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Teacher's War Chapter 5: The Other Teacher

Naruto was walking to lunch. She had left art class with a surprise for the new art teacher.

Heh heh! That should give him an idea of what's to come. She thought, getting a mischievous smirk on her face. She had, when he turned his back, poured slime on the floor next to her desk. As she was leaving and he was busy with another student, she sprayed his chair with welding glue, which was her own design. The glue would hold him there for the next 6 hours.

But this was just the beginning. She was planning worse things to come, her payback, because he ripped off her mask, and then kept it. All that, and then he acted like it was no big deal.

Well, at least I'll have some entertainment for the next little while. I'll get it at the expense of a selfish jerk who thinks he's just the perfect man. She thought, chuckling slightly.

Looking over at the food line in the cafeteria, she saw that Tenten was already there, and ordering.

"Hey! Tenten!!" she shouted, getting the attention of her best friend, aside from Sakura, of course.

"Hey there, Naruto!" Tenten, shouted back, and then pointed back to the door. Naruto nodded her head, and went to wait by the door.

A few minutes later, Sakura came through the doorway, but Naruto tapped her on the shoulder, causing her to turn around.

Well okay, not just turn around but jump three feet in the air and turn around.

Sakura placed a hand over her heart. "Oh, it's just you," she said, taking a few calming breaths. Naruto looked at her, a look of confusion clearly on her face.

Sakura looked around, and saw Tenten. "Tenten got here first, huh?" she asked, causing Naruto to forget about her friend's jumpiness.

"Yeah, so it looks like SHE gets to order," she said with a smile. Sakura nodded her head. The girls had an agreement. The agreement was that whomever got to the lunch room first, ordered for the other two as well, so they didn't have to spend time in the cafeteria waiting line.

"I need to talk to you two about something when we get to the hall." Sakura told her, causing Naruto to look confused again.

"Does it have anything to do with the new teachers?" she asked, trying to figure out what it was. Sakura nodded her head. She then went back to watching Tenten. She was now 2nd in line.

Well, at least I don't have to wait very long. She thought, looking at the line.


Naruto was always easy to order for: some ramen. Her order never changed. Tenten had a sandwich, and Sakura had some macaroni. She, Tenten, and Sakura were sitting down at their favorite place in the halls.

Why were they sitting in the halls? Well, mainly because Tenten doesn't like being in a place where their are lots of people, and the cafeteria is very crowded. They also don't go outside because of all the bandages Naruto wears. The heat often makes her feel ready to melt. Truth be told, Sakura was a bit afraid of bugs. Even though it was cooler today, it was too cold to go outside, they decided to stay in.

So, they sit in a 4 way blue and green hall, away from people and bugs.

"So Sakura, what is it that you wanted to talk about?" Naruto asked, now that they all had started eating.

Sakura looked up. Then she took a deep breath.

"Well, I met the other college student teacher," she said, looking at the girls. They looked at her, Naruto's eyebrows rising and Tenten unconsciously cracking her knuckles.

"And?" Tenten asked, getting a little annoyed at this guy already. Hyuuga was bad enough, she didn't like the other ones too much either. So another one added to the list annoyed her, and she automatically didn't like the guy. When she met him, she would decide if the dislike would change.

"And, he's a total psychopath!" Sakura says with a fearful look on her face. Naruto blinked her eyes a few times, while Tenten swallowed her food.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked, face confused and eyes still blinking. "Psychopath like manipulating? Psycho like mad man? Or psycho like Tenten?" she said, looking at Tenten. The brown haired girl didn't even flinch. Naruto had a bad habit of talking and thinking at the same time, so she said things without thinking sometimes. But Tenten had been called worse things than psycho.

Besides, even she would admit that her love for fighting was slightly disturbing.

"Psychopath like a madman." Sakura told them, and then looked at Tenten, getting a nervous look on her face. "And seems to crave a little violence like Tenten," she finished.

"Sorry Tenten," she told the girl.

Tenten waved it off. "Ah, it's ok," she told her, making her relax instantly.

Then they looked over at Naruto. They were all sitting in a circle, Naruto's back to a wall, while the other two faced the open hallways.

Naruto looked off in her own little world. Sometimes this was not a good sign. And considering the information she had just heard, this was a very BAAAAAD sign.

Sakura's eyes widened a little, while Tenten just looked at the blond.

"Okay Naruto, a penny for your thoughts. What are you thinking?" she asked, making Naruto come to attention a little bit.

"Hey, Sakura," she called the girl, sounding a little out of it.

