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Art, history, science, and violent clowns


"Sakura! I'm Sorry!!" a blond girl screamed, while running for her poor, poor life.

"OH, YOU'LL BE SORRY, ALRIGHT! GET BACK HERE NARUTO!!!" another screamed, with a look of pure murder in her eyes.

"Yikes!" the blond, Naruto, sped up, trying to out run her pink haired fate dealer.

Two girls were running around in front of the Five Leaf High School, a pink haired girl chasing after a blond.

"Com'on, Sakura! It'll wash off! I Promise!!" she pleaded, trying to calm the girl down.

"You better hope it comes off! NARUTO!!!" the other was gaining fast.

"AHHHH!! TENNY!! HEEEELLP!!!" the blond screamed as the pink haired girl was right behind her. Suddenly, out of no where, a brown haired girl, with buns on her head, showed up and grabbed the pink.

"OK, what's going on this…" she trailed of when she saw the girl's face.

"Don't! Say! Anything!" The pink haired told her, dead pinned voice.




"What did I Just sa-"

"Whaahahahahahahahah!!" the other girl dropped her grip, collapsing on the floor laughing. Sakura's face was covered in blue powder, with a dot of red on her nose.

"I'm reeeeally sorry, Sakura. It was supposed to be for the dog faced idiot!" Naruto told her fiend, trying to calm her down. Sadly, it didn't work.

"Of Course your sorry, but you'll be even more sorry WHEN YOUR IN A WEELCHAIR WITH BOTH YOUR LEGS BROKEN!!" and with that, the chase continued.

"WAHHHH!" Naruto yelled, running again for her dear, sweet little life. "COM' on, Sakurahhhh!"


Naruto Uzumaki, the class clown, the fox loving girl to go to for pranks, who is loud, outspoken, and more then a bit unpredictable. Normally people try to avoid the hyper active blond, but a select few are brave enough to get close to her on a regular basis. An orphan since day one, she has always fended for herself. She is also very protective of those she cares about.

Naruto has the most brilliant blue eyes you'll ever see, and her mid-back length blond hair is just as bright. Her skin is naturally lightly tanned. However, due to some of the homes she was in, she has a collection of scars. The only ones she can't cover up with bandages are the ones on her cheeks. Three on each side. Her friends have a vague idea on how she got them, but she has never explained it to any one.

Next is Sakura Haruno, the would-be teachers pet, (if it weren't for Naruto.) the class genius, the studious student. Sakura obeys most of the rules, doesn't get into to much trouble, and gets good grades. She lives with her stern over achiever mother and barely there father. Most of the time she is fairly tame, but if you get her mad, the inner Sakura comes out to play, and Naruto and Tenten will start saying many prayers for you in many, many languages.

Sakura looks quite fair as well. She fits her name with sparkling green eyes, and cropped light pink hair. Her skin was fair, and she doesn't have any scars, (One of the perks of being the less violent of your friends). She wears thick glasses when she wants people to leave her alone and ignore her. It doesn't work with her friends, but is ok with every one else.

And then there's Tenten. Tenten, in every sense of the word, is a violence loving and even more weapons loving, tomboy. Rough, can be loud, and bold, Tenten loves a good fight. Especially with males. Her mother was pretty bold, too. But her father was almost never there, and if he was, he would be nothing but a bother to her mother, hence why she loves to show boys whose better. She has knowledge of weapons that would impress any history teacher, and knows how to turn anything into a weapon. On average, she'll attack you at the drop of a hat, but it'll end there, however, you get on her bad side, and you WILL be in a hospital for a month.

Tenten is also very pretty, but she also looks tough. With deep brown eyes and hair that reminds you of rich chocolate, you would think she would have more friends. She has some color in her skin, though not as much has Naruto, she looks healthy enough. She is slightly taller then most girls and you can see that she has muscles in her arms. She always has some kind of weapon visible on her, (though she keeps way more hidden.)

And that's our crew. Naruto the fun loving, Sakura the book loving, and Tenten the weapons loving. These three unlikely girls met when they were young and became the best of friends. They don't rule the school, they aren't popular, but every one knows them and they all know how to stay away from them.

They avoid them mainly, because they don't want to risk becoming a target of one of Naruto's pranks. And the other, tougher students, don't want to risk getting any of them mad, least of all Naruto. When you get Sakura mad, you get some physical and a lot of mental damage. You get Tenten mad, and you get a lot of physical damage. But, if you DARE get Naruto mad, you will, in all sense of the term, wish you had never been born.

Well, that's them. The chaos causers of Five Leaf High School. In their system, the teachers ignore them and the students don't bother with them. This has worked for them just fine. But all good things must come to an end, and when some college guys start messing around with their lives, the school…


Is doomed.

Have a happy school year.


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