward him, making her yelp. She giggled and finished his tie staying in his arms.

'Don't laugh at my weaknesses, Ms Granger.' Harry said and Hermione chuckled.

'I'm sorry Mr. Potter, it wasn't my intention.' She replied, he grinned and captured her lips in one more passionate kiss, letting his arms travel around her back, caressing her curves above the silky material of her robes and dress.

'HARRY! HERMIONE! I'M HERE!' The voice of Ron interrupted them. They pulled apart slightly panicked. His voice was coming from downstairs but they didn't want him to feel uneasy.

'Let's go.' Hermione said smiling and Harry wiped his lips from her lip-gloss and nodded.

They moved downstairs and found Ron waiting for them in their living room, dressed in brand new black dress robes. He smiled at them.

'Where have you been?' Ron asked and then wore his teasing smile. 'No, I don't want to know, forget I ask.' He said smirking. Hermione snorted and approached him, hugging him, he returned the hug and then Harry moved closer and hugged him manly.

'Where is Luna?' Harry asked looking around like expecting her on the dinning table's top.

'She will be in the Ministry with my family.' Ron replied and looked at Harry's neck. 'You did that yourself? Well done mate,' Ron said smiling touching his bad-made tie. Harry smiled.

'I didn't, Mione helped,' He said and Hermione smiled and started making Ron's tie too.

'You are two, grown men, soon-to-be-honored-with Merlin's first class order and still you can't make your own ties.' Hermione murmured as she finished Ron's tie and moved close to Harry again. He hugged her with one arm.

'That's why we have the brightest, more beautiful, greater and soon-to-be honored as well witch here.' He said and kissed her lips.

'Enough lovebirds, stop before my eyes start bleeding.' Ron said blushing. Hermione stuck her tongue at him. 'Dad said only one, main fireplace will be on in the atrium everyone is flooing there. We should go one after the other. Someone will announce us and we'll be ready.' Ron went on and looked at his watch. It was time.

'We should go, everyone will be there by now.' He said and the couple nodded. Before Hermione asked that she wanted, Ron looked at them and replied.

'No, Ginny didn't want to be there, sorry guys.' He said and the couple nodded again in silence.

They stood in front of the fireplace and one by one they took floo powder from a box close to it and flooed in the ministry. Ron arrived first, Hermione second and Harry last. They smiled at each other. A wall with a large door was separating them from the rest of the atrium. They cleared their clothes with a cleaning spell and a man from the ministry, dressed in dress robes as well smiled and gestured for the three to stand in the doorway. They did, Harry in the middle after Ron's request. He stood at his right and Hermione stood at Harry's left side. Harry immediately took hold of her hand as nervousness and stress washed over him, Hermione squeezed his hand as the door opened and the man cleared his throat and said aloud.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, the honored guests. Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley and Ms. Granger!' the man announced and everyone started clapping as music started playing from a band.

The atrium was wonderfully and luxuriously decorated with great attention to details like the fireplaces and the huge, covered (for now) statue of it. The place was full of people clapping and beaming at the three. Flashes blinded the three for some moments. Harry smiled shyly, like Hermione did, and Ron gave his best smile to the press' people and the rest of course, almost all the Weasleys and Luna beaming at them.

The trio moved inside and Kingsley moved close to them, shaking their hands one by one, the reporters taking more pictures of the three with the Minister. Kingsley presented the trio to the ministers of many European countries, America's female minister and several more high profile people of the Wizarding Communities from around the world.

After the first hard, twenty minutes of handshaking and exchange of words the three were finally free to approach their friends. The Weasleys, McGonagall, Hagrid (in a very nice huge costume instead of the old fluffy one) with Madam Maxim next to him. The three moved close and the first who hugged them was Molly and McGonagall. They stood there, talking and taking drinks, laughing and chatting more and more about Harry's and Hermione's trainings and Ron's practices.

Hermione didn't give much attention to the chats. She was just watching at Harry, her Harry. He was happy, he was alive, he may be embarrassed right now, with all that attention on him but he had survived a War, he was already a myth. He was her hero. He was her love. His emerald eyes looked at her and she smiled at him as she realized he was looking at her so she would come out of her thoughts.