"Yes?" Sakura asked cautiously. She had no idea what was going on in her friend's head. "What is it?"

"What class does this guy teach?" Naruto asked slowly, still thinking. Tenten stared at her, appearing to try to figure out what she was getting at.

"He teaches language arts and cooking." Sakura told them, causing Tenten to look at her.

"Huh? Two subjects?" she asked her eye brows pushed together. "I thought only 4 teachers took a vacation."

Sakura nodded her head. "Originally, yes. But this morning Miss Sauk ran out of the building, screaming something about 'they shouldn't have left me to take the nightmare brats!!' or 'this is cruel and unusual torture!'" she told them, mimicking the teacher's voice.

"After that the cops came and took her to an asylum in a straightjacket," she finished, causing Tenten to bust into laughter.

"HAHAHAH!! S-she deserved it! She was the strictest cooking teacher alive!" she said, then tried to get her breath back from laughing. Sakura was also in giggles.

After a bit, they noticed it. Naruto hadn't laughed. Normally she would be the loudest, especially since she is in both classes.

They both looked at her, and then gulped loudly, eyes wide. Naruto had on a very evil smile on, still looking like she was in her own little world. Tenten let out a nervous laugh.

"H-heh heh. Naruto, what're you thinking about?" she asked, getting said blue eyed girl to look at her, her smile never leaving.

"Do you guys know how to drive a madman mad?" she asked, in an eerie voice.


Naruto was now in cooking class. Lunch had finished quietly, as she was in her own little world, and Tenten and Sakura were avoiding eye contact. After the bell rang they bid one another "later" and went to their classes. Tenten was a year older than the other two, so she had science on the upper floor, while Sakura had math for her next class. Naruto's happened to be cooking class.

This was also the same class that the other student teacher taught. Right now, somewhere in their classes, Tenten and Sakura were saying silent prayers for the mental safety of the man, or what was left of it, from what Sakura had said.

Naruto looked over at Kiba. In the beginning of the year, she had conned him into taking this class by using some smooth talking, and a blackmail tape of him talking as if women were meant only for cooking and cleaning. Now, if she were to give that tape to his older sister and mother, it would mean a life or death situation for him. So, while Naruto pretended not to know why, he agreed.

Naruto's reasons were that she didn't mind the dog boy, and she didn't want to be in a class where she had to make new friends. She was more than happy with the ones she had, thank you very much.

"Hey, have you met the new cooking teacher?" she asked, getting his attention away from the redhead at which he was staring.

"Huh? Oh, you mean…" he trailed off, his face growing with worry. Naruto considered this. "Well, from your reaction, I'd say he's pretty strict," she said, leaning one of her elbows on the table.

The cooking class was set up fairly basic. You had one table for every two students, along with a stove. Everyone could either bring their own aprons, or wear the ones provided, which were usually flower prints with frills. So she brought her own, as did Kiba, one of the 4 boys in the class. There were 14 girls.

Oh, he must have been so happy to have Naruto in his life. (Sarcasm, people, sarcasm

Anyway, his apron was a simple blue one, while hers was dark green. Both were non- frilly. Yay!! (Idon't have a thing against frills, nor do I have anything against boys wearing them.)

"Uh, yeah, that's one way to put It." he said, starting to fidget. Inside his sweatshirt she heard his dog whimper.

"Whoa! Even Akamaru is whining. This guy must be bad." She said, while Kiba was soothing the dog.

"Naruto, you have no idea. He looked over at me when Akamaru started to growl at the guy. Then he got this crazy look on his face and said if there's an animal in the class, it will be outside till the end of school." He said, looking more and more worried at each word. Akamaru meant everything to Kiba. The idea of him being separated from him for hours made his hair stand on end.

When he had finally calmed the dog down, he looked back at Naruto, and then his hands started to shake.

Naruto had her evil smile back on. "Really, now?" she asked, sounding a little, err, demented. She had a plan up her sleeve, and the recipient of the plan was going to need a tranquillizer and 100 hours worth of meditation.

Kiba gulped. Great. He thought. Just great. I'm stuck with that crazy new guy and an 'I had-a-bad-day-so-someone-needs-to-pay Naruto'. This couldn't get any worse. Oh, wait, scratch that. The maddy man could get Akamaru. Nooooo!!!

And knowing Naruto, he knew that the teacher would be by them every 2 seconds, if not looking over their shoulders for the whole class.

Naruto, on my hands and knees begging, please don't do something that could get me or Akamaru killed. He thought, knowing that it might not change his chances of getting out of this unscathed.

