Summary: After Sasuke comes back and everyone trusts him again team 7 goes on a misson. The misson was to capture and kill Itachi, but what happens when the misson gets fliped. Sakura ends up getting captured by Itachi. SASxSAK

I can sense Itachi is near, I just hope Sasuke is alright. He's been acting really strange ever since we got this misson.

"Sasuke-kun..." Sakura said so softly no one could hear expect sasuke of coarse.

"What?" Sasuke repiled.

"Y-you haven't b-been talking that m-much lately"

"Does he ever?! " Naruto asked.


Itachi slowed down... now completely stop.

"Stop" Sakura said.

"What is it?" Naruto asked worried.

"He stoped moving"

"Ok let's go get him then!"

"No not UNTIL we have a plan"


"Itachi we'll be having company soon" Kisame said smirking.

"I know" Itachi repiled.

"They seem weak, expect one"

"Yes I know, that one might be a fight"

Sasuke-kun... you still haven't talked much or even at all.

Team 7 all masked their charka, and started sneaking up to wear Itachi was. And there it was Itachi and Kisame watching fish cook over a fire.

"Let's go" Sakura said.

Team 7 inched forward. When they finally got there Itachi and Kisame were both 'sleeping'.

"This will be easy!"Naruto said.

"shhh" Sakura put her finger to her lip.

Sasuke grabbed his kunai, held it above Itachi's heart.

"You i'm not sleeping" Itachi said as his eyes shot open.

"I figured, you would have already awoken from naruto" Sasuke answered.

"Smart little boy... but not smart enough"

Itachi realized that the 'one' who would be a fight was the girl. Within that second Itachi was hold Sakura's neck lefting her off the ground.

"Put her down!"Naruto shouted.

"Kisame if you would" Itachi smirked.

Kisame appeared behind Naruto and hit him in the neck cause him to pass out.

Sakura let of a muffled cry. Sakura started trying to kick Itachi. Sakura got an idea, Sakura kept kicking. Her right hand began to glow blue, Sakura let out another muffled cry as her breath was running out. Right before Sakura touch his arm with her justu Itachi let go of her neck, dropping her on the ground. Itachi quickly made some charka strings and tied Sakura to a tree.

"I'll be taking that with me" Itachi said pointing at Sakura.

"No you won't!" Sasuke shouted as he charged at Itachi.

"Kisame keep the girl company"

Ok this will be easy... Sakura thought.

Sakura's hand started glowing blue again. Kisame was seating next to her. Sakura touched Kisame's right leg with her hand.

"Ahhhh!" Kisame shouted in pain.

Sakura quickly snapped the charka strings with her inhuman strenght and charka.

Itachi glanced at her, he had never seen someone ever break free from his charka strings.

With Sakura's hand still glowing blue, she walk over to Kisame and punch him right the the gut.

Kisame flew into the air and land about 30 yards away. Being a med. nin Sakura used her medcial

justu and began healing hear neck so that she'd breath properly. After she was done she walked over to Kisame picked him up and punched him in the face.

"Brother forgive me, I don't have time to kill you at the moment, but I won't forget" Itachi said glancing at Sakura again.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN!" Sasuke shouted.

"This" Itachi appeared behind Sasuke and hit him in the neck.

Sakura turned around to see Sasuke laying on the floor and Itachi standing above him. Tears flooded her eyes as she ran toward Sasuke. She sat beside him and check he's pulse.

Thank god he alive I thought that... that i had lost him... for good.

Sakura stood up and glared at Itachi.

"You're coming with us" Itachi said.

"And what if I don't want to" Sakura asked.

"Then I geuss I'll make you come"

"I'll die before I come with you"

"Really? Well that's to bad i don't think you can follow up with that"

"yes I ca-"

Sakura's body fell to a limp Itachi caught her in his arms, he'd hit her in the back of her neck.

Sakura woke up still being carried in Itachi's arms.

"Why do you take me?" Sakura asked.

"I'll find out soon enough" Kisame replied.

Sakura stared to struggle.

"Stop" Itachi said.

"No!"Sakura shouted.

"Stop it now or else I'll knock you out"

Sakura stopped struggleing and glared at Itachi, who just smirked. Soon after that Sakura fell asleep.

Back in home

"WHAT!!!" The 5th yelled.

"Uhh... ya he said he did have time to kill me then he knocked me out" Sasuke said.

"What about Naruto why didn't he go after them?"

"Well you see I got knocked out the second the battle started" Naruto said smileing.

"Well I'll send you and an ABNU seach party to look for her"

Sakura woke up in a strange room. The walls were white and bare, their were two doors.

"Where I am?" Sakura asked.

"Akatsuki base my room" Itachi answered as he opened the door and stepped into the room.

"Why am I here?"

"For many reasons"

"What are some?"

"To train you, bait for Naruto, bait for Sasuke, those are the main rea-"


"Aa until Sasuke or Naruto come"

"Why didn't you just take them well they were all passed out?"

"I wanted to make it 'fun'"


"Breakfast is down stairs"

"I'm not hungery"

"Fine that means no food for today" Itachi smirked.


"Follow me"

Itachi walked out of the room and down the hall Sakura followed. They reached a training ground.

Sakura was annoyed the Itachi wanted to train her.

"I don't want to train" Sakura said turning her back to Itachi.

"Ok, you don't always get what you want" Itachi smirked.

"OK, so you won't get what you want... you won't train me"

"You either train willingly or I can force you to train"


Sakura turned back around facing Itachi.

"I'll just attack you and you'll be force to fight back or I'll kill you"


"So what it going to be?"

"I'll willingly train... I geuss"

Itachi smirked. They trained for about 7 hours. Then Itachi took Sakura back up to the room she woke up in.

"This will be your room until... well you know" Itachi smirking closing the door then you heard a 'click' that told sakura she was locked in.

ABNU, Naruto and Sasuke were jumping though the trees at a fast pace.

"Sasuke do you know why they took her?" Naruto asked.


"Do you?"

"No" Sasuke repiled.

"Do you think we will find her?"



Sakura woke up to the sound of Itachi saying 'Wake up now'.

"I'm tried, we trained all day" Sakura reminded Itachi.

"What your point?" Itachi asked.


"Shut up you'll wake everyone up"


"Don't tell me you still don't know where you are"

"Uhh... well I've never been here so it woul-"

"You'll find out soon enough, do you feel like eating today?"

"I geuss"

Itachi and Sakura went down the stairs and though the narrow hallway. Finally they reached the kitchen. It had a stove, dishwash, oven, and frigde. This isn't bad... I thought it was just going to be an open fire or something. Sakura took a sit at a large round table big enough to fit 10.

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