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I woke up to the sound of a low rumble. I opened one eye and saw Jacob driving his car somewhere. That's when everything came back to me, and I jumped. Luckily I had stayed cat form, not giving away who I actually was; I don't think he would have liked it that much if he knew.

Jacob looked over at me. I was standing on my hind legs looking out the window. I recognised where we were going. La Push... crap…now there's no chance of Edward coming to save me.

We were not heading to Jakes place though. This was somewhere I had never been before, where was he taking me! Sooner than I thought, I found out.

Jacob pulled up into a drive way to a beautiful cream coloured house. It was small, with a porch going all around the outside; there was a beautiful bench swing beside the door that had cushions on the seats. For a second I was entranced, thinking that this would have been a perfect place for me and Edward to live. If I ever got back to him. No I told myself I will get back to him; no matter what it takes I will get back to my love.

The car was turned off and the next thing I knew was Jacobs hands were around me once more carrying me towards the front door. He knocked and a couple seconds later a small girl with bright blond hair opened the door. She was cute, I had to admit, but there were freckles all over he face which took away from her complexion. What am I thinking? She's probably 8. I rolled my cat eyes.

"Jacob!!" She screeched, jumping excitedly up and down. Then she looked behind her and called. "Mom, Uncle Jake's here!!!" Minutes later a tall blond woman came into view and stood beside the happy little blond kid.

"Gwen, go get some drinks ready. Come on in Jake, what brings you here?" I guess she didn't see me being held in his hand rather rudely. I scrunched my nose at him, only if he knew who I was he would put me down.

Jacob walked into the house and followed the blond lady into a sitting room, just then the girl came bouncing in with a tray of three glasses. As she set down the tray she looked over to Jake then gasped.

"Is that a Kitty?!" She asked. I could here the smile in Jacob's voice as he answered.

"Why yes it is, you have a good eye." He turned to the woman. "Leigh, I was wondering if you could take this little fellow in." He said holding me up to her. I scoffed, fellow? Couldn't he tell that I was not a boy!!

"My! What beautiful eyes it has! Give it here, let me see." Said the women I think her name was Leigh. With gentle hands she took me from Jacobs grasp and set me on her lap, turning me to look at her. I looked up into her eyes, trying my best to act cat.

"What do you mean eyes? Aren't they just green like all other cats?" The little girl, Gwen, asked.

"No, look, there a pink. How very cute. Jake, I don't think this cat is a fellow as you put it, I think it's a she." I looked to Jake to see him looking at me, I met his eyes and batted my little cat eye lashes.

"Wow, that's crazy…never seen a cat with pink eyes. Well do you think you could take her in then?"

"Please mommy please!!!! Please can we keep her! She could be friends with Midnight! Oh please!! Midnight never lets me dress him, maybe she will!!" The little girl cheered, my eyes widened. No, I will not let her dress me! No, I looked frantically to Jake who just laughed.

"Well, yes okay well keep her. Is that all you needed Jake?" Leigh asked.

"Yeah, I need to get to work now, so if you'll excuse me I must be on my way." Jake got up and said goodbye then left. The little girl took me from her mom and raced up the stairs.

"I think I'll call you…Lady Darkness." Wow…what an interesting name. "But for short I'll call you Lady." Gwen giggled. She burst into a room that was pink and girly, covered with stuff animals and lace. The thing that caught my eye though was a black cat sitting in the middle of a pink bed, I would have normally ignored it, but its bright blue eyes made me stare deep inside them. Those eyes returned the stair. We just stayed like that staring at each other even when the little girl set me down in front of him.

"Oh, its going to be SO much fun, Midnight say hello to Lady Darkness, isn't she beautiful? Oh we can dress her up and everything!" Gwen seemed so happy about having another cat. Well this will defiantly be a…interesting experience.

"Okay, Lady, we have to get you all settled in, I'll be right back." With that, Gwen ran off and I turned back to Midnight. We were mirroring each other except for the fact that his eyes were blue and mine were pink.

"What is your real name Lady?" I blinked in surprise. He talked. Why is it that I am a vampire cat but I can't talk? I shook my head, not knowing what else to do, I couldn't risk changing and then Gwen coming back.

"It's all right, all you have to do is talk like you would normally talk, and I know what you are." I opened my mouth. And tried to talk, at first nothing happened but then I actually tried and I guess it worked.

"I…" I blinked wow, okay, now to get things together, maybe he can help me.

"What is your name?" He asked again.

