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Chapter 79

Hufflepuff 2

Waiting as she was outside, Tonks felt the twin pulses in the necklace that Harry had given her to wear as a signal. The woman moving into place, she grinned as Remus and Alexandre both stepped forward.

When they were working out on how to distract the goblins, Bill mentioned, the mere fact if they cause enough of a commotion to prevent business from being done. The Goblins will be distracted, as simply put.

They love gold to damn much to risk not gaining more of it to hold. Knowing this, and with a little help from the old marauder guide book. What would be a somewhat harmless and yet dangerous game of dodgeball was about to begin.

Especially since they would be releasing over 100 bludgers... All of them charmed with cushioning charms that when they stroke the worst they could leave would be a dark bruise. Concerning they were harmless to many a wizard, but hazardous to the building itself. Bill knew that the goblins would not judge them to be anything of consequence as well.

So to release them within the small amount of wards the goblins had set up, should work. And start driving the customers for the day away as a lot of magic to stop them would have to be released. Because the only way to stop a rogue bludger ninety percent of the time was to blow it up.

Waiting for that next pulse to be sent her way the young woman smiled as the wolves holding several cases moved into positions.

Gringotts was about to experience a serious drop in business...

And she can't wait.


Inside Gringotts

Approaching the proper vault, the Goblin did what he normally does and watches them as they enter the vault. The first thing Sirius did was exclaim his shock as he recognizes some very familiar items.

"THAT BITCH!" The older man yelled loud and clear, much to the shock of his godson who came towards him. Harry wondering what had got his godfather in such a fury he seemed to be staring at a set of rings...

"If she wasn't already somewhat dead...I would bloody kill her." The older man muttered as he couldn't help but touch them. Wide and definitely made for a man, Harry was handed one to look at it with wonder and then he realized what had made his godfather upset.

"These belonged to you and your brother."

"Yeah..." The former con replied sadly. "Despite our fights, that we would often stage to protect each other when I still lived at home, these rings told the truth in our minds of every word that we spoke. When I said I hated him. He knew I loved him... When he said he wanted nothing to do with me..."

"He wanted to be with you as you were once." Harry said softly as he understood his godfather.

Sirius nodded his head sadly as he held the two rings in his hands. "Make sure the goblins know that I want these back."

Understanding in his gaze, Harry nods his head and jots it down in the notes he is keeping. Other things entering the list as well, the duo eventually reach their destination as they spy the cup that they need to switch with the fake one Harry has made.

The two men looking at one another, Harry goes to the pendant at his neck and taps...once...twice...

And then a third time...

The signal to begin is now.



Grinning as she received the signal pulse to begin their little sneak attack on Gringotts, Tonks released into the air, a bright flare of flame. Those in the vicinity of the Goblin bank were pausing in confusion as many see it. Seconds later, they are all running as bludgers are set loose.

Smashing through the doors with ease, 2 then 3...then many, the Goblins within the first 30 or so minutes were stuck hiding and defending themselves and their customers as what seemed to be 50 bludgers were within their lobby.

And they were increasing...

When it came into contact with a body it caused them to be knocked over hard but there were no broken bones. But when it was say part of a building. Well let's just say there would be hell to pay in reconstruction.

Needless to say as the goblin guards were doing their damndest to blow up the bludgers that were wreaking havoc in the main room. Down the hall a few of them escaped as they entered the Cave of Vaults.

Having taken far more care on the construction of the vaults, when they were hit by the bludgers, they did not break. But what they did to was create incredible rebound effects that caused said bludgers to eventually move faster.

Kind of like that muggle game breakout, Harry would muse as he took a peek out of the vault and ducked as now the sounds of the commotion above was echoing down the cave system. Sirius opening his eyes wide as he was doing the same, they took notice that their goblin guard was busy trying to slow it down before it went any further. The little being using his magic, the being had to focus on it to take aim.

But at the speed it was now going...he kept missing.

Already having narrowly missed two dragons, one thing the goblin did not want those bludgers to hit was the great beasts. A smile on his features as the guard just told them to stay put as he closed the vault on them, he looked down at his godson.