Oh, we are so dead.


A little after that thought, the door started to open. The class looked over at the person entering the room and their jaws hit the floor. Even Naruto would admit her mouth was hanging slightly.

The man who just walked in had dark red hair that was chopped short. He had pale skin like he had never seen the light of day, and light green eyes. His eyes looked like he had rimed them with black eye liner, but closer inspection told Naruto that while he had done that, his eyes were dark from the start. He had a kanji tattoo of 'love' on his forehead. And from the looks of things, he was well built.

But what caught everyone's attention were his clothes. He was wearing some black pants with a chain on them, and a dark red and black tie dye shirt with a green skull on it. He was wearing a black small spiked dog collar. He also had some very dark red arm warmers and combat boots on.

It didn't escape Naruto that he was also wearing an army dog tag. But he looked like he didn't want it to be seen, so she would try to ignore it for now. All in all, he was hot. He definitely had a bad boy quality about him.

At least, that's what it seemed with all the girls squealing at him. Naruto on the other hand…

Are. You. KIDDING ME!!? Another pretty boy?!? Oh, he's going to get it now. She thought, looking at her new teacher. The way he acted in the next few minutes would decide his fate.


His fate was decided. She had officially decided. He was dead. Dead! DEAD!!

He had ignored the lot of them. Going to the blackboard, he got his apron off a hook that was at the corner of the board, and put it on. It was a simple blood red one with a skull and cross bones on the chest. She nearly laughed at that.

Then, after telling them, in the fewest words possible, what their assignment was, he let them get to work, without any help at all. From the looks of things, he expected them to be chefs already.

But from the way things looked, he was one very good chief. All that was missing was the hat. If it wasn't for the fact that Naruto wanted to make him pay, she would have tried to get along with the guy.

Oh well. That could wait. Right now it was revenge time.

Seeing as how he seemed to trust them not the burn every thing, he had his back turned.

Well, it was just some bread. Everyone in the class knew how to bake bread. But Naruto wasn't about to let that stop her.

So, she was doing what any prankster in a bad mood would do. She was making the class hell to teach. "How", you ask? Well, right now Kiba was seriously considering letting Naruto give the tape over to his mother and sister.

The main reason was because when the recipe called for a cup of flour, she would put in 8 cups. When she was supposed to knead the bread, she attempted to juggle it. Now, she can juggle, but it's very easy to pretend otherwise. So, after a bit, Garra was glaring daggers at her.

Heh heh! Now, we're getting things started. She thought, seeing the teacher's glare from over at the chalk board.

"Is something wrong, Mr. Sabaku?" she asked, mocking innocence.

His glare went up a notch. "hn."

Naruto tilted her head in confusion. Then she crossed her arms.

"'hn'? What kind of word is that? I thought you also taught LA." She asked. Then out of nowhere pulled out a dictionary. " 'Hn' isn't in the dictionary. Maybe I should bring one to LA when I go." she said, flipping though the pages, all while Kiba tried to restrain himself from banging his poor head into the table.

Garra walked over towards her for a bit. "Miss Uzumaki, if you do not settle down I will have to take you to the principal's office, and we wouldn't want that now, would we?" he said, finishing with a smirk, one that caused to class to shake a bit.

Naruto however, just leaned on to the table. "That would be fun, but the principal is not available today," she said, with a tired look on her face, along with a smile. Then, when Garra was about to tell her otherwise, as if they had heard her, the speakers came to life.

"We are sorry, but Principal Tsunade will not be available for the rest of the day. Thank you." Shizune said just then, causing the new cooking/ LA teacher to stare at Naruto in disbelief.

How the hell? He thought, still staring.

Naruto smirked. HA! Of course Tsunade is going to be unavailable. With all the sake we gave her, she's going to be soooo drunk that she can't see straight. She thought, still smirking.

Then the bell rang, signaling the completion of the class. Garra snapped out of it.

"Leave." was all he said.

The students didn't need to be told twice. In a minute, half the class was gone. Naruto and Kiba stayed put, so they wouldn't have to try to walk though the crowd, though Kiba didn't seem to mind the crowds too much.

Then the crowd dispersed, finally giving Naruto and Kiba a chance to get out. He ran out, in fact couldn't be happier to get out, while Naruto took her time.

"See ya, Sabaku!" she said with a cheerful smile, walking past him. He just stood there, not knowing what to think of this girl.

What the heck do I do with her? He thought, and then ran a hand though his hair.

He sighed. This is where sleep would come in handy. Then he went to get ready for the next class.


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