"Isabella, Bella please. Are you- are you a vampire?" Midnight, if that's his name nodded.

"My name is Terrance, and I thought I would never see the day where another like me came along." His mouth turned up to something that resembled a smile.

"Okay Isabella, here's the thing; we can't change back to our originally forms because Gwen will probably see. As you see the collar on my neck is a tracker so we can't escape, eventually she will put one on you, another reason for not changing, and it will probably choke you. Don't worry about needing to feed, I hope you have realized that we don't actually feed on blood, we can't still eat, and I hope you like cat food cuse that's what we get." Terrance said getting up and walking around me on the bed.

"I, uh, umm, okay?" I didn't really know what to say to that, but just then Gwen came jumping in with, like Terrance had said some kind of collar, she also had a pink small fluffy too-too. Crap she was SO not going to dress me up in that. I looked over to Terrance wondering if he could help. All he did was nod at me, as if saying that I should allow her to put that thing on me. Only if Edward knew, he would come here and heroically save me. I mentally sighed, too bad he wasn't here.

Gwen was holding me in her arms in front of a mirror, I had the pink too-too on and she just adores this.

"Aww Lady, you look amazing! Such a form too, only if Midnight would let me dress him, oh you'd make the cutest couple!" Oh no she didn't! What she like 10 and already trying to set me and her other cat up!

I jumped out of her arms and over to my pink bed beside Terrance's. I huffed down into it and glared at him. Why was he allowed to not dress up but I had to?

"Okay, I'll be back with some water for us all!!" Again Gwen left the room.

"Okay Terrance, Let's make a deal, I'll stay away from you if you help me get back to my home." He eyed me suspiciously.

"And where might your home be?" He asked.

"Its not around here in La Push, its in Forks, but no one from my family can come save me, because Jacob, I'm sure the guy that brought you here, and his family and my family have made an ever lasting treaty that stated that they don't bite anyone if Jake and them don't kill us. See there werewolf's and were vampires making us mortal enemies and I really want to get back to my fiancée!" Terrance seemed a little shocked to here the word fiancée but he quickly composed his face again.

"Isabella-"he began but I cut him off.

"Bella if you please."

"Okay, Bella, I never had a problem with you, but I think we can work together, we can both make it out and be free, and all we have to do is cooperate with Gwen until I figure out a plan. Just do what she wants." I nodded as she walked back in.

"So, here's your water, then after were going to have a wedding and then Midnight I will get you dressed up." At first I thought nothing of the word wedding, but then that word sank in. I think she wants to marry me and Terrance! Oh dear lord what would Edward think! For the time being I just drank my water and sometimes looking at Terrance, I had just met him and already I'm intrusting my freedom in him.


"What do we do?!" I frantically asked as Gwen stepped out of the room to get something.

"Just play along" Terrance smiled; I think he was actually enjoying me freaking.

"Lady, I found a cat bracelet pair thing that can be your wedding band and Midnight, I have a hat for you!" I am starting to wonder where Gwen gets all this stuff, but I guess I just have to go along with it.

Terrance and I were outside on a stone side by side. Gwen had somehow managed to get me into a little white dress and Terrance had a little black hat on. These were clothes that looked like they were made for dolls.

"I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Midnight!!!" Gwen clapped in happiness; she then slipped some kind of band on both of our paws. Some how when I shook it, it didn't come off, that confused me.

Later when Gwen and Leigh had gone to sleep, me and Terrance went down stairs and sat on the couch.

"So…I guess were married." Terrance said innocently. I nodded, not really wanting to answer. I really only wanted to be married to Edward, even if it wasn't official, I didn't like the feeling.

"Well, I guess right now while were alone, we should get to know each other. We already know each others names but…where'd you come from truly. I'll tell you everything if you tell me everything."

"Okay but first, have you figured out a way to get out." I asked.

"No Bella, these things take time. Now please, proceed."

"Okay well, I was born and raised in Phoenix…" I told Terrance my whole life. I thought no one would ever really know my whole story except Edward.

"So what's your story? How did you get to be here without our knowing?"

"Well…" He began. "I was born in a little place called Regina, Canada. When I was twenty-one a man came to me, he asked me where to find this little store. On the way he stopped me, he pulled me into a dark ally way where he proceeded to bite me. After he took me in and trained me to kill. It was only when I was sent down here to carry out a mission I turned into a cat, I couldn't figure out why and then some guy, I guess your Jacob brought me here where I have been for two years."

After that we just sat there in silence trying to figure out what to do next.

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