Title: The Ken Project
Chapter title: 2AM
Collective disclaimer: I don't own Digimon.
Notes: LoveSovereign is doing 64 Ken-based one-shots (read them, she's very talented), and kindly said I could do the prompts with her. Mine will be 100 words each, no more, no less. Enjoy.

Ken doesn't sleep. He can't defend himself while he sleeps.

He didn't do it.

Headlights blind him and he knows what's coming. Trying to stop it doesn't make a difference; his feet are rooted to the tarmac. His mouth is open but he can't scream. Where is his mother?

The roar is close now. Too close, too soon, too late. He never wanted this. His words were empty, his wish ungrounded. The Lady is so cruel to make him see this, hear it. Again.

Tyres are screeching now, and the sickening thud stirs him. He slept until 2AM.

No more.