'What are you staring at, beautiful?' he asked with his deep, attractive, voice. She smiled at him brightly.

'I'm staring at my love,' she replied and he smiled and kissed her, half on her cheek and half on her lips, making her grin. 'I'm very proud of you,' Hermione said quietly as the rest kept talking about Ron's debut in a few months with the Cannons.

'I'm more proud of you, Mione.' Harry said and she smiled, blushing lightly. 'And I'm grateful as well,' he added more seriously. Hermione smiled and hugged him, some flash hit them but they didn't care as they enjoyed their hug. Even with so many people around them from around the world. Their universe had space only for one thing, their love and nothing else. After some good moments of just being together, smiling and whispering love words to each other, Kingsley moved close to them and gestured to Ron to approach as well.

'When I will award you with Merlin's order and the statue of you is revealed you Harry and Hermione and Ron have to say a few words to the people, they are all here for you and then you have to open the Ball with a dance.' Kingsley said and the three felt uncomfortable for different reasons. Harry felt panicked, he didn't want to be there from the start and now, he had to talk to everyone and to dance in front of everyone. He took a deep breath calming him self. He didn't know what to say and most importantly, he didn't know how to dance, he didn't want to step on Hermione. He looked at her, she was calm. Ron was too, and he moved close to Luna to talk to her and she nodded smiling, not caring a lot.

Harry remembered the ball he had attended with Luna back in sixth year. Then he looked at Hermione and remembered the Yell Ball in fourth term, he remembered how his jaw had dropped when he had realized that the beautiful girl next to Victor Krum was Hermione. Now that beautiful girl was his woman, the woman he loved, the woman who did so many things for him and would do more if it needed to. He smiled and kissed her cheek, feeling all his new stress leaving him. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek back.

'Just say that you're happy the War is finally over, and the World will finally be able to live in peace,' Hermione advised Harry, knowing he didn't know what to say and he hadn't made some kind of speech. He smiled wider and nodded.

'I will,' he said and started forming his small speech in his mind.

After twenty more minutes the band started playing a rhythmical track and everyone looked at Kingsley who showed up on a small platform close to the covered statue. Everyone fell silent and McGonagall led Harry, Hermione and Ron closer to the Minister on the same platform. Everyone looked at him.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, we are all here today to remember and not to celebrate the end of two blooded wars in our early history. Darkens swallowed our happiness for years, many died, and many are still injured, even from the first war, years ago. Only thirteen months before, darkens was falling and the sun for our community rose again. And that happened my friends, because many people fought, many lost their loved ones. But most of all, because Harry Potter fought and fulfilled his destiny with the help of his two best friends, Hermione Ganger and Ronald Weasley.' Kingsley said and everyone looked at the three behind him. Many flashes started as Kingsley gestured them to approach him and three other wizards climbed on the platform each of them caring a silky pillow with a large, golden necklace with Merlin's symbol on it.

Kingsley took the first necklace and smiled at Harry. He smiled shyly and made a bow so Kingsley could wear him the award. Ron was next and he did as Harry hade done, then Hermione made her bow making a beautiful gesture with her arms so her robes showed her even more glorious form, her award was much more delicate then the ones for the men. People started clapping and beaming at the three as they waved shyly at the crowd. Flashes were hitting them from everywhere. Harry found Hermione's hand again and she squeezed it tightly, showing to him she was as nervous as he was.

After some good minutes of clapping people stopped and looked at the three. Hermione and Harry nodded at Ron; he blushed and made his move. He talked about how many things happened the last years of the war and how hard them and especially Harry to make it. He thanked Harry and Hermione and his family and gave a special thanks to Luna who beamed at him.

Hermione was second. She moved in front as Ron moved back, closer to Harry and Kingsley.