"Holy shit, I can't believe it actually worked." The former con whispered as the two hurried back to where the cup was in the vault. Harry looking rather affronted, the older man just looked chagrined as he spoke to his godson.

"You have to admit, Harry the plan was rather farfetched."

Even more annoyed at the moment, the black haired young man, began laughing a few minutes later in amusement. "Yeah it was, wasn't it? But most wizards underestimate simple things, and don't think about it. Everyone knows about Quidditch, yet do you see any wards against it?"

Chuckling Sirius, just shook his head as they made paused in mid-prep. "True, I still remember when the snitch in fifth year decided to take a jaunt into the Forbidden Forest. The game had to be called on account that it was three days before anyone realized it was there when one of the centaurs brought it out."

"I never heard about that?"

"Really? I thought I told you."


"I was sure I did."

"You didn't."

Shrugging, Sirius just gazed at his godson and the cup they needed to retrieve. "Bahhh I must be getting old.... I did not just say that."

Chortling now, Harry nods his head, to acknowledge the fact that the older man did indeed just do that. "Yes, you did Padfoot. You admitted it; you are getting old, but anyway let's get this going."

Nodding his head, the older man stood back as he allowed his godson to step forth.

Taking out the fake cup that was made and handling it gently, he felt the strength of the magic emanating the original that was dark and lashing out at him. His mind focusing on what he needs to do, the phoenix within him rears up to protect him from the darkness intertwined with the once great object as he takes it within his hand. Muttering an incantation as his hand held the other fake one. Within a few minutes, the fake looked and felt like a duplicate down to the last detail of the original.

Switching it quickly with the one he carried within the bag, the youth nodded his head at their job was done. Having been smart enough, to cast another charms and spells to block the feel of magic from the box, before he had arrived, the youth knew that should the goblins decide to check, they should register nothing.

"It's done."

"Good. Now let's get back to looking around. I want to be damn sure that nothing else of mine or my brother's was placed in this. The Goblins can have the rest of this crap afterwards."

Nodding his head, every so often the two men would jump as a loud bang would hit the door, or the occasional roar would bellow out.

"Dragon must have gotten hit"

"Yep." Sirius replied. "Wonder if goblins are fireproof?"

"Me too, they seem like hardy beings though." Harry commented as he held up a chess set. "I mean seriously how else they get those dragons down here anyway. Have to have something..." The pieces protesting at their rough handling, they seem to light up as they spy Sirius, whose heart seems to be leaping out of his chest at the sight of them. "That to..."

"All right."

Eventually as they finished up, the door opened again. The same goblin who had escorted them from before was there once again. Just looking a bit crispy around the edges...

Resisting the urge to bust out laughing, the two pause to allow the Goblins to scan them and the vault to make sure nothing has changed. Finding everything satisfactory, the goblin gestures for them to return the cart as it was time to leave.

His face telling them, whether they wanted to or not.

Arriving back at the main room and once again checking to make sure their disguises were in place, Sirius steps over to the Goblin they had initially spoken to when entering.

The little being's hand held out as if expecting something, the head of the Black family spoke. "We are done and thank you." Sirius replied as his eyes wondered over the massive destruction that had occurred. A goblin even now working the repair spells, him and Harry both were just in awe, before a sound of irritation was made.

Chagrined as he should be as the Goblin right now was angry apparently, the black haired youth looks innocent as he hands over the parchment that one would think was filled with all the scribbling he had done but only contained maybe 10 things.

"If you would be so kind as to make sure what I have listed is put back into the main Black vaults, you goblins for your troubles can have the rest in this vault only. My godfather wants nothing else in it."

"I see, would that include the money in there if I may ask."

"It does." Sirius replied firmly. "Keep it. I want only want my godson has written down on the parchment. The rest you can melt down for scraps if you feel like it."

Nodding his head, the Goblin made the notes on the paper and handed it over to another who accepted it greedily once he read the instructions. Making sure to leave the bank that even now as they exit the devastated front of the building, they eventually meet up with their partners in crime.

All of them intent on getting the cup back to be destroyed, before any kind of debriefing, the small group walks to a certain point outside the shopping and bank area. And seconds later vanish without a trace...


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