'Thank you very much for this award.' Hermione started and Harry smiled proudly at her even if she was facing the crowd. 'The last years were extremely hard for me and Ron, but nothing can compare itself with what Harry went through. He always fought and tried to help, he was always in the front line and was and remains the person who gives everything for his friends and keeps nothing for him self.' Hermione went on and everyone was silent listening to her words. 'Almost a year ago, we lost so many people, people we knew and loved and still love. This award now, remains to us the end of a war and not some happy event. Personally, I want to thank Ron of being my friend. And I want to thank Harry, just because he exists.' Hermione finished her words and everyone started clapping. She had blushed but turned and smiled brightly at the two young men. Ron chuckled and patted Harry on the shoulder.

'She is good.' He murmured as Harry moved forward and Hermione moved toward him, he brushed his hand with hers and stood in front of the crowd with his turn.

'Ron and Hermione said what I would say in a big level. We fought hard, we tried and we lost people we loved and cared about. Innocent people who just tried to fight of what they believed, people like Sirius Black, Remus and Nymphadora Lupin and my parents and so many more… I want to thank everyone who fought in these Wars, each and everyone's dedication and the ones who helped me to vanquish Voldemort.

"I want to thank everyone who believed in me and helped me, even if many of these people are not alive anymore. I want to thank the Order of the Phoenix, the only organization who fought back then from the beginning under Albus Dumbledore's orders. I want to thank Ronald Weasley, my best male friend, my brother, his family which is my family as well. And lastly but always first, I want to thank Hermione Granger, my best female friend for the last nine years, my fiancé for the last one and love of my life for the rest of my life.' Harry said and glanced behind him, seeing Hermione smiling proudly at the verge of tears with Ron, beaming at him. 'We are all the same, lets stop fighting for no reason and live in peace as we all deserve to do.' Harry finished and everyone started clapping and beaming louder than ever that evening.

Kingsley moved closer again, Harry made some steps back and Hermione and Ron joined him. Kingsley smiled at everyone, waiting for the clapping and the flashes to stop. When that happened he smiled brighter and said.

'The least England's ministry can do for two heroes and the heroine is this statue, always remaining to us, who saved us.' Kingsley said and pointed his arm at the covered statue. The fabric covering the statue vanished and many lights showed the statue to the people in the atrium. It was made of gold with the trio. Harry's form was pointing its wand to its supposed enemies in the middle; Hermione's form next to it, pointing its wand less threatening, though. The two statues were joined by their hands, holding one another. Ron was on the other side of Harry's with his wand on one hand and a torch on the other, showing the way to the three. At the base of the statue there were some lines.

Harry James Potter: The Brave Savor

Hermione Jane Granger: The Brightest Witch

Ronald Bilius Weasley: The Loyal Companion

May darkness never approach us again.

Everyone kept clapping and yelling encouraging, the Weasleys were smiling proudly along with Minerva, Hagrid, Fluer, Madam Maxim and other people.

After that, Kingsley and the trio left the platform. The band started a waltz and Harry with Hermione and Ron with Luna opened the Ball. Harry beamed at Hermione, the practice with Parvati years ago had helped. He started dancing with Hermione, lifting her first in the air in his arms, making everyone clap. Hermione beamed at him and kept dancing with him. Ron lifted Luna as well and people clapped. Harry wasn't sure but people were clapping more happily when he was lifting Hermione but he didn't care a lot, since Ron seemed to be lost in his dance with Luna.

After that song, many people in couples started dancing. Harry and Hermione left the dance floor and took a few drinks. They smiled proudly at each other and then looked at Ron who in their surprise was still dancing with Luna.

'He's happy.' Hermione said smiling at Harry.

'I'm more,' Harry answered and left his drink and hugged her. He gave her a passionate kiss, not caring for the people around them.

'I'm even more,' Hermione murmured against his lips.

'I love you,' Harry said and Hermione smiled and kissed him again.

'I know, I love you more,' Hermione replied and looked deep into his eyes.

'This is impossible,' Harry said smiling, staring at her cinnamon eyes, full of happiness and love for him after so many years of being full of fear and tears.

They were finally happy, finally alive and safe, finally together.

Just as they were always meant to be.